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How to perform efficient file hosting search


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Want to perform file hosting search effectively ? Then, make use of this document.

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How to perform efficient file hosting search

  1. 1. As like general search engines,, etc.,File hosting search engines ,, etc., (Reference: Visit Me ) also allowed to display only 1000results.But,for our search queries,the possible results will be in millions as like shown below,Looking for eBooksThen, how to restrict our search results ? The possible solutions are, Try to search with expession as like shown below towards looking for particuar thing(Here, Java eBooks),Looking for Java eBooksNow, results are restricted to hundreds.But, for the below case.Even searching with expression towards looking for particuar thing(Here, english movies), the results are greater than 1000Looking for english moviesThen, how to restrict the results <= 1000It is quite simple to handle.Everyone will not be premium member for all the file hostings(,,,,, etc.,) listed in the filehosting search engine (Here, ).Hence, we can restrict theresults by hosting level as shown below (Here,restricted by hosting)Looking for english movies in hosting onlyThus, we restricted the results to hundreds.We can modify the link for the required file hosting for host-level search as providedbelow, replace 54 (bold) with 91 for 54 (bold) with 93 for 54 (bold) with 61 for
  2. 2. To narrow the file hosting search further by file type,size etc., please go to the followinglink visit my following site demonstration of above mentioned description.