Writing Persuasive Messages


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How to write persuasive messages

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Writing Persuasive Messages

  1. 1. PersuasionConvince “Yes” Impress Tricking Trust
  2. 2. PersuasionInfluence others to accept your point of view Not an attempt to manipulate or trick someone
  3. 3. Steps to Follow0 Need information about: 0Your Product, Service or Idea 0Your Audience 0The Desired Action
  4. 4. Know your Product, Service or Idea0 Reading available literature0 Practical Applicability0 Comparing with competitors0 Conducting tests & Experiments0 Soliciting reports from Users
  5. 5. Know your Product, Service or Idea0 What the product, service or idea do for the receivers?0 What are its superior features?0 How is the product or service different from its competitor? How is the proposed idea superior to other viable alternatives?0 What is the cost to the receiver?0 What is the major difference?
  6. 6. Know your Receiver • Logic Logos • Reasoning(Facts & Statistics) • Trust (Credibility) Ethos • Association • Eliciting an Emotional ResponseAristotle Pathos • Desire for Social Status/Be popular/loved/admired
  7. 7. The Desired Action0 Keep Paragraphs Short0 Use Specific Language0 Let Receiver Have the Spotlight0 Stress a Central Selling Point or Appeal
  8. 8. Inductive ApproachAttention Interest Desire Action
  9. 9. Gain Attention0 A personal Experience0 A solution to a Problem0 A startling Announcement0 A “What-If” opening0 A Question0 A Story0 A Proverb or quote from a famous person
  10. 10. Gain Interest0 Be Cohesive / Interrelated0 Be Action Oriented0 Stress a central selling point
  11. 11. Gain Desire0 Present and Interpret Factual Evidence0 Include Testimonials, Guarantees & Enclosures
  12. 12. Motivate Action0 Make the action clear and simple to complete0 Restate the reward for taking action (Central Selling Point)0 Provide Incentive for Quick Action0 Ask confidently for Action
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