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Sound ID info presentation


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Presentation includes the description of our offers and explains the purpose of key audiobranding elements

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Sound ID info presentation

  1. 1. Where logo turns into sound, interior fills up with atmosphere, brands find their voices and the ad could be sung, a consumer becomes a fan and marketing turns into audiobranding
  2. 2. Sound ID is a professional provider of audiobranding services
  3. 3. Audiobranding extends a traditional brand strategy and creates a multi-sensory platform for customer-brand relationships SOUND ID Audiobranding
  4. 4. AUDIOBRANDING: Aim & targets Aim Give voice to brand and make it pleasant for the consumer. Target 1: Extend brand identity with the help of audio channel Target 2: Increase the efficiency of brand communications with the help of music semiotics and communicative power of sound Target 3: Create a multi-sensory and multi-dimensional platform for brandcustomer interaction SOUND ID Audiobranding
  5. 5. Audiobrnading is on the agenda today The attention of marketers, ad makers and brandmanagers has always been focused on visual design The consumer has been bombarded with billboards, bright package, graphic logos, corporate colors • Visual channel of information transmission is overloaded The attention of consumer switches to less loaded channels of information transmission • Audio channel is on the agenda in terms of marketing communications in companies all over the world
  6. 6. Audio channel of information transmission • Is less loaded than the visual one • Its use in marketing communications o requires a conscious and scientifically based approach o includes non-verbal communication through sound and music
  7. 7. Our offers are unique on the Russian market of audiobranding 1. Audio identity for brands: • Sound logo • Sound theme for brand • Soundscape for presentations & sites • Jingle 2. Sound design & background music for commercial spaces: • Big retail spaces and small boutiques • Hotels • Restaurants, cafes, bars • Sport clubs and SPA-centers • Etc. 3. Music for audio support of commercial videos 4. Any forms of cooperation between brand and music industry representatives: • Sponsorship • Product placement • Music events’ organization
  8. 8. Sound logo Sound logo is the auditory analog of a visual logo. It is a short 2-5 seconds distinctive melody (or sound) that should communicate the key idea of company and be easy to recall. Sound logo (sogo) usually appears in the end of commercial and on the corporate site. The design of sogo should be based on objective approach. It is proved that specific design characteristic, for example, the number of tones in a sogo systematically create higher or lower customer willingness-to-pay. Examples: 1. BMW old sound logo: 2. BMW new sound logo: =new-sound-logo-for-bmwbrand&outputChannelId=6&id=T0137954EN&left_menu_item=node__220 5
  9. 9. Sound theme for brand Sound theme for brand or brand soundscape is a track, usually based on sound logo, which creates a distinctive image of brand, communicate the key information about the brand (such as industry/market, innovative approach or ecological awareness) and becomes a brand element and hence a strategic tool to the company. Example: soundscape for telecommunications company: Soundscape for presentation or site is usually based on brand theme, but is designed as a background, in order not to attract much attention and be suitable audio support for communication.
  10. 10. Jingle Jingle is a short tune, used in advertising. It contains one or more hooks and meaning that explicitly promotes the product. Jingle usually uses an advertising slogan and is rhymed. Example: 1po
  11. 11. We offer an extended identity of your brand We analyze the system of brand attributes and choose the ones appropriate for audio communication. On the base of this analysis we create audio identity, which reflects the company image and could be incorporated in many different forms of communications. This is how the strategic use of sound is integrated into the organization
  12. 12. Sound design & background music for commercial spaces Background music is one of the most important constitutes of atmosphere Background music Fills the interior with atmosphere Communicates brand identity Influences Enhances the perception of interior Psychological and physiological state of consumers and, therefore, their buying behavior Time Real time: time, the potential consumers actually spend in the shop or wait for a free table in the restaurant Perceived time, for example, the perceived time of waiting for service or the perceived time spent in the boutique
  13. 13. Atmosphere is of crucial importance in service settings Functionally, most of the service companies working in one market segment provide the same offer The competition shifts to the sphere of selling emotions Atmosphere becomes the criteria of consumers choice We visit restaurant not only for eating … We stay at the hotel not only to have a roof over our head … We shop not only for buying
  14. 14. Sound design & background music for commercial spaces We make creative concepts and offer playlists according to the aims of company and the identity of brand. Our solutions include different options of music choice: • Music composed for the particular project • Music chosen from a wide range of music libraries (international music libraries, such as Muzak, Amurco Music etc.) • Already existing music (lounge, soul, jazz, pop, rock etc.) We provide legal support of our solutions in terms of intellectual property rights: copyright and related rights.
  15. 15. Music for audio support of commercial videos As a powerful mean of mood creation and communication of feelings and emotions, music appears to be an important component of audio support in commercials. Music may have significant impact on audience perception of the brand and enhance the communicational efficiency of the commercial The interaction between music semiotics and brand identity enhances the communicative efficiency of the commercial, providing the viewer with a clear idea of the brand. The level of brand recognition is higher in those cases, when the commercials are supported by music, selected according to the key brand attributes.
  16. 16. Different forms of cooperation between brand and music industry representatives • Sponsorship • Product placement • Music events’ organization Benefits of such forms of cooperation: o Creates associations between brand and musician/group/music event/radio station o Forms the reputation of brand, incorporating cultural DNK o Makes the brand a staple of music culture or subculture
  17. 17. Thanks for your time! Our contacts: SOUND ID Audiobranding