Presentation on telenor (CRM)


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customer life cycle (CRM)

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Presentation on telenor (CRM)

  1. 1. Pakistan Presented By Shahid Hussain Kha
  2. 2. Customer Relationship Management CRM System is the process tocompile information that increases understanding of how to managean organization’s relationships with customer.
  3. 3. ADVANTAGES OF CRMGrowth in numbers of customers.Long term profitability andsustainability.Increased customersatisfaction, because they aregetting exactly what they want.Repeat purchasing.
  4. 4. HISTORY OF TELENORAcquiring a license in April,2004.launched its servicescommercially in Karachi,Islamabad and Rawalpindion 15 March, 2005.The official opening ofTelenor Pakistan was heldin Islamabad with ex-President ofPakistan General Pervez
  5. 5. COMPANY PROFILE Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by the Telenor Group, an international provider of high quality voice, data, content and communication services in 14 markets acrossEurope and Asia. Telenor Group is among thelargest mobile operators in the world with over 179 million mobile subscriptions.
  6. 6. VISION“We’re here to help”
  7. 7. GOALCreate ValueExpanding Market ShareStrong Commitment with societyCreation of Profitability & market growthIntroduction of an Advance technologyFreedom of Choice
  8. 8. PRODUCTSTelenor provide products of two types: Prepaid Postpaid Prepaid packages are: Telenor Talkshalk (Talk Shawk) A1 Telenor Talkshalk (Talk Shawk) Har Second Telenor Talkshalk (Talk Shawk) Har Minute Telenor Talkshalk (Talk Shawk) 30 Second Djuice Djuice Jagtay Raho Postpaid Packages are: Persona EASY Persona SIMPLE Persona FREE
  10. 10. CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLEAcquisition Strategy: First one to bring the concept of "Mobile TV" in Pakistan. Customized packages available for every market segment e.g djuice for price conscious class, smart calls for routine users, telenor persona for upper middle and ellite class. The first one to provide free roaming facility during HAJJ program. First one to introduce Easy Paisa in 2009 (Money Transfer,bill payment)
  11. 11. CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLEAcquisition Strategy (Cont’d) They advertise by using Billboards, Fashion Magazines, Banners, Newspapers, Internet, Banners, TV, Radio. Through Smart Share, MCA, V.A.S. (Call block, Social Service, Sports, Music, Internet, Religion, cell info display) Convenience through Easy Load and distribution setup.
  12. 12. CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLERetention Strategy: Customer retention is the key to success and objective of any organization. Quality has shown strong relationship with the customer retention with the services. Other factors like customer services (care), customer attraction and interaction and customer loyalty has also shown relationship with the overall customer satisfaction.
  13. 13. CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLERetention Strategy (Cont’d) : These are the strategies: Welcome strategy: Telenor often send messages when you avail few types of services. For instance: Buying sms, Internet packages etc. Responsiveness: To show a good reaction. For instance: When you have minimum balance, send messages by Telenor about your balance. Recognition: Recognition and appreciation help maintain and reinforce relationships. Personalization: Design or produce something to meet someone’s individual requirement. For instance: Web self service which is related to your personal profile
  14. 14. CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLERetention Strategy (Cont’d) : Access strategy: Online negotiation with the customers & identify needs and problems. For instance: Websites Priority Access: Best customers have special number or another channel to gain quick access to the organization. For instance: Postpaid Reward Strategies: Something given in return for or got from work done, good behavior etc. For instance: Free minutes on maximum calls.
  15. 15. CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLEWin back Strategies: If any customer has stopped using your product then giving them an extra offer including the product to attract him to come back refers to customer win back. Telenor has launched a push to target the consumers who have been inactive in the last 3 months or so.
  16. 16. CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLEWin back Strategies (Cont’d) : Identify who is about to terminate: RFM can help & measure about customers activity through call, e-mail, website. Through surveys you can analyse problems why customers are leaving? Establish who is about to terminate: Give offers to the customers like Telenor posted an unconditional Rs.30 worth of balance for those who did not use Telenor connection for a few months.
  17. 17. THANKYOU!!!