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Editor's Notes

  • look at a real triad in the body

  • exam question on palatine tonsil!
  • this is the esphagous...he did not specify if it was guaranteed to be a question but i think he emphasized it during class...look at the layers...

  • ON the final review
  • The epidermis has several layers of cells which begin at the junction of the dermis and end at the surface. As the cells progress through the layers, they change in morphology depending on their state of activity. Those in the deepest layers are the most metabolically active while those at the surface have ceased functioning and form a protective layer of keratin.

    From the internal junction with the dermis to the external surface the layers of thick skin are:
    1. stratum basale (also called stratum germinativum)
    2. stratum spinosum
    3. stratum granulosum
    4. stratum lucidum
    5. stratum corneum.

  • tells you that in the exam if you see hair follicles then it is thin skin!
  • Paccinian Corpuscle ...said that it would be a good exam question...they look like onions...

  • said that it would be a good question if he was testing connective tissue
  • was on the mock exam and on the final review

  • On final review

  • if he was to give us this on the exam we should be able to pick out whicn one...hint hint i think 33:40

  • i remember he spent a lot of time having us differentiate between the fovea centralis(this slide) and the optic disk(next slide)
  • Optic disk

  • on final review
  • He said that this would be good for an exam....
  • maybe a hint...but not sure

  • on final review
  • anytime you ses a dense line (to the right)it will be a respiratory epithelium!!

  • def an exam question...
    in this picture you have an alveoli cram packed with tons of macrophages and fluid. if you have fluid in your alveoli you can not exchange gas and you will drown in your own fluids...basically this picture shows you an alveoli with lots of macrophages and lots of fluid...

  • postitive that this is gonna be on exam...thi is the tunica media of an elastic artery!
  • on final review