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WP plugins for beginners- 1


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Are you new to WordPress Blogging Platform and want to know what are the plugins that eases you?, then kindly read this document

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WP plugins for beginners- 1

  1. 1. At the time of writing this document, the total wordpress plugins is 25,659.Now, how to choose only the required plugins for our blog among these 25k plugins.Choosing the right plugins is very simple for advanced bloggers.But, for the beginners, it is difficult. So, i am providing list of plugins that are really helpful for those who new to Wordpress Blogging platform. 1.Akismet (Premium): When web traffic grows simultaneously spam mails start to full our mail inbox.Then, how to control spam mails or how to segregate spam mails from ham mails.Manually, deleting thousands of spam mails is too difficult.Then , why not to go for Akismet ( Premium) ? For Plugin Details: Click Here For Akismet Key: Click Here 2.WordPress SEO by Yoast (Free): Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is important thing to be considered if we want to get web traffic through search engines.For more details on SEO, please Click Here . For a beginner, it is tough to provide correct title length,keyword density,meta description etc., for the blog. Then , why not to go for WordPress SEO by Yoast (Free) ? For Plugin Details:Click Here 3.Broken Link Checker (Free): Suppose,the user is trying to download some conetent.If it is available, then it is fine and surfer will be happy.If not available, we should not provide the link at all or at least unlinking the dead links.But, it is quite difficult to sort out dead links from working links if there are thousands or millions of links in our blog.Then , why not to go for Broken Link Checker (Free)? For Plugin Details:Click Here 4.Disqus Comment System (Free): This is comment management plugin. Used for spam filtering,blacklists and whitelists and more... If buying Akismet premium key is not within the budget, then we can go for this plugin to control the spam.Then , why not to go for Disqus Comment System (Free)? For Plugin Details: Click Here 5.SEO friendly images (Free & Premium): As per SEO perspective, for the image, alt attribute is the important factor to be considered.If image is available in the server path, then it is not an issue. If not available, then alternative title should be provided. For hundreds or thousands of images , checking whether alt attribute is empty or not is too difficult.Then , why not to go for SEO friendly images (Free / Premium)? For Plugin Details:Click Here For Premium: Click Here To be continued... Part-2 ???