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Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,
I represent the young and creative company We are specialized in creating exclusive taste-experiences in form of drink-collections combined with innovative ideas and high-class service to achieve a perfect interplay in between products and services to increase the sellings. We share our savoir-faire with your company for your gastronomic projects as well with the future employees. Exactely that savoir-faire that brought so much fame to some of the most prestigious Hotel Bars in the world making them to important points of reference in the hotel business - for instance in Paris, Rome, New York and Washington DC. We are also proud to be in collaboration with the hotel company DC Cap Hotelier LLC of Washington DC and New York.
After being nominated "perfect barman de paris" I worked at some projects of Coca-Cola Company and Christian Dior through a french Hotel-company. I had the opportunity to have great work-experiences with Alain Ducasse, Heinz Beck, Daniel Boulud and got a close-up of the work of Jean-Francois Piège.

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Umami Folder E

  1. 1. GETTHE EXPER i am always satisfied with the best. IENCE I have been a bartender for fourteen years now and have found I HAVE BUT THE SIMPLIEST TASTE my passion in my profession. Driven by an eagerness to continue learning and discovering new things, a few years ago, I decided OF THE to see as much of the world as possible. I have worked in some of the most prestigious hotels in the world-for instance in Paris, Rome, and New York-and have had FIFTH the opportunity to travel to various countries popular cocktails come from. That gave me the chance to learn new languages, gain important and instructive experience, and develop innovative ideas... TASTE ... which umami would now like to share with others! oscar wilde
  2. 2. umami, the developement. umami* A brief excursion in our developing history as well as the one of Matté Massimiliano, idea & philosophy founder and manager of curriculumvitae As important as our developing history is also our purposefully selected corporate name. 1997 Study of English at LCCI Industry Examinations Board, London umami is the Japanese word for "delicious"; 2001 "Master of Bartending" - Munich it refers to the fifth quality of our taste receptors and thus describes the perfect taste. 2003 - 2006 Bar manager at the restaurant "La Pergola" Cavalieri Hilton for Heinz Beck- With, we would like ranked the best cocktail bar in Rome in 2004 to show you how to achieve perfect harmony 2006 - 2007 Abbreviated course of studies at ACCord language school, Paris in taste, transfer this harmony to your services, and pass it on to your customers. 2006 - 2008 Assistant bar manager at "Montaigne25" - Hotel Plaza Athénée, for Alain Ducasse-ranked the best hotel bar in Europe, Paris. We would like to assist you in creating the Collaboration with the Coca Cola Company and Christian Dior. perfect interplay between products and services. 2007 Honoured as the "Perfect Barman de Paris" 2007 Catering by in Guadeloupe-Caribbean The catering trade is a daily challenge. 2008 Exchange of experience for at "Daniel's" restaurant, The WAY to make one's mark and distinguish for Daniel Boulud, New York oneself from competitors in this market is by quality improvement, and the GOAL is to 2008 Bartending lessons for experts at Landesberufsschule für Hotelerie und maintain the achieved quality. Gastronomie [regional German hotel and catering trade college] Our work is practically-oriented. We offer no 2008 Business optimisation for in Copenhagen, standard solutions; therefore, our first step is Denmark to understand your ideas and desires and build on them. Considered the last decades and with regard to forecasts, it appears wise to consult us. taste is the art There is a continuous trend towards higher Your staff can learn how to interpret the desires quality, more personality, and more closeness of your guests even better, respond to them of considering the details. to customers. The guest of the future is thirsty even more accurately... and meet customer jean jacques rousseau for personal appreciation. desires, even before they are uttered.
  3. 3. the umami business activities. ANALYSIS: after briefly getting to know your company-discretion guaranteed-we share our opinion with you, in line with your requirements and ideas. PLANNING: based on the result of our analisis we give You a first statement with maneuver tactics and solutions. After this we elaborate a procedure plan. PROCEDURE: our solutions will be transacted in-time and in-budget. Important subjects of our procedures are: * Product * Structure / Production-cycle * Employees * Communication
  4. 4. FOCUS: PRODUCT AND STRUCTURE. * We take seriously the task of breathing new life into your cocktail list, revising it, improving it, and getting it closer to your expectations. * On your behalf, we create personal and exclusive recommendations for your guests, tailored to your circumstances. * As an unbiased observer, we assess your competitors. * We help you plan, design, and develop your catering projects (start-up-service) What can You expect? We assist you in laying out your future workspace and advise you in organising workplaces. Our aim is long-term quality improvement based on a precise assessment of the abilities of your staff. * * We design product portfolios, tailored to the individual objective of your company. * We acquire furniture and equipment. FOCUS: EMPLOYEES. * We define the form of service. Do you have difficulties in finding staff members who are sufficiently qualified to meet the expectations of your guests... and are yet committed to learning new skills? ... We train them! * We tune the product portfolio to the future pace of your company in order for it to achieve higher profits. * We support you in establishing your company. * We promote and motivate your staff and see to their well-planned further education and training. We offer innovative recipes with a large variety of flavours, on a plain or international level. * * We make sure your staff members expand their taste horizons and become familiar with new professional * guides you in finding new recipes, creating exclusive and extravagant ones, developing perspectives. personal ones, or spicing up standard ones. * We actively ask your staff members to contribute their ideas, so as to improve their corporate identity. * Based on a precise calculation of the existing product portfolio (cocktail list) and one developed by us, we show you how to instantly increase your profit margin. * We convey detailed technical and practical knowledge to your staff members, thus increasing their self-confidence * We assist you in increasing your profits-which can be reinvested in your business-thanks to future savings. That and self-assurance, which is important for gaining the trust of customers. can increase your budget, allowing you to pursue the latest trends. * Your staff members can be put to work more effectively if their individual skills are fostered... that's grist to their * We offer hygiene management and show how to maintain hygiene by little routines and methods, especially motivation mills and will be to the benefit of your company and your guests. Staff members should never perform during peak hours. work for which they are not sufficiently prepared. * By an anonymous first-quality check, your staff members are confronted with the weaknesses of their services, so improvements can be developed jointly. * Optimising and tightening their schedules can speed up quality improvement. * We efficiently make the most of your strengths, push weaknesses into the background, and eliminate them, * The quality of your service can be improved by means of immaterial, free factors such as more attentiveness. little by little. * The desires of your guests can be met to an even greater extent by "fine-tuning" service processes. * As part of our product management, we develop individual lines of drinks such as "healthy tails", which are based on fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices. Enjoying oneself and giving oneself a health treat at the same * We show your staff members how to save time-which can then be devoted to your guests-by simple means time: that takes the preferences of wellness hotel guests into account and entices them to spend time at the and working methods. bar, at any time of day. An annual one billion dollars are turned over in the United States on this new trend.
  5. 5. FOCUS: COMMUNICATION. umami* * We support you in establishing a new corporate identity or optimising what is there. * We develop interesting marketing strategies for you and your company. Gastronomy is the world of exciting experiences and the stories of success. Preconditioned that all components are well We show you appealing forms of customer acquisition and sales strategies. balanced and offer to the customers a actual experience. A efficient team, composed of professional and high motivate * people with a lot of innovative ideas, placed at your disposal for every area in your company... in simple words: „A WHOLE- * We communicate sales promotion tactics and strategies for reaching and appealing to new target guests, for instance by IN-ONE-SERVICE for your business”. using your hotel bar to attract potential hotel guests. * We elaborate hotel-internal marketing strategies, for example, to promote a specific area of your hotel Bar Corporate Design believes one can learn from everyone, from errand boys to professionals. Everyone develops his own Wine & Service working methods based on his experience, and all kinds of experience are beneficial. This attitude can help your business make Wellness & Spa headway thanks to openness. That way, we support newcomers and even take the liberty of offering our experience to long- standing companies. Kitchen * We analyse your culinary range, propose "star’peritif" tailored to your menu or "phassion drinks" for special events, for instance small set degustation meals, based on an interplay between the kitchen and the bar. * We show you how to think flexibly and let go of rigid attitudes. * By means of a continuously changing "chameleon" portfolio, you can increase the number of your guests. We rely on the curiosity of guests and their desire to always try the latest drinks. That is why it is so important that your guests trust your business. * We develop partial and overall concepts for varying periods of time, at home and abroad. Our "personal hotel and catering trade" concept, for example, is focused on customer desires and makes it possible to calculate the cost of sales even more accurately. * We offer personal and exclusive support on site for the initial optimisation phases and assist you and your staff members on an operative level. We try to understand your business, so we can find optimum solutions for you and make your ideas profitable as quickly as possible. * We also make target-performance comparisons after the optimisation process and present the result to you in a follow-up discussion or in the form of a protocol. Leave your company in good hands... and enjoy the success! Our service fees are fixed after an initial discussion and as soon as your desires and the ideal period of time have been defined, love to the beauty is taste no matter whether a seminar, further training of your staff, or a reorientation of your business is concerned. ralph waldo emerson But never forget... quality and distinguishing features are invaluable!
  6. 6. | Photos: Baur Reinhard Matté Massimiliano +39 346 09 95 960