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Newsletter Sept 2012


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Newsletter Sept 2012

  1. 1. Sept 2012 Volume 6, Issue 9 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Time for celebration, time for reflection Dr S Radhakrishna’s birthday, on 5th Sept is So it is time to reflect – on our own work, ethics and celebrated in schools and colleges as teacher’s goals. Before we comment upon how the society day. In some schools, students take up teaching and students are not respecting the teachers and give the teachers an off. Entertainment enough, let’s take a minute to think of how to make programs are also done by students. In colleges, ourselves worthy of their respect. Or better still, the students may probably give a card to their even before we become worthy of someone else’sThis month: teachers, though some of the fun and frolic is respect, set an internal benchmark for ourselves.A teacher’s teacher missing. Very often, we get away with mediocrity because theDr PN Prasad, CfBT- A brief look at the honors of this great man– system lets us. We compare ourselves with othersES ……....2 Philosophy Prof Mysore University (1918-1921); who are not working but getting the same salary. OrTips from a young Calcutta University (1921-1931) and again (1937- we say that the system is so bad, one person is notteacher– Kalyani, 1944); VC of the Andhra University (1931); going to make a difference! Or when our studentsSRI……………….3 Spaulding Professor of Eastern Religion and are not interested, why should we work hard?Interesting links …4 Ethics, Oxford University (1932-1953) - first Whatever be the reasoning, we must accept thatCartoon caption …5 Indian to be so appointed; and VC of the Banaras many of us are not working according to 100% of Hindu University (1942). Among the cultural our productivity or ability. Even the best of us can’t posts held by him may be mentioned: Leader of keep up for more than a few days when we are the Indian Delegation to UNESCO many times forced to work hard or smart because there is a (1946-1950); Chairman of the University deadline to be met. We fret and fume and complete Education Commission (1948); Chairman of the our job, definitely amazed at our own speed – if we Executive Board of UNESCO (1948); President of could just be this efficient more often, mountains UNESCO (1952); Delegate to the P.E.N. Congress can be moved. (1959); Vice President of International P.E.N.; The most significant difference between time and Hon Fellow of the British Academy (1962); money is that time is given equally to everyone. The Representative of the Calcutta University at the beggar and the king, the laborer and the Congress of Philosophy, Harvard University, idler…every single soul on this planet has the same U.S.A. (May 1962). Upton Lecturer, Manchester 24 hrs. And yet, some people achieve much more College, Oxford; Harwell Lecturer in than others. Just think about it. Reflect! Not for Comparative Religion, University of Chicago; someone else – but oneself. Hibbert Lecturer, University College, London Dr Prasad is the man behind the teacher training and Manchester (1929). and certifications at CfBT-ES and we are proud to He earned more than hundred honorary degrees feature him this month. This issue has a from all over the world! For most of us, the bio- contribution by Kalyani G sent for the teacher’s data also reads like this but due to the jobs handbook. Do send your contributions too. We will frequently changed! publish a book! - Uma
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 5 A teacher’s teacher – Dr P N Prasad, CfBT-ES several modules on child Dr Prasad is the Director, School psychology, instructional and Development Services and Training at assessment methods, classroom CfBT, India. He has been a researcher, management etc. in various teacher and teacher educator for last schools and colleges and 25 years. He has a doctoral degree in universities. biology and masters in science Initially, it was extremely 1.How did your journey into education from the University of difficult to cope up with school teaching begin - why did you Glasgow, United Kingdom. He is also a children, as I never had choose to teach? master trainer accredited by experience dealing them since Cambridge University for organizing I started my teaching career my teaching experience was CIE programs for Teachers and from 1982 onwards in Karnataka primarily with university Trainers. He himself has a Cambridge University during my doctoral students. Teaching qualification International Diploma for Teachers program, as it was mandatory for was helpful to some extent toMost important and Trainers (CIDTT) qualification research students to engage in gain knowledge andchallenge is to convinceteachers that activity having passed the course with teaching. This continued for understanding of educationalbased education works distinction. He was recipient of many almost 8 years and later I got into theories to apply in classroomeven in a large size research awards including young shrimp farming industry and got teaching. In fact, my headclassroom. We havereally progressed and scientist award from Department of back to school teaching during teacher Mr Shareef was greatmade roads to some Science & Technology. 2000 on an overseas assignment help in guiding me to gain skillsextent on this though.Most importantly He was a master trainer for ‘Intel teach to Maldives as a fisheries science in dealing secondary children.especially the state to the future’ programme worked in an teacher for handling GSCE He made me realize that doctoralboard curriculum is Intel and Microsoft sponsored project. curriculum. And since then I have degrees were of little use when itoutdated and too vast. He was awarded with star trainer been into teaching and training in comes to teaching.This gives scope forteachers to make an status and was felicitated for his India, Ethiopia and UK. What is a sustainable modelexcuse that learner exemplary trainings, which were 2. Did you use any innovative for getting and retainingcentric classes are carried out across the country. methods as a teacher? What good teachers?difficult. There needsto be a radical change He has taught in Maldives, Ethiopia, were the outcomes? There is a wrong thinking inin the way school India and Scotland in various Yes! I had started thinking and many people who head schools,management and capacities. He has rich experience of using different methods in that if the teachers are trainedteachers think. Schoolswith individual working and training teachers coming Maldives as the curriculum they will leave. It does not meanmanagement only can from different curriculum background demanded and this helped me to that we should stop empoweringwork on a long run. viz., SSC, CBSE, ICSE IGSCE. He has adapt learner centric practices and them. In the process childrenCorporate culture doesnot sustain for longer travelled extensively in Africa and shift to totally activity based are denied opportunities forperiod, as they believe Europe. curriculum while I was dealing quality learning. Continuingon centralized He was a lead member of Principals’ Scottish secondary curriculum. professional development shouldmonitoring system. training team to conduct a series of They work very well once the be made available on consistent workshops on ‘Instructional teacher is prepared well enough to basis. leadership’ for school heads attached do them in class. Read the full text on to Ministry of Education, Bhutan What were your during May – June 2011. challenges? How did you For info on CIE courses visit He has developed and delivered overcome them?
  3. 3. Page 3 of 5 Inspiring TeachersKalyani, Srinidhi International School Full text at I am trying my best to avoid these things, as upset. I make them understand if this will greatly affect the students learning. something needs to be clarified, so they Today‘s children expect the teachers to say are not angry. everything with a smile on her face. Smile How much effort do you put in costs nothing but it means a lot to the planning this lesson? children, let’s Smile☺. Most importantly, a I read the lesson once and prepare teacher should avoid is being partial in class activity sheet, worksheet using various or in assessment. I do accept, we may like a resources available. I carefully plan student more than others in class may be teaching aids depending on the age of the In Jan 2012, we have announced the open because of the good behavior … etc but this students. source handbook for teachers – tips from should not affect learning process and the How do you cater to the different teachers for teachers. We got a few way of our assessment. I take extra care while needs of students in your class? responses. This month, we are including a I correct to avoid this; I prepare the marking I include wide range of methods which few responses from Kalyani G, Biology scheme and I correct the papers when my cater to the needs of audio, visual and Teacher at SRI. This is to motivate all the mind is fresh. kinaesthetic learners along with other MI. other teachers to write! What is the purpose of homework/ Students are paired to help each other in Think of your best teachers. What projects? What are your typical an activity. I respond to each learner positive characteristics do you believe homework/ project? based on their expressions. these teachers had? Which of these The important purpose of homework is to How do you incorporate technology teachers had? Which of these revise the concepts taught and the purpose of into your instructions? characteristics do you believe you a project is to give interesting work to the The recap of the entire lesson for have? students where they research and express complicated topic is by PPT. The concepts When I recollect all my teachers from my their learning’s. My homework will be mostly are mainly introduced through the childhood, most of the teachers were kind, in the form of worksheet which consists of videos, where students visually see the 3 energetic, organized, encouraging, different types and levels of questions. Every D images motivating, and patient. I remember still, my month one project will be given to the About Kalyani: Our Lady’s and St. ninth and tenth grade science teacher who students in the starting of the month. The Ursula’s AIHS School in Chennai. B.Sc took both Physics and Chemistry made a project differs from topic to topic and grade Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology in inspired me a lot. I studied those subjects levels. The project can be a making of a chart, Women’s Christian College(WCC) and more while my teacher taught in class. When model, booklet or power point presentation M.Sc Zoology in Loyola College. Always I was in grade 8th, I started liking History after researching the topic and the same will involved in NSS and was a Senate subject only because of my teacher who be presented in the class. The project can also member in WCC which made me a more related well with us and continuously tested be “Preparing a herbarium”, “Preparing a responsible and organized person. I us on our learning. I believe I am energetic, balanced diet”, “Case-study”, “Report of the cherish time spent there. SRI School is motivating and relate well with students. field trip” ...etc. my first job and in 2 yrs I got to learn Think of your worst teachers. What How do you approach a parent who is more about teaching and child mistakes did they make or qualities upset and/ or angry? psychology. CIDTT in CfBT was an did they have? How are you avoiding The most important thing is to identify that enriching learning experience. Teaching those mistakes/ qualities? parent is angry. I first let the parents talk has always been my passion from Fortunately, I liked all my teachers, but about the issues and try to understand from childhood, then Biology. After MSc I observed what a teacher should not do. their point of view. I explain the possible became a teacher. My research now Losing patience when stressed out, not being action plan for the problem and give them the includes science, education and friendly and not accepting mistakes in class. confidence about the same when they are understanding the students.
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 5Ph D Humour Interesting Links - by Sundeep, Ramakrishna Reddy, Raman General Technical explained-in.html Android Bootcamp In a forest a fox bumps into a little rabbit, and says, "Hi, junior, whatare you up to?" Volunteering Opportunities "Im writing a dissertation on how rabbits eat foxes," said the rabbit. "Come now, friend rabbit, you know thats impossible!" "Well, follow me and Ill show you." Apps for autism They both go into the rabbits dwelling and after a while the rabbit emerges with a satisfied expression on his face. Redefining Education with digital learning in the cloud Along comes a wolf. "Hello, what are we doing these days?" learning-in-the-cloud?asrc=EM_NLN_18538427&track=NL- "Im writing the second chapter of my 964&ad=881121 thesis, on how rabbits devour wolves." Sports coaching links "Are you crazy? Where is your academic honesty?" "Come with me and Ill show you." ...... As before, the rabbit comes out with a satisfied look on his faceand this time he has a diploma in his paw. The camera pans back and into the rabbits cave and, as everybody should have guessed by now, we see an enourmous mean-looking lion sitting next to the bloody and furry remains of the wolf and the fox. The moral of this story is: Its not the contents of your thesis that are important -- its your PhD advisor that counts.
  5. 5. Page 5 of 5 Inspiring TeachersTeacher’s Academy Hyderabad PHONE: 97011 41118 Captions: Arnab Sen "Height" of IGNORANCE !! See us at: Ratna Manjari Make full use of the library hours to reach greater heights! Please send your feedback, articles and tips to You can also submit comments and interact on our blog Do like our Facebook page Professor/203174356365130?sk=app_4949752878