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As you like it, costumes


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As You Like It Costume Design, THEA Collab. Project

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As you like it, costumes

  1. 1. AS YOU LIKE IT By Shakespeare
  2. 2. characters • Rosalind • Lord Amiens • Orlando • Charles • Jaques • Adam • Duke Senior • Sir Roland de Bois • Celia • Corin • Duke Frederick • Audrey • Touchstone • William • Oliver • Silvius • Phoebe
  3. 3. Rosalind “bold and imaginative” “every other character seems dull in her presence” “charming” “lives life fully”
  4. 4. Orlando “handsome, strong, and an affectionate; poet” “noble character, unschooled yet somehow learned, full of noble purposes, and loved by people of all ranks as if he had enchanted them” “gentleman without the formality of an education of one”
  5. 5. Jaques “likes being sad” “melancholic” “appeal to become a jester” “bitter and pessimistic” “cynical”
  6. 6. contrast COUNTRY COURT/CITY/URBAN • Brighter colors such as yellows, reds, greens • Darker, duller colors such as blacks, grays, and whites • Shows healing • Shows oppressiveness; structured clothing • Makes characters into better people; costumes should mirror a character’s inner thoughts/ turmoil and/or healing • Simple, softer colors; shows relaxed mood • Free • Formal and sophisticated in style • Ruled; governed
  7. 7. contrast COUNTRY COURT/ CITY/ URBAN
  8. 8. As You Like It • Generally “Shakespearian”, Elizabethan period • Balance of country and urban life; too much of one thing would throw off the other • Helps set the mood: such as generally happier in exile (country) and unhappy in the city (French Court) • Should show differences of status, behavior; “uptight” in a French court and “free” in the country