2011 may 28


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Weekly announcements for the UMass Learning Commons.

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2011 may 28

  1. 1. Learning Commons AnnouncementsLearning Commons Announcements ““Nobody ever graduated from a library.Nobody ever graduated from a library. Nobody ever graduated without one.”Nobody ever graduated without one.” 5/28/2011-6/4/20115/28/2011-6/4/2011
  2. 2. Check out the new and expanded Circulation/Reserves Service Desk! • Check books in/out • Find Materials on Reserve • Borrow a Laptop • Pickup Inter-Library Loan Materials • Library Account Services • Study Carrel Questions THIS WAY TO CIRC/RESERVES
  3. 3. Study Abroad Advising at The Link Monday – Thursday 4:00-8:00 p.m. Brought to you by the International Programs Office, 545-2710, www.ipo.umass.edu, abroad@ipo.umass.edu
  4. 4. Streaming Video Collections are Here!!! More then 6,400 Programs. Unlimited access. • Humanities & Social Sciences • Business & Economics • Science & Mathematics • Health & Medicine • Archival Films & Newsreels Look for “Films on Demand” in the list of Databases at www.library.umass.edu
  5. 5. www.twitter.com/umassLC
  6. 6. Don’t get a ticket! Avoid parking fines by parking in designated areas! Get your parking garage ticket stamped in the LC for an hour off parking!
  7. 7. Leave something behind in the library?Leave something behind in the library? Check the Library’s Lost and Found at the new Circulation/Reserves Desk on this level.
  8. 8. is a walk-in advising service providing declared and undeclared undergraduates with answers to quick advising questions. Experienced Peer Advisors are on hand to assist you with: Finding General Education courses Interpreting your Degree Progress Report Navigating Spire and much more! The Academic Advising Link
  9. 9. Can’t get to the Library? You can still get help from your friendly UMass librarians! Phone Email IM Text
  11. 11. THIS IS BIG. • Print posters up to 42” wide • Premium satin-finish photo paper • Great for presentations • Printing by appointment only Learn more: http://www.umass.edu/learningcommons/posters/
  12. 12. To access the network: 1. Connect to the ‘UMASS’ wireless network. 2. Open a browser. 3. Log in with your NetID (OIT Account user name) and password. For more information, see: www.oit.umass.edu/network/wireless The UMass Amherst wireless network is now available on every floor in the W.E.B. Du Bois Library. Coverage may vary depending upon location. Some areas on each floor (e.g., in the stacks) may have limited or no coverage.
  13. 13. If you cannot return it within 4 hours: Contact the Reserve Office at (413) 545-2358 or appealsrmm@library.umass.edu If you follow these instructions, late fees will be waived. IF YOU CANNOT CARRY IT: Leave the laptop where it is. Once you are safe, call (413)545-2358 IF YOU CAN CARRY IT: Bring the laptop with you. Return it within 4 hours of the Library reopening. During a FIRE ALARM what do I do with a LIBRARY LAPTOP? YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY Leave as quickly as possible
  14. 14. OIT’s Remote Printing Service is here! • Install a small plug-in on your own computer • Send print jobs from your dorm room or the campus wireless network to Learning Commons printers • You have 8 hours to come pick up your print job. Want to learn more?Want to learn more? •Ask at the Learning Commons & Technical Support Desk, orAsk at the Learning Commons & Technical Support Desk, or •Google “UMass Remote Printing”Google “UMass Remote Printing”
  15. 15. Printing files from SPARK? Avoid problems! Before you print, SAVE YOUR FILE TO THE DESKTOPSAVE YOUR FILE TO THE DESKTOP THEN, open it and print.
  16. 16. Too many databases? Not sure where to start? Use a Research Guide! Research Guides http://www.library.umass.edu/subject are convenient and relevant to students and faculty doing research, and can be embedded in SPARK. Click on the link for subject research guides on the library homepage.
  17. 17.   Remember to:: Save to an external source such as a USB drive or UDrive to avoid data loss if the computer is shut down!!!
  18. 18. Get help with… • Hardware & software  questions • Accounts, passwords,  connections  • Navigating the library  and Learning Commons • Stop by, call, or instant  message us Learning Commons & Technical Support Desk Services: LC & Technical Support Desk Open every hour the Library is!!!!
  19. 19. Reference & Research Assistance Services: Reference & Research Assistance Find the perfect sources for your papers and  other research—work with a librarian! •Stop by the Reference & Research  Assistance Desk anytime it is open… •Make an appointment to work with a  subject specialist librarian… •Or, ask a question via phone, email,   IM or text message… http://www.library.umass.edu/services/ask-a-librarian
  20. 20. Writing CenterWriting Center Services: Writing Center Stop in or make an appointment to get 30 minutes of  assistance on your writing project from trained experts.  All levels and disciplines are welcome! Check out  umass.edu/writingcenter for details and appointments
  21. 21. Academic Advising LinkAcademic Advising Link Services: Academic Advising Link Academic advisors can connect you with the right academic programs  and opportunities and support your journey to academic success. •Advising resources  •Campus-wide academic support  •General Education  Requirements  •Registration rules & regulations  •Special Learning Opportunities  •Degree Progress Audit  •SPIRE 
  22. 22. is a walk-in advising service providing declared and undeclared undergraduates with answers to quick advising questions. Experienced Peer Advisors are on hand to assist you with: Finding General Education courses Interpreting your Degree Progress Report Navigating Spire and much more! The Academic Advising Link
  23. 23. Learning Resource CenterLearning Resource Center Services: Learning Resource Center • Tutoring and supplemental instruction  for many difficult first and second year  courses. • Drop-in help and weekly sessions • Students helping students! (10th floor of the W.E.B. Du Bois Library) Check umass.edu/LRC for details…
  24. 24. Looking for quiet? •Quiet study areas on 2nd and 3rd floors provide  comfortable seating, electrical outlets, and wireless  Internet access •Drop-in carrels on 7th and 10th floors offer individual  study space; day-use lockers also located on these floors. •To report noise in quiet areas in the Library, call 1- 2272 from a phone in any elevator lobby, or go to the  Building Operations Desk on the entrance level.
  25. 25. Sample question from OIT Copyright Quiz What is the minimum the RIAA (Recording Industry  Association of America) can make you pay for  infringing copyright on just one song?(Choose one) • a. $0.99 per song • b. $75.00 per song • c. $100.00 per song • d. $500.00 per song • e. $750.00 per song
  26. 26. • A federal jury today ordered a Boston University graduate student to pay four record labels $675,000 in damages for illegally downloading 30 songs and sharing them online. Boston.com 7/31/09 •That is the equivalent of 115 years of in-state tuition at UMass Visit oit.umass.edu/copyright/index.html for information.
  27. 27. Sample question from OIT Copyright Quiz What is the minimum the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) can make you pay for infringing copyright on just one song?(Choose one) Inform yourself. Protect yourself. Take the OIT Copyright Quiz: http://www.oit.umass.edu/copyright/quiz.html
  28. 28. www.twitter.com/umassLC
  29. 29. • In a hurry to get to class? Use the Quick Print stations in the LC. Pick up your jobs just behind the poster printer!
  30. 30. Did a slide go by too quickly? Visit the Learning Commons website: http://www.umass.edu/learningcommons and click Weekly Announcements (under News) View these announcements on the Web!