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August 2010
Volume 4, Issue 8                Inspiring Teachers
                         Driving educational change throug...
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                               Teachers’ ...
Page 3 of 6                                          Inspiring Teachers

Graphic Organisers …………………………part I - Uma Garimel...
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Graphic Organisers                                   ...
Reader’s Views – The reality of reality shows - Mrs Indira Narayan HM, St
                              Ann’s HS, Secunder...
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Inspiring Teachers Newsletter August 2010


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Articles, tips, interesting links for teachers

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Inspiring Teachers Newsletter August 2010

  1. 1. August 2010 Volume 4, Issue 8 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Pic above: Sevalaya’s MKB High School, 2010 Awards – 2010 Articles this month: Teacher’s Academy announces Inspiring Teacher Awards to be given on 5th September 2010. You can nominate teachers – retired or working, who have influenced you Teachers’ Day profoundly through their academic excellence or their teaching methods or their personal 2009…2 qualities. Your mail with the teacher’s name, contact details, his/her inspiring qualities and your own contact details must reach before 15th August 2010. Graphic Or fill a form on our website Organisers….3 Reflecting on July Announcements and Interesting links …4 1. 3rd July, Holy Cross College, BHEL, Hyderabad – one day workshop 2. 9th July, ACE Engineering College, Hyderabad – one day workshop Reader’s views ….6 3. Weekly session for Adam’s High School, Hyderabad 4. 15th – 17th July, SWOT analysis at NMREC, Hyderabad Take this survey to help us serve you better August events Training Needs Analysis and Impact Evaluation – ESCI University of Hyderabad students CIT Content review and launching – IIITH New initiatives on talent induction in teaching Inviting original article or tips from and for teachers Please send write ups of up to 800 words to be published in this newsletter and/or our website. These can be on theories of teaching and learning, any tips that you have tried and found useful, or reviews of websites or books. Do not send just the link, explore the site or the book and write a review in your own words.
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 6 Teachers’ Day – with a difference Thiagarajan Arunachalam Teachers Academy As an invitee I had the that they had received so far conducted a unique privilege to watch a function in their lives. program of felicitating with a difference. Many Where do we see students teachers. Dr. Garimella students came up on the voting for, speaking for openly Uma the person behind stage and spoke about their and giving awards to their this academy, had organized teachers. The students were teachers – this was a function a very appealing function of all ages current students with a difference – not with a difference. from primary classes to only did the teachers feel They had initially sent out a college level and many happy and proud but the call to all students to vote students who had left their others in the Siddhartha Ghosh, talking about his for inspiring teachers from educational institutions to audience also felt that this was inspiring teacher Dr their point of view. As many make it big in their lives and a rare honour. Sameen Fatima of OU College of Engineering, as 35 teachers still would like to remember Teacher’s Academy is 5th Sep2009 at our were voted by students each and felicitate their teachers. definitely doing their services awards function one for a unique Many of the teachers with a difference. A report of last year’s function on the right skill/ability/talent they receiving these awards said From post in For more pictures see possess and employ in their that this award was more our site. teaching. precious than all the awards File pic: The awardees of 2009 with the guests of honor Mr Prasad, CMD of CfBT-ES and Prof PV Narasimham, Director, AMSSOI
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 Inspiring Teachers Graphic Organisers …………………………part I - Uma Garimella Graphic Organizers (GOs), Bloom’s taxonomy and Graphic Organisers some of which are also GOs can be used to reach different levels of learners in a called concept maps, entity class. Making these can be a good group or individual relationship charts (rings a activity, depending on the complexity of the concept and bell, computer students?) the ability of the student. Let me illustrate this with an and mind maps are a example of the most fundamental and generic type of a GO pictorial way of - the concept map. Commercially this has also been constructing knowledge successful as ‘Mindmap’. The concept map can be made as and organizing colorful as possible with pictures or text or it can be a information. They have simple black and white picture. Given below is a concept been used in many good map. books to convey complex A student who is the first level of Bloom’s taxonomy will be information in a structured able to write only the ‘bubbles’ or the 'boxes’, the way. You are all familiar comprehension level can be brought out by making only with flow charts, schematic the simple connections between the bubbles like part of, diagrams, Venn diagrams type of, has, consists of etc. The analytical and application etc levels are illustrated by more connections with other They help you convert and related concepts, examples etc compress a lot of seemingly The beauty of this activity is that student’s ‘constructed disjointed information into knowledge’ is demonstrated for validation and then it pictures which are simple- can be corrected or enhanced, if necessary. This is the to-read and understand. fundamental aspect of student centred learning and being And they develop analytical able to observe the outcomes of learning. and creative skills also. When these are prepared Watch this video where either as group work or mind mapping has been individually, the learning successfully used by the government schools happens very fast. These in Tamil Nadu under the can also be used as tools for SSA project. The students love this exam preparation; instead method as they need of reading or reviewing not ‘by heart’ their texts and are confident of entire text, you can just answering any look at these pictures and questions. get a gist of the topic. watch?v=7gajJ9huCog Apart from being used as a teaching aid by the teacher, they can be prepared by students.
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 6 Reform Symposium Agastya – hands on science The Reform Symposium Primary education is the scalable and sustainable Call for papers is a free online conference foundation on which the model. Located in for educators, intellectual capital of a Gudivanka on a 172 acre administrators, parents country us built – with a ‘wasteland’, now it is International and students. This year firm belief in this principle, becoming an ecology park. Engineering and the conference is focused Agastya runs one of world’s Yes' to 'Why' Technology Education 'Looking' to 'Observing' on innovative practices in largest hands-on science 'Passiveness' to 'Exploring' Conference (16th to 19th 'Textbook-bound' to 'Hands- education and what role teaching programs. From jan 2011), Malaysia on' Deadline 20th August these practices can play in mobile labs to teacher 'Fear' to 'Confidence' Read more at 2010 educational reform. For training, art and model details visit making, Agastya has a .html Interesting Links • This blog is by Anurag Behar, who is the Chief Sustainability Officer of Wipro. Topics • Musical Notes for teaching Related to Engineering and Technology education • Gateway to 21st century skills Learning/teaching and assessing • High tech cheating and how to stop it Outcomes-based curriculum design and implementation Teaching-research nexus rss Class-room teaching • List of English learning sites Distance, online and flexible learning Accreditation and quality • Portal where companies, universities, international agencies and student bodies can Curriculum design, advertise their competitions, conferences, events, internships and jobs development and implementation Design, development. • Stories of charity implementation and assessment of e-Learning tools Student-centered learning • Coaching syndrome Staff professional development Must See Videos on Education Academic retention and Work-based • Videos of social change Internationalisation of engineering and technology • Over 1400 videos for education education
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Inspiring Teachers Graphic Organisers from p 3 Another powerful GO is the problem analysis. Most effective when used Did you know? vocabulary chart. Though the in a group, when you use the ‘five why’s’ picture here gives an example of method. That is, for a specific symptom or In 2004, the world’s language, this can be used issue you ask ‘why?’. Then ask why again for largest Montessori School virtually in any subject. An the answer you get and so on until you get to was in Lucknow, India, with 27000 students. effective means to give students a the root cause of the problem. Jagdish Gandhi and his handle on the essential definitions This allows us to solve the basic cause than wife Bharti Gandhi, M.Ed., founded the school in and new words of a topic. apply remedies for the symptom. I 1959. For example, the elements of the recommend it for the case studies in periodic table in chemistry (fill up The word set has the most management subjects and for scientific meanings in the English information like atomic weight, enquiry. language- 192 atomic number, symbol, Though we use pedagogy properties, where it is found etc), to mean teaching the biographies of important methods, for adult learners the correct word persons (date and place of birth, is andragogy. names of parents, great achievements, his picture), the mathematical symbols etc I will conclude this month’s article with the Fishbone diagram, familiar to many who teach root cause analysis or defect analysis. This is useful in conducting brainstorming sessions for
  6. 6. Reader’s Views – The reality of reality shows - Mrs Indira Narayan HM, St Ann’s HS, Secunderabad Teacher’s Academy Every parent, I feel, right of them to show her so. Every gush of emotion, should be conversant with a world of glamour, be it in joy or in sadness, Child Rights as stated by fanfare, (the euphoria she does have some impact on Hyderabad the law. I was surprised would have experienced the mind and thereby on the to see the manner some when the place body. Aren’t we pressing the PHONE: parents of the children of reverberated with claps fast forward button in the 97011 41118 the ‘AATA’ show were and cheers after her song) lives of these youngsters, defending the sponsors, and then suddenly snatch zooming it into adulthood? E-MAIL: not seeing anything it away? WHY expose the As it is, today the pressure harmful in the show or in tender mind to such on school going children is the manner their things? While I can so much that they hardly daughters were gyrating understand the parents’ have time to enjoy to the song which had concern my heart goes to themselves. They are not adult themes ; the little Neha who was given time to savour the meaning of which these shown that she could stages of growing step by children were oblivious to. reach the moon and was step. And we like to talk When and how will these suddenly made to land on about Child Rights! Is it kids savour childhood? the hard earth. right? What will most In this light it was The flip side of this is children of today remember heartening to read in the equally troublesome. of their childhood when newspapers that the High Young innocents eagerly they grow up ….will it be Court has decided to ban made to participate in happy memories of school, See us at: these kind of shows. Shows that showcase innocent pranks, the thrill Winning brings joy to their talent, beg of the of short cuts to make each participant at every viewers to vote for them projects in the last minute, level that they get and with wide eyed hope the school canteen, the selected. But to those who and aspiration wait with report cards, the games don’t the repercussions bated breath (how tense field and such small and big are bad, the breaking they are at this time need features or will it be the down, the sad face, the not be spelt out) to know, intense preparations for tears rolling down all initially, not whether they Reality Shows, no time to become yardsticks of have won, but whether be in touch with friends and their failure which they they qualify for the next hence oblivious of what they find difficult to face. round. When they do are missing….remembering The news of the death of qualify one can literally only one thing that has 11year old Neha Sawant of see them heave a sigh of brought them there .. the ‘Boogie Woogie’ talent relief and heart of hearts winning winning and has literally jolted me to thank God for it! If they winning, name fame the reality of such shows. don’t qualify don’t we see name! Dear Parents of In Neha’s case her parents the sudden wave of young children think about wanted her to study and disappointment well in it…and about your little hence withdrew her from their eyes? Are these ones the Show. But I ask why mood and emotional in the first place did they swings good for their allow her to participate in health? No I don’t think the reality show? Was it