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Maslow theory of maotivation


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maslow hierarchy of need theory

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Maslow theory of maotivation

  1. 1. Maslow’s Theory of motivation This is best known theory of motivation There Is a hierarchy of five human needs
  2. 2. Hierarchy of Five Needs  Physiological Needs  Safety Need  Social Need  Esteem need  Self actualization Need
  3. 3. Physiological Need  Need for food  Need for water  Need for shelter
  4. 4. Safety and Social Needs Safety Needs Social Needs  I-e. Need for Security and  Affection Belonging protection .  Assurance of physiological needs.  Friendship
  5. 5. Esteem Needs  Internal Factors like  External Factors Like Self respect, Self Autonomy individual's status Self recognition
  6. 6. Self Actualization Need to become , what he/she is capable of Accountant finance Manager Leader
  7. 7. Explanation of Theory
  8. 8. Explanation of Theory
  9. 9. Criticism on the theory Logical and easy to understand But Lack of empirical support