Collectibles and Sports Memorabilia - Protect and Preserve Your Passion!


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Collectibles and Sports Memorabilia - Protect and Preserve Your Passion!

  1. 1. Save Your Stuff guest blogger from Australia offers an excellent write up to sharetips with you about her passion for Sports Memorabilia… Collectibles and Sports Memorabilia – Protect and Preseve Your Passion By Belinda DarlingWe Australian‟s are an unapologeticallysports mad people. Come Winter, weimmerse ourselves in AFL, rugby unionand rugby league, often forgoing socialevents of a weekend to stay indoors,shouting at the television and imploringour team to „CARN!!‟ Post footy blues areassuaged by the promise of longsummer days of one day, 20/20 and testcricket. And then there‟s those twoweeks in January when we all studiouslywatch little green balls being whacked back and forth at greatspeed. There‟s nothing quite like the Australian Open to inspire youto work on that feeble backhand. I will never cease to be amusedand touched by the sight of my rather wobbly, un-athletic friendsenthusiastically hitting the courts during the Open. That‟s thebeauty of sport. You‟re never too old, too young, or too out ofpractice to get into the spirit of it all and have a go. It‟s the greatequaliser, appealing to people of every age, political leaning, andsocial standing imaginable.Naturally, given our love of all things sport related, Australian‟s arealso keen collectors of sporting memorabilia. Starting a collectionof sporting memorabilia is a wonderful idea for the true sportstragic. But there are important things to take into considerationbefore you begin to build your collection. Foremost- how do youintend to preserve it? Football jerseys, autographs, photographs,medals, cups, equipment and posters are all subject to the ravagesof time without careful care. A valuable collection of memorabiliacan be significantly devalued without proper preservation.Framing Memorabilia: To ensure your pieces preserve their valueand continue to give you enjoyment for many years to come, it‟sworth enlisting the services of professional custom sportsmemorabilia framing services. Let‟s look at the best way topreserve a football jumper. To preserve and add value, a customframing service can pin and frame the jersey, while offering optionalextras such as commemorative plaques, photos, medallions, andlaser lettering cut into the matt. It might seems like a canny idea to
  2. 2. just buy your own frame and DIY- but cheaper materials candamage your memorabilia. Professional framers use high qualitypapers for matting to ensure your items are not faded and damagedby some of the harsh substances found in cheaper paper. *1Where you show off your memorabilia: Keeping yourmemorabilia in the correct environmental conditions within thehome is also essential in helping to preserve their value. UV Rayswill damage and age your collection with devastating speed. Ensureyour memorabilia is never exposed to direct sunlight. Fluorescentlight bulbs can inflict similar damage, albeit at a slower pace thanUV rays. *2Using your memorabilia?!: Tempting as it may be to get outthere on Grand Final day in your signed James Hird jersey, it shouldbe avoided at all costs if you are committed to preserving the valueof your sports memorabilia.A well preserved collection of sporting memorabilia will not only bea source of pride and joy, but can provide you with a nice littleearner down the track should you decide to sell. *3To learn more about preserving your sports memorabilia, get a copyof How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster (see “products” at thetop of this page) and get in touch with the team of experts at FineArt Conservation Laboratories for additional coaching (805 5643438).* From the editor: I think Belinda did an excellent job on thisarticle! Thanks for sharing Belinda!*1 Not only the types of papers used in framing can hurt yourmemorabilia but more likely to do damage are the improperadhesives that you/framers use. The wrong adhesives can quicklydiminish value and ruin memorabilia.*2 This comment is tied into the paragraph on framing. Use UVfiltering glass or Plexiglas type materials. While they can filter outall or most of the UV light, that will NOT take care of ALL THEFADING. Intense light will continue to fade somewhat even afteryou filter out the UV. See my article at*3 While it is the dream to buy low and sell high and make moneywhen collecting, there are many circumstances that play into this
  3. 3. “game.” Do NOT assume you will make money and this webpage/blog and any writings of Save Your Stuff LLC do not giveinvestment advice. None of the information in this article or blogshould be construed as encouragement, coaching or teachinginvestment strategies. Having said that, a good bit of advice is tobecome friends with an art or memorabilia appraiser to getinformation pertinent to your specific interests. And finally, Belindais correct when she says that the state of preservation is veryimportant to the value.An invitation to you: If you would like to write an article for thisblog or any of Save Your Stuff’s other blogs, feel free to contact meto be a guest blogger. Belinda happens to be an excellent writer butif you are not, I will help “adjust” your article before we post it. Youare encouraged to write articles often. I almost never refuse a guestwriter’s work. You may include URL’s of your websites if they arecompatible with the message of SYS and you may include photos.The writing and the photo must be of your creation and you musthave the authorization to publish it/them. This is a chance for youto get published and contribute to a world wide audience ofmemorabilia, collectibles and art collectors. You don’t get paid andyou don’t pay me. Inquire at or call me at805 564 3438 Art conservation/Save Your Stuff questions? Call Scott at 805 564 3438 Art appraisal questions? Call Richard Holgate at 805 895 5121 Friend us on Facebook at “Save Your Stuff””Scott M. Haskins”Fine Art Conservation”Subscribe to our How-To videos on YouTube at “Preservationcoach” Channel