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Genesis of nellie massacre and assam agitation


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10000 Thousands of Muslims were killed in Nellie area of Assam in broad daylight on February 18th, 1983. Their only crime was that they exercised their democratic right to vote.

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Genesis of nellie massacre and assam agitation

  1. 1. Genesis of Nellie massacre and Assam agitation Full report complied and collected by Main Uddin , Focunder CEO , Indilens News Team Thousands of Muslims were killed in Nellie area of Assam in broad daylight on February 18th, 1983. Their only crime was that they exercised their democratic right to vote. In this series of articles Diganta Sharma and Anju Azad recall the horror of Nellie, events leading up to the massacre, aftermath and current situation. This series is made possible by the support of: Afzal Usmani, Ashraf Naim, Kaleem Kawaja, Rafat Hussain, Razi Raziuddin,Tariq Farooqi, Shazida Khatun, Dr. Hafiz Ahmed. How to remove remains of blood stains from the hands that murdered human beings? Let‟s search the answer in literature. Lady Macbeth told Macbeth, „little water clears us of this deed”. Later on she lamented saying that „all perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten these little
  2. 2. hands.‟ This she said in the context of murder of King Duncan by Macbeth. Those who read Macbeth by Shakespeare know the story. Same lines spoken by Lady Macbeth are true for Nellie massacre as well. Nothing can clean the blood flow of Nellie massacre. It‟s a burden for Assam, India and for the humanity as the killings of thousands of people in few hours went totally unaccounted and just forgotten as a matter of shame. Let‟s look back and peep into the history to know why this happened. Why people were butchered to quench the thirst of hungry souls? In the early months of 1979, Hiralal Patowary, the then Member of Parliament from Mongoldai constituency of Assam expired all of a sudden. Election Commission announced to hold by-election and accordingly started updating the voter list in April and continued till May. Soon allegations against the amendment of the voter list kept pouring that illegal foreigners had been included in the list and demand was made for deletion of the suspected citizens‟ names. Significantly the Election Commission reviewed the list and found 68.28 percent of the allegations to be true. After Election Commission‟s assessment it came to light that 45 thousand illegal foreigners are listed in the voter‟s list. Will give blood, not oil This assessment on „foreigners‟ created mass tension in Assam. All Assam Students Union (AASU), one of the prominent actors of the „Assam agitation‟ demanded that voter‟s list of another 13 districts to be made public and suspected citizen‟s names should be deleted. Other organizations joined AASU in the demand. An all party meeting of organizations of Assam was held at Guwahati on August 27, 1979 as a result of the initiative of AASU and All Assam Gana Sangram Parishad (AGSP) was formed to carry forward the agitation against „foreigners‟. Resolution was adopted to protect the Assamese identity and remove names of suspected citizens from voter list. It was also decided that until and unless the voter‟s lists are amended no election will be held in Assam and the saga of bloodshed started from this day in Assam.
  3. 3. By December 1979, when a caretaker government was in Delhi, Assam agitation against foreigners gained momentum and polling for the General Election was possible only in two out of 14 constituencies. From 1979 until December 1982 just before the Assembly election there were 272 murders, 1404 assaults, 425 cases of arson and 330 cases of explosions and recovery of explosives. („25 years on...Nellie still haunts‟ by Hemendra Narayan). The Legislative Assembly of Assam was dissolved by the President under article 356 of the Constitution by proclamation dated March 19, 1983 and the period of proclamation which was extended further under that clause would expire on the March 18, 1983. If elections are not held by February 1983, president‟s rule would be revoked by the end of February 1983. So it became obligatory to hold election before the due date and accordingly notification by election commission was issued. Neglecting the demands of these groups, Central Government decided to go ahead with the general election for both state Assembly and Lok Sabha (in 12 constituencies) on February 14 and 17, 1983. Petition was filed before the Supreme Court to cancel elections in Assam. On February 1, 1983 the apex court quashed the plea and nodded for the election. The then Election Commissioner R K Trivedi announced the election dates though the situation was difficult. The Congress Government under the leadership of Indira Gandhi at the centre decided to go on with the election and announced group insurance for the officials taking part in election works. From this day Assam turned into a live volcano.
  4. 4. A rough map of the 'immigrant' inhibited areas was made before the attack on Nellie AGSP called for total boycott of the election. Election campaigning was also held in Assam. On February 14, 1983 a portion of the population exercised their right to franchise. On that tense day, information came to the nationalist organization that, “lots of „foreigners‟ or Bangladeshis‟ of Naogaon (now Morigaon district of Assam) cast their votes. News spread like wildfire. Maps of „foreigner‟ dominated areas were made and groups were formed to attack these areas to teach a lesson to these illegal „foreigners‟. Only 109 votes were polled at the Nellie Government School polling booth on February 14, 1983. Mahmmad Hussain, an independent candidate, won the Morigaon Assembly seat (Nellie was part of this constituency) by getting just 714 votes out of 1514 votes cast („25 years on...Nellie still haunts‟ by Hemendra Narayan) People of Nellie were tense and worried over the developments after February 14, 1983. They avoided going out fearing odds. Still no one could imagine that a day of bloodshed is to be witnessed in just four days…even the giant and mighty river Brahmaputra failed to clear blood stains of this massacre.
  5. 5. Diary: February 1983 February 1 • All Assam freedom fighters convention under the leadership of ASSU and AGSP. • Supreme Court rejected Raj Narayan‟s plea for the postponement of election in Assam. • Central Government announced Group Insurance benefit for the officials and workers from Assam and outside taking part in election. • Bomb blast in various places in Assam in protest of the election. • Several foot bridges and bridges torched. • Market burnt down in Dhekia juli, Sonitpur district • Group clash in Kamalpur February 2 • Police firing at Bordoulguri and Jonaram of Mangoldoi sub-division. 5 killed. • ASSU alleged that CRPF threw three boys while a bridge was torched. February 3 • Leaders of the movement declared general non-cooperation of the official programs scheduled from February 5- 22. • Police firing on civilians protesting the election at Bura, Darrang district. Few killed. February 4 • Police firing at North Lakhimpur. Several wounded. • Teachers gathering in protest of the election. • Wooden bridges burnt down in several places of North Lakhimpur, Darrang and Nagaon • Body of the supporter of CPI (ML) recovered from Ranjali Reserve, Sivsagar February 5 • Plying of both private vehicles and state vehicles were stopped. • Police firing on election protester at Tongla. 4 killed • 36 hour bandh at Karbi Anglong by two student organizations. • Bomb blast at a few places • Bandh in Dubrugarh district • Centre decided to send 30 battalions of CRPF to Assam. February 7 • Public meeting at Guwahati Judge field by the left parties • Police SI Bipin Mahanta killed in cross-firing by opposition people in Tezpur • Jorhat judge Nurul Haq kidnapped by miscreants • Dead body of Congress worker recovered at Tingkha of Dibrugarh district • Police –CRPF firing at Titkuri. Several wounded. • Central government decided to send additional BSF and CRPF teams to Assam. February 8 • 7 killed in Belsar, Nalbari following police firing in a rally.
  6. 6. • Bomb blast at Lanka- 3 killed and another 23 injured. • 7000 employees proceeded towards Assam from different parts of India to hold election in Assam. • BJP leaders like Chodhari Charan Singh, Yashvant Singh under the leadership of A B Vajpayee, conducted rally against the election at Judge filed, Guwahati. February 9 • Bomb thrown at Cahnd Mohammed, ex-speaker of Assam state Assembly at Athuaguri. • Police firing at the rallies against election at Kamarkuchi, Samata of Nalbari district – 5 and 2 killed respectively. • M Rehman was suspended from PWD following a disagreement to build a helipad in Moirabari to be used by the then PM Indira Gandhi for election purpose. • People killed here and there following protests in various parts of Assam. • Curfew imposed in many places. • ASSU announced its programme boycotting the election and arrival of PM in Assam. February 11 • Police firing at Nalbari, Barpeta etc. 3 killed. February 12 • Communal violence erupted in Assam in several places in Assam. Several houses belonging to minority communities burnt down in and around Boko of Kamrup district and gave birth to communal clash. 9 killed. • Indira Gandhi spoke to an election rally at Maligaon under strict security arrangements. February 13 • Communal clash continued in places like Bokulguri, Jagiroad, Lahorighat, North Lakhimpur etc. several killed in police firing and bomb blasts. February 14 • Election held. Police firing to control protesting mass in different places. Total 19 killed. • 30 villages burnt down in Darang district. • Communal clash in Jamunamukh, Nagaon district and and Kamrup district February 15 • Congress- I candidate Satya Narayan of Bishwanath chariali killed by people protesting election. • Communal clash at Goalpara, Nogaon, Darrang etc. Houses torched and several killed in police firing. February 16 • Dayanath Sharma, brother of Joynath Sharma, head of All Assam Volunteers Force killed at Chawolkhowa Chapori and another 85 killed in that night. • Communal clash in DoomDooma. 7 killed.
  7. 7. • Police and CRPF clash at Goalpara. 6 killed in the clash. • Houses burnt down in Dhubri and Nalbari February 17 • Election held for the second phase in 36 state assembly seats and 11 Lok Sabha constituencies. • Communal clash continued and several killed. Houses torched. February 18 • Organised massacre at Nellie of Nagaon district. About 2 thousand killed. 16 villages belonging to minority community burnt down. • Communal clash at Darrang district. 26 killed and four killed in police firing. • Several clashes in different parts of Assam. Many killed and injured. February 19 • Attack on linguistic minority at Gareshwar of Kamrup district. Several injured. • Communal clash at Abhayapuri. • Lok Sabha election completed at 24 constituencies. February 21 • Indira Gandhi visited Nellie and Gohpur. • About 2 thousand people belonging to linguistic minority fled to West Bengal for safety from Goreshwar, Kamrup. • 48 dead bodies recovered from different parts of Kamrup. February 22 • Peres de Queler, UN secretary general expressed shock over the Nellie massacre. The issue of immigration is totally political. If you perosnally go and visit these localities which the Assamese claim as Banladeshi areas, you will discover how many of them are illegal (?) immigrants. Actually, most of these people have been living in these localities from long time, but because of successive administrative discrimination their names don't get enlisted in the voter's list. Hence, they remain illegal. Otherwise, there is no reason for successive generations to remain illegal. As far as infiltration is concerned, the bordering areas are highly porous and the passage of people between India and Bangladesh is mutual. People from both the regions cross the border according to their choice. In normal circumtsances, it is not an issue. But whenever the Assamese feel like playing with Bengali's fate and life, they start with calling them Bangladeshi. However, in southern Assam about 30% of the entire population is Bengali Hindus (they were either refused from Bangladesh, or took shelter voluntarily in India). Since, the administration was friendly with them they got enlisted themselves in the voter list (of
  8. 8. 1965, 1966, 1971, 1975, respectively)consequently they become legally Indians. Nobody worries or questions about them. The helpless Bengali speaking Muslims face the double discrimination from two angles. First, being Bengali speakers, they face discrimination from the Assamese authority and people. Secondly, being Muslims, they experience step motherly attitude from the biased Hindu (not all but majority) officials and the state administration as a whole. So this is the issue. If you actually know the issue you will never even raise the question. And timeand again the Bengali speaking Muslims in the region have suffered, and been questioned for their legitimacy as Indians, but hardly ever their actual concerns have been addressed. A thousands names of killed people out of 10000 thousands Thousands of Muslims were killed in Nellie area of Assam in broad daylight of February 18th, 1983. Their only crime was that they exercised their democratic right to vote. In this series of articles Diganta Sharma and Anju Azad recall the horror of Nellie, events leading up to the massacre, aftermath and current situation.
  9. 9. Today, on the twenty-sixth anniversary of the massacre we honor the victims by publishing their names. Official reports put the death toll to 1819 but villages say that about three thousand Muslims were killed that night. Diganta Sharma has painstakingly collected over nine hundred names and we are presenting it here. Sl. No Name of the Person Dead Father's/Husban d's name Ag e (Yr .) M/F Parents/Guardi ans 1 Salema Khatun w/o-Ibrahim 35 F Ibrahim 2 Majibur S/O-Do 3 M Do
  10. 10. Rehman 3 Ajimul Haque S/O- Do 2 M Do 4 Ramisa Khatun D/O-A. Sattar 10 F A. Sattar 5 Kadboni W/O-Jabed Ali 50 F Jabed Ali 6 Jakir Huussain S/O-Do 3 M Do 7 Hajera Khatun D/O-A. Jalil 3 F A. Jalil 8 Abdul Ali S/O-L. Loshan Fakir 50 M 9 Chadman Nessa D/O-L. Suleman Sekh 70 F A. Mutaleb 10 Jamila Khatun W/O-A. Mutaleb 50 F Do 11 Amjad Ali S/O-L. Surad Munshi M Miss Kadman Nessa 12 Rasanawa Begum W/O-Allimuddin 27 F Allimuddin 13 Jusanwara Begum D/O-Do 11 F Do 14 Baharul Islam S/O-Do 2 M Do 15 Abdul Samad S/O-Abed ali 4 M Md.Abed Ali
  11. 11. 16 Abdul Azid S/O-Do 3 M Do 17 Sukhina Khatun W/O-Taleb Ali 32 F Taleb Ali 18 Ashia Khatun W/O-Do F Do 19 Afia Begum D/O-Do 8 F Do 20 N urneher D/O-Do 9 F Do 21 Nazrul Haque S/O-Do 3 M Do 22 Mazibur Rahman S/O-Do M Do 23 Abdul Khalek S/O-Akkas Ali 25 M Akkas Ali 24 Jabeda Khatun W/O-Srhab Ali 25 F Surhab Ali 25 Afia Khatun D/O-Do 2 F Do 26 Sukkur Mumud S/O-Bagiz Sekh 90 M Md.Rahmat Ali 27 Surotjan Bibi W/O-Sukkur Mamud 60 F Do 28 Abdul Hussain S/O-Rahmat Ali 1 M Do 29 Mafish-Uddin S/o-Eahab 40 M Miss
  12. 12. Ali Suleman Nessa 30 Ramjan Ali S/O-Araz Ali 11 M Araz Ali 31 Kamala Khatun D/O-Do 6 F Do 32 Beljan Bibi W/O-Do 50 F Do 33 Kabdanu Bibi W/O-Hazrat Ali 35 F Hazrat Ali 34 Thurab Ali S/O-Do 8 M Do 35 Mafish Uddin d/o DO 3 F DO 36 Nurjahan Bibi w/o Amsher Alli 60 F Akkas Ali 37 Afia Khatun d/o Khursed 5 F Md. Khursed 38 Abdul Barek s/o Alimuddin 1 M Alimuddin 40 Sabjan Bibi w/o Hasen Ali 38 F Md. Hasen Ali 41 Kasem Ali s/o DO 6 M DO 42 Karfuljan w/o Late Moniruddin 60 F Abdul Kadir 43 Saharjan Bibi w/o A. Jafar Ali 50 F A. Jafar Ali 44 Ali Hussain s/o A. Latif 4 M A. Latif 45 Sarbanu bibi w/o Late Assaruddin 50 F Abdul Hamij
  13. 13. 46 Khudeja s/o Md. Samsuddin 5 M Md. Samsuddin 47 Saiman Nesha w/o Jonab Ali 50 F Md. Jonab Ali 48 Anuwara Begam s/o Late A. ajit 7 M DO 49 Saleman Nesha w/o Mujafar Bapari 60 F Md. Abdul Khalek 50 Manjuwar Begum d/o A. Khalek 2 F DO 51 Raijawal Hoque s/o DO 5 M DO 52 Sufia Begum d/o Md. Amir Hussain 9 F Md. Amir Hussain 53 Afia Begum d/o DO 4 F DO 54 Ahamed Ali s/o M. Rasmat Ali 32 M Md. Rasmat Ali 55 Amena Khatun d/o Ohed Ali 40 F Md. Ohed Ali 56 Jusnara Begum d/o Ohed Ali 6 F DO 57 Jahura Khatun w/o A. Gafur Ali 30 F A. Gafur Ali 58 Rukia Khatun d/o DO 6 F DO 59 Naimuddin Sekh s/o Mali Sekh 60 M M. Nijamuddin 60 Oliman Nesha w/o L. Naimudin 56 F DO 61 Taslima Khatun d/o Nijamuddin 5 F DO 62 Najimuddinstyle ='mso- s/o Taijuddin 5 M Taijuddin
  14. 14. spacerun:yes'> 63 Fulbanu w/o M. A Assaruddin 32 F M. Assaruddin 64 Rahima Khatum d/o DO 4 F DO 65 Jahar Ali s/o Late Tufoni Sekh 60 M Miss Faijan Nessa 66 Gulabjan Bibi w/o M. Akub Ali 32 F Akubali 67 Rahima Khatun d/o DO 4 F DO 68 Rafikul Islam s/o M. Mutabb Ali 2 M Mutabbali 69 Jusnawara Begum d/o M. Kasem Ali 6 F Kasemali 70 Jainal Abdin s/o DO 1 M DO 71 Atabur Rahman s/o M. Masu Sekh 6 M M. Masu Sekh 72 Inas Ali s/o Late Abbas Ali 50 M Miss Khatun Bibi 73 Hasen Bano w/o L. Kunja Mahal 60 F Md. Abdul Ajit 74 Joyman Nessa w/o Akbar Ali 40 F Md .Akbar Ali 75 Mainuddin s/o Do 7 M Do 76 Asia Khatun d/o M. Osman Ali 4 F Md. Osman Ali 77 Nabi Hussain s/o Jadumaral 60 M Md. Abdul Ajit
  15. 15. 78 Saitan Nessa w/o Nabi Hussain 40 F Do 79 Mukbul Hussain s/o Do 6 M Do 80 Anal Hoque S/o Do 5 M Do 81 Karanjan w/o Jahar Ali 60 F MD. Mantaz Ali 82 Nur Nesha w/o Urmaj Ali 60 F M. Casen Ali 83 Hasu Sekh s/o A. Rahman 70 M Miss Aher Bano 84 Ibrahim Munsi s/o A. Sabar Ali 30 M M. Sabar Ali 85 Sahed Ali s/o style='mso- spacerun:yes'> 70 M M. Jahur Ali 86 Fuljan w/o Sahed Ali 56 F Do 87 Amena Khatun w/o style='mso- spacerun:yes'> Sahar Ali 30 F Do 88 Sahar Ali s/o Sahed Ali 40 M Do 89 Shirajul Islam s/o Shar ali 10 M Do 90 Hazura Nesha d/o Do 5 F Do 91 Hasen Bano w/o Ser Ali 50 F style='ms o- spacerun:y es'> Md. Sher Ali 92 Romisa Khatun w/o Md. Mansur Ali 58 F Md. Mansur Ali 93 Sufia Khatun d/o Do 14 F Do
  16. 16. 94 Md. Jiabur Rahman s/o Do 3 M Do 95 Safiul Islam s/o Alauddin 3 M Alauddin 96 Jamina Khatun w/o Nuruddin 30 F Md.Nuruddin 97 Mabia Khatun d/o Do 12 F Do 98 Afia Khatun d/o Do 8 F Do 99 Sufia Khatun d/o Do 5 F Do 100 Nurul Amin s/o Do 2 M Do 101 Ayub Ali s/o Abdul Karim 35 M A. Rohman 102 Hasmat Ali s/o Tarif Shekh 80 M Anjak Ali 103 Mahimon Nessa w/o Hashmat Ali 60 F Do 104 Babul Ali s/o Abed Ali 25 M Abed Ali 105 Omoron Begum d/o Shiraj Uddin Ahmed 8 F Shirajuddin Ahmed 106 Runa Begum d/o Do 5 F Do 107 Mina Begum d/o Do 2 F Do 108 Julekha Begum d/o Do 1 F Do 109 Jobed Ali s/o Momin Shekh 60 M 110 Nainjan Nessa w/o L. Jabed Ali 50 F DO 111 Hazera Begum w/o A. Malek 38 F DO
  17. 17. 112 Fatima Khatun w/o A. Barek 25 F DO 113 A. Rohman s/o Do 4 M DO 114 Ambia Khatun d/o A. Barek 3 F A. Malek 115 Shamuj Bano w/o Do 30 F 116 Romija Khatun d/o A. Malek 2 F A. Malek 117 jamela khatun w/o Samsur Ali 50 F *Md Samsur Ali 118 A Jalil s/o A. Azid 40 M Md. Giasuddin 119 Aisha Bano w/o Jalil 30 F Do 120 Aimon Nessa d/o L. A. Jalil 5 F Do 121 Abu Taher s/o Do 3 M Do 122 Shamarta Bano w/o L. Ayab Ali 30 F Do 123 Amirun Nessa d/o Do 2 F Do 124 A. Salam s/o Md. Arfan Ali 18 M Arfan Ali 125 A. Jalal Ali s/o Do 13 M Do 126 Sattar Ali s/o L. A. Rashid 50 M Md. Izul Hoque 127 Asia Khatun w/o Sattar Ali 40 F Do 128 Rahima Khatun d/o Do 20 F Do 129 Samsul Haque s/o Do 5 M Do
  18. 18. 130 Sirajul Hoque s/o Do 2 M Do 131 Khudija khatun d/o Md. Iman Ali 5 F Iman Ali 132 Idrish Ali s/o Md. Nur Hussain 13 M Nur Hussain 133 Mirjan Bibi w/o L. Satar Ali 70 F Md. Lal Miya 134 Amina Khatun w/o A. Jamal 25 F Do 135 Shirozul Islam s/o Lal Miya 3 M Do 136 Muslemuddin s/o A. Jamal 4 M Md. Jamal 137 Tutamia s/o L. Sahar Ali 35 M Suloman Nessa 138 Rukia Khatun s/o Tutamia 7 M Do 139 Khusumuddin d/o Thuhu Munshi 75 F A. Latif 140 Nigamuddin s/o A. Latif 6 M Do 141 Hajera Khatun s/o Aptor Ali 30 M Aptar Ali 142 Anjuwara Begum s/o Do 3 M Do 143 Nujul Isalm s/o A. Kadir 7 M A. Kadir 144 Nobi Hussain s/o A. Jabbar 4 M A. Jabbar 145 Jamir Hussain s/o Do 1 M Do 146 Ismail Ali s/o Shabed Ali 80 M Ahamed Ali 147 Sahar Ali s/o Ismail Ali 35 M Do
  19. 19. 148 Jaigon Nessa w/o Do 50 F Do 149 Hajera Khatun w/o Sahor Ali 20 F Do 150 Khatija Khatun w/o Ahammad Ali 25 F Do 151 Akal Ali s/o Sahor Ali 12 M Do 152 Sahidul Islam s/o Do 10 M Do 153 Sabikul Islam s/o Do 8 M Do 154 Hanifa s/o Ahmad Ali 1 M Do 155 Najima Khatun s/o Do 7 M Do 156 Shalems Khatun w/o Lokman Marol 62 F *Mahomm.od Ali 157 Jaleka Khatun w/o Mahammad Ali 25 F Do 158 Salema Khatun s/o Do 7 M Do 159 Mannaf Ali s/o Do 3 M Do 160 A. Matin s/o Do 1 M Do 161 Ruful Amin s/o Haun Ali 8 M Hasen Ali 162 Hashen Ali s/o Asya Sekh 10 M Habia Khatun 163 Ajida Begum s/o Abul Hussain 3 M Abdul hussain 164 A. Khalek s/o Hanif 80 M Anuna Khatun 165 Sulaman Moral s/o Akal Moral 75 M Nur Mohammud
  20. 20. 166 Hayten Nessa w/o Sulamal Morol 50 F Do 167 A. Khalek w/o Md. Ibrahimstyle='m so- spacerun:yes'> 13 F Ibrahim 168 Sarjan Bibi w/o Samser ali 40 F Samser Ali 169 Sufia Khatun s/o Do 2 M Do 170 Tolab Bibi w/o Hijabuddin 40 F Habijuddin 171 Abtaruddin s/o Julam Husman 70 M Amena Khatun 172 Sahoruddin s/o Abtaruddin 30 M Do 173 Shokins Khatun s/o Saheruddin 30 M Shaheruddin 174 Asaruddin s/o Do 3 M Do 175 Afia Khatun s/o A. Hye 8 M Do 176 Rukia Khatun s/o Do 7 M Do 177 Mo iom Nessa s/o Samsuddin 30 M Samsuddin 178 Anoware Begum s/o Do 6 M Do 179 Afia Khatun s/o Mojibur Rahman 5 M Mojibur Rahman 180 Ayub Ali s/o Akal Morol 65 M A. Anwar 181 Safarjan w/o Ayub Ali 25 F Do
  21. 21. 182 Sirajul Isalm s/o Do 7 M Do 183 Usman Goni s/o Do 3 M Do 184 Ahoda Khatun s/o Do 2 M Do 185 Hason Banm w/o Do 50 F *Aynai Ali 186 Honufa Khatun d/o Do 6 F Do 187 Fulbanu w/o L. Ali Hussain 24 F A. Awal 188 Maimon Nessa w/o Akub Ali 17 F Akub Ali 189 Safia Khatun w/o Akin Ali 26 F Akin Ali 190 Jaynab Nessa d/o Do 6 F Do 191 Safiullah s/o Do 3 M Do 192 Fajila Khatun s/o Fate Ali 3 M Fate Ali 193 Kodbanu Bibi w/o Taimuddin 25 F Taimuddin 194 Safia Khatun s/o Do 3 M Do 195 Rabia Khatun s/o Do 7 M Do 196 Afia Begum s/o Do 1 M Do 197 *Rarid s/o Hanifa 80 M Amena Khatun 198 Mafiaz Uddia s/o L. A. Gafur 32 M Makbul Hussain 199 Anuwar Hussain s/o L. Mofiz Uddinstyle='mso -spacerun:yes'> 5 M Do
  22. 22. 200 Habiza Khatun d/o A. Hamid 5 F A. Hamid 201 Jarina Khatun w/o Jahuruddin 44 F M. Jahuruddin 202 Hasen Bano d/o Jafar Ali 1 F Jafar Ali 203 Amina Khatun w/o A. Gafur 60 F A. Khalek 204 Jalaluddin s/o A. Malek 4 M A. Malek 205 Pirjan Nessan w/o Safaruddin 50 F Safar Uddin 206 Habibur Rohman s/o Do 6 M Do 207 Sahera Khatun w/o Maizuddin 32 F Maizuddin 208 A. Jalil s/o Do 10 M Do 209 Maleka Khatun d/o Do 4 F Do 210 Rajia Begum d/o Keramot 4 F Keramat Ali 211 Nasir Hussain Munshi s/o Habib Ahamed 75 M A. Kalam 212 Khodeja Khatun w/o Harjat Ali 2 F Harjat Ali 213 Esahak Ali s/o Do 5 M Do 214 Mahorom Nessa w/o Sabed Ali 42 F Sabed Ali 215 Zahuron Nessa d/o Do 22 F Do 216 Mohorjan Nessa d/o Jabed Ali 46 F Do 217 Jahura Begum d/o Do 7 F Do
  23. 23. 218 A. Khaleque s/o Akkas Ali 32 M Akkas Ali 219 Khudeja khatun d/o Samsuddin 28 F Samsuddin 220 Hazera Khatun w/o Nurul Alom 22 F NurulAlam 221 Begom Khatun d/o Faizuddin 9 F Suruj Ali 222 Aijan Nessa w/o Rajab Ali 65 F A. Awal 223 A. Islam s/o Jamal 7 M Jamaluddin 224 Hanifa s/o Shah Ali 7 M Sah Ali 225 Khudeja khatun w/o Do 32 F Do 226 Shahida Khatun d/o Do 3 F Do 227 Kaid Bano d/o Suhab Ali 42 F Surhab Ali 228 Habibur Rohman s/o Do 8 M Do 229 Lal Bano d/o Matin Ali 13 F Matin Ali 230 Lia Bno d/o Do 11 F Do 231 Md. Hafijudddin s/o Imamuddin 35 M Md. Mafizuddin 232 Mosa. Mazida Khatun w/o Imamuddin 68 F Do 233 Mosa kulchhuya Khatun w/o Md. Hafizuddin 28 F Do 234 Mosa Sahera Khatun w/o Hafizuddin 20 F Do 235 Md. Amiruddin s/o Imamuddin 29 M Do
  24. 24. 236 Md. Harun Rasid s/o Hafizuddin 9 M Do 237 Md. Nabi Hussain s/o Hafizuddin 5 M Do 238 Mosa Nur Nehar s/o Amiruddin 4 M Do 239 Md. Rafiqul Islam s/o Hafizuddin 1 M Md. Mafizuddin 240 Md. Safiqul Isalm s/o Hafizuddin 8 mt h. M Do 241 Mosa Anuwara Khatun w/o A. Sahid 50 F Md. A. Khaleque 242 Mosa Sahera Khatun s/o A. Sahid 7 M Do 243 Mosa Nur Banu d/o A. Sahid 27 F Do 244 Mosa Khairun Nessa s/o Ayakub Ali 5 M Do 245 A. Hamid s/o Huidali 80 M Md. Bilal Uddin 246 Md. Ali Hussain s/o Abdul Hamid 50 M Do 247 Md. Raham ali s/o Ali Hussain 7 M Do 248 Md. Fajar Ali s/o Ali Hussain 4 M Do 249 Md. Alal Uddin s/o Sukkur Ali 20 M Md. Sukkur Ali 250 Mosa Upjan s/o Do 25 M Do 251 Mosa Fatema Khatun w/o A. Kadir 35 F A. Kadir
  25. 25. 252 Mosa Halima Khatun s/o Do 1.5 M Do 253 Md. Innas Ali s/o A. Kadir 7 M Do 254 A. Nekim s/o Do 22 M Do 255 Mosa Samala Khatun w/o Chan Miya 20 F Md. Samsuddin 256 Amena Khatun d/o Samsuddin 7 F Do 257 Md. Sadagar Ali s/o Surat Ali Munshi 70 M MD. Hasen Ali 258 Mosa Sairan Nessa w/o Lokman Hakim 60 F Md. Mustema 259 Md. Jamaluddin s/o Maharuddin 23 M Md. Alaluddin 260 Mosa Amena Khatun w/o Maharuddin 40 F Do 261 Sahera Khatun w/o Jain Uddin 27 F Md. Jain Uddin 262 Jaleka Khatun w/o Do 25 F Do 263 Khairun Nessa d/o Do 6 F Do 264 Nur Nehar d/o Do 2 F Do 265 Basi Shekh s/o Do 7 M Do 266 Md. Abed Ali s/o Khesa Shekh 70 M md. Usman Ali 267 Amiran Nessa w/o Abed Ali 55 F Do 268 Raimun Nessa s/o Abed Ali 25 M Do
  26. 26. 269 Rahima Khatun d/o A. suvan 3 F MD. A. Suvan 270 Jamiran Nessa w/o style='mso- spacerun:yes'> 40 F Md. Mujibur Rahman 271 Abu Kalam s/o Md. Munnas Ali 2 M Md. Mannas Ali 272 Aisa Khatun w/o Ajimuddin 30 F Ajimuddin 273 Saleha Khatun d/o Do 1 F Do 274 Fatema Khatun w/o Abdul salam 35 F A. Salam 275 Fazila Khatun d/o Abdul salam 4 F Do 276 Marjina Khatun d/o Do 3 F Do 277 Iman Ali s/o Isha Shekh 60 M A.Kadir 278 Saleha Khatun w/o Rabiu Ayal 22 F Do 279 Jamena Khatun w/o Qurban Ali 46 F Qurban Ali 280 Md. Kasem Ali s/o Do 11 M Do 281 Alimuddin s/o Sadat Ali 55 M Abdul Hekim 282 Hasmat Ali s/o Do 35 M Do 283 Jamila Khatun w/o Abdul Hakim 24 F Do 284 Rashida Khatun d/o Do 9 F Do 285 Mazida Khatun d/o Do 7 F Do 286 Md. A. Kalam s/o Do 5 M Do
  27. 27. 287 Md. Abul Nasar s/o Do 3 M Do 288 Afiya Khatun d/o Sultan Ali 8 F Md. Sultan Ali 289 Saharbanu w/o Amiru Uddinstyle='mso -spacerun:yes'> 19 F Md. Amir Uddin 290 Alima Khatun d/o Do 7 F Do 291 Rehana Khatun d/o Do 3 F Do 292 Md. A. Hamid s/o Julu Shekh 80 M Md. Nuruddin 293 Maviya Khatun w/o Nur Uddin 17 F Do 294 Jamila Khatun w/o Tamir Uddin 30 F MD. Tamir Uddin 295 Saleha Khatun w/o Do 27 F Do 296 Furkan Ali s/o Do 7 M Do 297 Rabiya Khatun d/o Do 5 F Do 298 Safiya Khatun d/o Do 4 F Do 299 Nurun Nessa d/o DO 3 F Do 300 A. Sahed s/o Do 4 M Do 301 Md. Raham Ali s/o Kasem Ali 60 M Md. A. Karim 302 Rahima Ali w/o Raham Ali 45 F Do 303 Rahima Nessa w/o A. Hakim 19 F Do 304 Mamina Khatun d/o Do 6 F Do
  28. 28. 305 Josnara Begum d/o A. Khalil 6 F Md. A. Khalil 306 Minara Begum d/o A. Khalil 3 F Do 307 Md. A. Maleque s/o Jabed Ali 11 M Md. Akbar Ali 308 Robjan Bibi w/o Jafar Ali Munsi 55 F Jafar Ali Munsi 309 Hajrat Ali Munsi s/o Ahmed Moral 60 M A. Matin 310 Maleka Banu w/o Hajrat Munsi 45 F Do 311 Halimon Nesha d/o Do 8 F Do 312 Jamila Khatun w/o A. Gofor 45 F A. Gofor 313 Hanufa d/o Do 3 F Do 314 Rahima Khatun d/o Do 10 F Habibur Rahman 315 Afiastyle='mso- spacerun:yes'> d/o Do 14 F Do 316 Abul Kalam s/o Ayakub Ali Munsi 50 M Md. Khairul Islam 317 Hasamon Nessa w/o A. Kalam 39 F Do 318 Momina Khatun d/o Do 8 F Do 319 Idris Ali s/o Sunaullah Shakh 90 M Md. Rustam Ali 320 Jaida Khatun style='mso- spacerun:yes'> Rustam Ali 40 F Do
  29. 29. 321 Surhab Ali s/o Do 12 M Do 322 Fatema Khatun d/o Do 10 F Do 323 Molika Khatun d/o Do 8 F Do 324 Julhas Ali s/o Do 6 M Do 325 Honufa Khatun d/o Do 4 F Do 326 Sufia Khatun d/o Do 2 F Do 327 Sahara Khatun w/o Do 36 F Nurul Islam 328 Salama Khatun d/o Do 3 F Do 329 Khudaja Khatun w/o Aub Ali 26 F Aub Ali 330 Momotaj Begum d/o Do 75 F Do 331 Abdul Kadir s/o Do 5 M Do 332 Hazrat Ali s/o Abad Ali Sarkar 55 M A. Ajit 333 Sunabon Bibi w/o Hazrat Ali 48 F Do 334 Hasan Ali s/o A. Mozit 8 M Do 335 Abdul Hamid s/o Amjod Ali 65 M Rofikul Islam 336 Rahimon Nasa w/o A. Hamid 45 F Do 337 Jamina Khatun d/o Do 12 F Do 338 Raqia d/o Do 8 F Do 339 Firuja d/o Do 5 F Do
  30. 30. 340 Ijalot nasa w/o Kasam Ali 50 F Nurul Islam 341 Toimon Nasa d/o Do 20 F Do 342 Isob Ali s/o Do 35 M Do 343 Honufa Khatun d/o Isob Ali 2 mt h. F Do 344 Barak Munshi s/o Umad Ali 75 M A. Suvan 345 Khudaja Khatun d/o A. Hoque 2 F A. Hoqe 346 Hormuj Ali s/o Hasan Ali 8 M Hasan Ali 347 Abdullah s/o Do 3 M Do 348 Foijan w/o Rustam Ali 35 F Rustum Ali 349 Innus Ali s/o Do 2 M Do 350 Alkas Ali d/o Rasan Ali 13 F Hasan Ali 351 Salamon Nesa w/o Nosor Ali 45 F Nasar Ali 352 Habibur Rohman s/o A. Rahim 8 M A. Rahim 353 Joigon Nasa w/o Ijjot Fokir 60 F Rajot Ali 354 Rohimon nasa w/o Ummad Ali 50 F Umab Ali 355 Sufia Khatun d/o Do 7 F Do 356 Kodorjan w/o Ijjot Fokir 80 F Abdul Hoqe 357 Gandhimon nasa w/o Abdul Hoqe 9 F Do
  31. 31. 358 Haibur Rohman s/o Do 4 M Do 359 Ahmod Ali s/o Ijjot Fokir 40 M Gakir Hussain 360 Jubada Khatun w/o Hussan Ali 35 F Hussan Ali 361 Poranjan Bibi w/o MAhi Shake 70 F Do 362 Sahara Khatun d/o Hassan Ali 4 F Do 363 Ijan nasa w/o Mohor Ali 28 F Mohor Ali 364 Sangshar Ali s/o Ahmod Ali 55 M Safian Ali 365 Malaka Banu w/o A. Mojid 25 F A. Majid 366 Anuara Khatun s/o Wasen Ali 20 M Hasam Ali 367 Somiran Nessa d/o Ibrahim Ali 0 F Do 368 Morjan Bibi w/o Momin 50 F Soha Ali 369 Maleka Khatun w/o Habibullah 40 F Habibulla 370 Rabia Khatun Do 35 F Do 371 Afia Khatun d/o Do 5 F Do 372 Mirazul Islam s/o Do 3 M Do 373 Md. Jaiabur Rahman s/o Ali Hussain 4 M Ali Hussain 374 Saleman Nessa w/o Sabed Ali 40 F Raazuddin 375 Husanara Begum d/o Do 6 F Do
  32. 32. 376 Katab jan w/o Ayad Ali 50 F Abdul Hussain 377 Kudeja Khatun w/o Abdul 30 F Do 378 Fazar Ali Do 1 M Do 379 Jayman Nessa d/o Abbas Ali 25 F Abbash Ali 380 Falani Nessa w/o Abdul Rahim 20 F Do 381 Abdusahed s/o Amjad Ali 1 M Do 382 Bibijan w/o Falu Mia 35 F Falu Mia 383 Asrab Ali s/o L. Sarafat Ali 60 M *Suruj Bahnu 384 Samatyu Bhanu w/o Awal Hussain 60 F Abdul Barik 385 Milik Jan Nessa w/o Gulam Mustafa 20 F Gulam Mustafa 386 Md. Jahur Ali s/o Asimuddin 20 M Asaruddin 387 Amena Khatun w/o Hussain Ali 35 F Hussain Ali 388 Nurul Islam s/o Do 15 M Do 389 Saidul Islam s/o Do 12 M Do 390 Sahera Khatun d/o Do 6 F Do 391 Sirajul Isalm s/o Do 3 M Do 392 Muntaz Ali s/o Abdul Kadir 50 M Narzul Islam 393 Saimen Nessa w/o L. Muntaz Ali 30 F Do
  33. 33. 394 Sirajul Islam s/o Do 7 M Do 395 Hanufa Khatun d/o Do 5 F Do 396 Abdul Khalek s/o Do 3 M Do 397 Atabjan Nessa d/o Rausan Ali 22 F Rasun Ali 398 Halima Khatun d/o Muntaz Ali 20 F Do 399 Salema Khatun w/o Nurul Islam 25 F Nurul Islam 400 Nurjahan d/o Do 4 F Do 401 Sulema Khatun w/o Muslimuddun 35 F Muslimuddin 402 Sahabuddin s/o Do 12 M Do 403 Majeda Khatun d/o Do 6 F Do 404 Sahera Khatun style='mso- spacerun:yes'> Do 2 F Do 405 Ful Bhnu w/o Jamsar Hazi 40 F Jalaluddin 406 Khatiza Khatun w/o Abdul Awal 30 F Abdul Awal 407 Baharul Islam s/o Do 7 M Do 408 Nurul Islam s/o Do 2 M Do 409 Anisujaman s/o Abdul Karim 7 M Abdul Karim 410 Rukia Khatun d/o Do 5 F Do 411 Hussain Ali s/o Isabdi 95 M Abdul Rahim
  34. 34. 412 Sahar bhanu w/o Hussen Ali 80 F Do 413 Aimon Nessa d/o Abdul Rahim 4 F Do 414 Saleman Nessa w/o Samed Ali 40 F Samed Ali 415 Taharum Nessa d/o Do 20 F Do 416 Aijul Hoque g/f Do 3 M Do 417 Sufia Khatun d/o Abdul Ajit 24 F Abdul ajit 418 Januara Khatun w/o Hanif 20 F Hanif 419 Sahar Ali s/o Inai Box 35 M Allauddin 420 Subekjan w/o Miachan Fakir 60 F Ahed Ali 421 Naibali s/o Suraj Ali 40 M Aninal Hoque 422 Arina Khatun w/o Naibali 25 F Do 423 Ajgar Ali s/o Abdul Hamid 1 M Abdul Hamid 424 Nur Hussain s/o Asar Ali 50 M Moniruddin 425 Khatiza Khatun w/o Nur Hussain 35 F Do 426 Monjura Khatun d/o Do 6 F Do 427 Amiruddin s/o Do 14 M 428 Abeda Begum d/o Do 4 F Do 429 Sabeda Begum style='mso- spacerun:yes'> Do 1 F Do
  35. 35. 430 Said Hanif s/o L. Abdul Aziz 18 M Abdul Rezzak 431 Akbar Ali s/o Abdul Razzak 14 M Do 432 Samiruddin s/o Abdul Karim 6 M Abdul Karim 433 Atabjan w/o Ali Bepari 40 F Abdul Suban 434 Jubeda Khatun w/o abdul Kadir 40 F Abdul Kadir 435 Abdul Kalam s/o Abdul Rafik 1 M Abdul Rafik 436 Abeda Khatun d/o Atab Rahman 5 mt h. F Atab Rahman 437 Rahima Khatun w/o Ibrahim 17 F Ibrahim 438 Miss Rokia Begum w/o Gias Uddin 20 F Gias Uddin 439 Miss Asmina Begum d/o Do 2 mt h. F Do 440 Amena Khatun w/o Sharafat Ali 45 F Sharafat Ali 441 Mofiza Khatun d/o Do 7 F Do 442 Aizul Islam s/o Do 2 M Do 443 Ismail s/o L. Innos Mia 60 M A. Hakim 444 Shamal Khatun w/o Mofizuddin 40 F Mofizuddin 445 Rofikul Islam s/o Muslemuddin 5 M Muslemuddin 446 Alimon Nessa w/o Nekbar Ali 50 F Hafizuddin
  36. 36. 447 Sabed Ali s/o L. Amjot Ali 60 M Saib Ali 448 Hazira Khatun w/o Sabed Ali 45 F Do 449 Majida Khatun d/o Do 10 F Do 450 Amir Uddin s/o Shahed Ali 15 M Shahed Ali 451 Ful Banu w/o Alimuddin 30 F Alimuddin 452 A. Salam s/o Do 5 M Do 453 Shadot Ali s/o L. Amjot Ali 60 M Ajit Ali 454 Idris Ali s/o shadot Ali 7 M Do 455 Hushen Ali s/o Do 5 M Shadot Ali 456 Ful Banu w/o Do 50 F Do 457 Jamila Khatun w/o Abbas Ali 20 F Anjob Ali 458 Hazera Khatun s/o Habej Ali 7 M Habij Ali 459 Rohim Uddin s/o Do 5 M Do 460 Amena Khatun w/o A. Jabbar 45 F A. Jabbar 461 Ashok Ali s/o Do 12 M Do 462 Aiton Nessa w/o Hashmat Ali 50 F Adam Ali 463 Kulsum Bibi w/o Adam Ali 25 F Do 464 Shariful Rohman s/o Do 9 M Do 465 Nabiza Khatun d/o Do 7 F Do
  37. 37. 466 Afia Khatun d/o Do 4 F Do 467 Nuruddin Munahi s/o Kirat Ali 66 M Assat Ali 468 Aisa Khatun w/o Hashem Ali 29 F Hashen Ali 469 Alaluddin s/o Do 6 M Do 470 Monora Khatun d/o Do 7 F Do 471 Minara Khatun d/o Do 1 F Do 472 Nurjahan w/o Mainul Islam 22 F Mainul Islam 473 Mozibur s/o Do 9 M Do 474 Hbibur s/o Do 6 M Do 475 Jalekha Khatun w/o Akbar Ali 70 F Ali Akkas 476 Jahura Khatun w/o Ali Akkas 25 F Do 477 Anuwara Khatun d/o Do 5 F Do 478 Janura Khatun d/o DO 2 F Do 479 Momtaz Ali s/o L. Shadar Ali 80 M Ajehar Ali 480 Fatikjan Bibi w/o L. Momtaz Ali 60 F Do 481 Jamal Uddin s/o Ajahar Ali 5 M Do 482 Rukia Khatun d/o Sunnat Ali 4 F Sunrot Ali 483 Jamila Khatun w/o Rusmot Ali 40 F Rusmot Ali
  38. 38. 484 Kutub Uddin s/o Do 7 M Do 485 Jahura Khatun w/o A. Hakim 50 F Shahar Ali 486 Jahura Khatun w/o Mannas Ali 35 F Mannas Ali 487 Hamida Khatun d/o Do 2 F Do 488 Sulema Khatun d/o Hashmat Ali 3 F Hashmat Ali 489 Safua Khatun d/o Do 1 F Do 490 Firuja w/o Ashu shekh 26 F Ashu Sekh 491 Nia Hussain Do M Do 492 Kulsum d/o Do 4 F Do 493 Kitabjan d/o Hamid Ali 70 F Intaz Ali 494 Khudeja Khatun w/o Intaz Ali 30 F Do 495 Kashem Ali s/o Hashen ali 2 M Hashen Ali 496 Amor Ali s/o L. Rohmot Ali 25 M Mamud Ali 497 Jahura Khatun d/o Khaiurul Islam 4 F *Khairul Isia 498 Safar Uddin s/o Md. Hussen Ali 12 M Md. Husen Ali 499 Salama Khatun w/o Arpan Ali 28 F Md. Arpan Ali 500 Jahura Khatun w/o Do 26 F 501 Hanufa Khatun d/o Do 8 F
  39. 39. 502 Akowara Begum d/o Do 3 F 503 Moqules Ali s/o Do 1 M 504 Siraj Ali s/o Do 1 mt h. M 505 Amir Ali s/o Kurpan Ali 32 M Piruja Khatun 506 Samar Ali s/o Japar Ali 40 M Suburi Khatun 507 Jaiman nesa w/o Samar Ali 30 F 508 Amicha Khatun d/o Do 6 F 509 Ramicha Khatun d/o Do 3 F 510 Sakhina Khatun w/o Shamsher Ali Hazi 55 F 511 A. Kadir s/o Hasmat Ali 12 M Hasmat Ali 512 Ramisa Khatun w/o Kasem Ali 30 F Kasem Ali 513 Halima Khatun d/o Do 6 F 514 A. Kadir s/o Do 3 M 515 Salemon Nessa w/o Abdul Ali 28 F Abdul Ali 516 Akbar Ali s/o Do 3 M 517 Saleman Nessa w/o Janabali 28 F Janabali 518 Jharina Khatun d/o Do 2 F 519 Marjan w/o Abdul suban 35 F Abdul Suban
  40. 40. 520 Ataur Rahman s/o Abdul Suban 6 M 521 A. Khaleque s/o Azmat Ali 15 M A. Rahim 522 Aimon Nessa w/o Jamdar Shekh 50 F Jamdar Shekh 523 Abdul Samed s/o Kasum Shekh 75 M Nur Mohammad 524 Maran Nessa w/o Matlep 36 F Matlep 525 Fakaruddin s/o Do 8 M 526 Md. Samed Ali Fakir s/o Abjal Fakir 63 M M. Jalil 527 Md.Ramjan Ali s/o Umar Ali 8 M Umar Ali 528 Banesa Khatun d/o Do 4 F 529 Saheda Khatun s/o Md. Hamed Ali 1 M Hamed Ali 530 Mafiz Uddin s/o idris Moral 50 M Rup Banu 531 Majeja Khatun d/o Makkisuddin 12 F 532 Intaz Ali s/o Do 8 M 533 Aphia Begum d/o Do 3 F 534 Moiram Jan w/o Ibrahim 46 F Ibrahim 535 Md. Jakir Husain s/o Abdul Rashid 16 M Abdul Rashid 536 Asiya Khatun w/o Hasen Ali 40 F Hasen Ali
  41. 41. 537 Naba I Shekh s/o Basir shekh 60 M Swahid Jan 538 Abdul Latif s/o Jabed Ali 60 M Jamila Khatun 539 Wahidur Rahman s/o Abdul Latif 12 M Do 540 Halima Khatun w/o A . Maleque 18 F A. Maleque 541 Jamila Khatun w/o Marjat Ali 30 F Marjat Ali 542 Kitab Ali s/o Do 2 M Do 543 Md. Ali s/o Jabed Ali 7 M Islam Uddin 544 Rustam Ali s/o Abed Ali Bepari 45 M Chan Banu 545 Safiya Khatun Rustam Ali 7 F Surhab Ali 546 Kulchum Bibi s/o Nur Jamal 13 F Hasen Ali 547 Abdul Kasem s/o Nur Jamal 13 M Nur Jamal 548 Maiman Nesa w/o Mannat Ali 25 F Mannaf Ali 549 Belu Khatun s/o Do 4 M Do 550 Jaigan Nessa w/o Kasam Ali 30 F Kasam Ali 551 Aisa Khatun d/o Do 10 F Do 552 Hamid Seikh s/o Do 3 M Do 553 Ajuban Nessa w/o Innar Ali 22 F Ianas Ali 554 Jabbar Ali h/o Mallika Khatun 50 M Mallika Khatun
  42. 42. 555 Innas Ali s/o Do 2 M Do 556 Majiran Nessa m/o Satar Ali 50 F Sattar Ali 557 Asrab Ali f/o Jamiruddin 56 M Jamiruddin 558 Sadar Ali f/o Hasen Bano M Hasen Banu 559 Nurier Khatun m/o Do F Do 560 Nizamuddin m/o Do M Do 561 Abdul Hakim Seikh f/o Jabbar Ali 42 M Jabbar Ali 562 Asaba Ali s/o Do 3 M Do 563 Abdul Karid Seikh f/o Asia Khatun 60 M Aisa Khatun 564 Anuara Khatun d/o samsuddin 1 mt h. F Samsuddin 565 Asrab Ali f/o Supia Khatun 38 M Rupia Khatun 566 Rahikul Nessa m/o Do 32 F Do 567 Jaheda Khatun s/o Do 5 M Do 568 Jonbarun Khatun d/o Do 2 F Do 569 Manik Jan d/o Rustum Ali 5 F Rustam Ali 570 Abdul Karim Ali s/o Do 2 M Do 571 Halima Khatun w/o Ahamad Ali 18 F Ahamad ali
  43. 43. 572 Begum Saheba d/o Do 2 F Do 573 Khatiza Bibi w/o Mafizuddin 33 F Mafizuddin 574 Yasin Ali f/o 30 M 575 Anuara Khatun m/o Alaluddin 30 F Alaluddin 576 Sahidullah s/o Do 2 M Do 577 Jahur Ali h/o Mayman Nessa 50 M Mayman Nessa 578 Sahara Khatun h/o Rahim 30 F Rahim 579 Gulam Hussain s/o Rupchand 3 M *Rapehand 580 Fazran Nessa d/o Sufia Khatun 42 F Sufia Khatun 581 Md. Hasen Ali s/o Suruj Ali 57 M Suruj Ali 582 Mosa Chan Banu s/o Md. Jasimuddin 25 M Jasimuddin 583 Md. Amir Hussain Do 1 M Do 584 Abed Ali s/o Mannas Ali 50 M Mannas Ali 585 Mosa Solema Khatun w/o Innas Ali 25 F Md. Innas Ali 586 Malique Jan Khatun d/o Do 7 F Do 587 Mosa Fazila Khatun w/o Harjat Ali 28 F Harjat Ali 588 Safiya Khatun s/o Md. Taher Ali 10 M Taher style='m
  44. 44. so- spacerun:yes'> Ali 589 Md. Fazila Khatun Do 8 F Do 590 Md. Ismat Ali Do 5 M Do 591 Mazada Khatun Do 3 M Do 592 Jaigan Nessa w/o Ali Hussain 50 F Ali Hussain 593 Md. Akbar Ali s/o Moroj Bali 5 M Md. Rajabali 594 Sirajali Khatijei Khatun 50 M Khatijai Khatun 595 Sahera Khatun Do F Do 596 Amiruddin Nurjahan Bibi 3 mt h. M Nurjahan Bibi 597 Robana Nessa Md. Quddus Ali 45 F Md. Quddus Ali 598 Sahina Khatun w/o Abdul Jalil 30 F Abdul Jalil 599 Md. Babar Ali s/o Umed Ali 60 M Samar Ali 600 Mazidastyle='ms o- spacerun:yes'> Khatun w/o Rahamat Ali 50 F Abdul Hamid 601 Kad Banu Bibi w/o Umed Ali 70 F Abdul Jabbar 602 Ayesha Khatun w/o Akbar ALi 50 F Akbar Ali 603 Jamina Khatun w/o Sabed Ali 25 F Sabed Ali
  45. 45. 604 Hisnara Begum d/o Sabed Ali 7 F Sabed Ali 605 Suffia Khatun w/o Giasuddin 20 F Maimuddin 606 Md. Ahmed Ali s/o Gunjar Ali 50 M Sarban Nessa 607 Khudeja Khatun d/o Hussain Ali 7 F Hussain Ali 608 Minara Khatun Do 3 mt h. F Do 609 Abdul Habej s/o Dinaj Ali 55 M Mafizuddin 610 Jamina Khatun 45 F Do 611 Md. Ainuddin s/o Do 5 M Do 612 Moriom Begum d/o Amanulla 25 F Amanulla 613 Fizubor Rahman s/o Sukur Ali 12 M Sukur Ali 614 Abbas Ali s/o Manbollah Fakir 60 M A. Islam 615 Jarina Khatun w/o A. Falan 15 F A. Falan 616 Maleka Banu w/o Akub Ali 45 F Akub Ali 617 Mafij Uddin Do 5 M Do 618 Hafiza Khatun Do 3 F Do 619 Amirun Nessa s/o Akub Ali 1 M Akub Ali 620 Sangshar Ali s/o L. Turab Ali 85 M Cheratan Nessa 621 Amrajul Hoque s/o Sansher Ali 24 M Parul Hoque
  46. 46. 622 *Bbul Haque s/o Shirajul Hoque 3 M Shirajul Hoque 623 Kurjat Ali s/o Rostam Ali 18 M Rostam Ali 624 Taiman Nessa Do 6 F Do 625 Furkan Ali Do 3 M Do 626 Fulzan Begum d/o Nurul Islam 11 F 627 Khairun Nessa w/o Hasam Ali 60 F Iman Ali 628 Anuwara Begum w/o Isahaf 20 F Isahaf Ali 629 Rafiqul s/o Do 3 M Do 630 Aitan Nessa w/o Kashem Ali 40 F Nurul Islam 631 Fulchahera Khatun w/o Doilat Shekh 45 F Md. Raisuddin 632 Abdul Jalil s/o Do 30 M Do 633 Ayesa Khatun w/o L. Yakub Ali 27 F Ayub Ali 634 Aiman Nessa d/o Do 9 F Do 635 Israfil s/o Do 6 M Do 636 Safida Khatun w/o Jalal 15 F A.Jalal 637 Abul Kalam s/o Archab Ali 10 M Do 638 Nurjahan Bibi w/o Hamid 45 F Momin Sarkar 639 Jaleka Khatun d/o Do 9 F Do
  47. 47. 640 Innas Ali s/o Do 3 M Do 641 Latifa Biwi w/o Jamal 40 F Md. Jamal Uddin 642 Firuja Khatun d/o Do 10 F Do 643 Ramisa Khatun s/o A. Mannan 4 M A. Mannan 644 A. Rahman s/o Basir Ali 50 M Do 645 Rahera Khatun d/o Abdul Mannan 20 F Do 646 Iman Ali s/o L. Hasmat Ali 32 M Mosa Amina 647 Manuruddin s/o L. Sabed Ali 60 M Saleha 648 Rahima Khatun d/o Nur Mohammad 3 F Nur Mohammad 649 Abdul Rahman s/o Do 5 M Do 650 Jahanara d/o Jalaluddin 5 F Jalaluddin 651 Samla Khatun w/o Samar Ali 25 F Samar Ali 652 Kadbanu Biwi w/o Mafizuddin 50 F Md. Mafizuddin 653 Rajat Ali s/o Akkabu Ali 55 M Md. A. Matin 654 Hamida Khatun w/o Rejat Ali 30 F Do 655 Mehor Jan Biwi w/o A. Matin 22 F Do 656 Fakuruddin s/o Do 6 M Do 657 Ajimuddin s/o L. Hamid Sarkar 35 M Md. Saijuddin
  48. 48. 658 S. Sarbanu w/o Ajimaddin 25 F Do 659 Jusnara Begum s/o Samunddin 8 M Md. Samsuddin 660 Sahera Khatun w/o L. Hamid Saikar 65 F Giyasuddin 661 Mosa Sultana Begum d/o Hafisur Rahman 6 F Md. Haquijur Rahman 662 Md. Emran Hussain s/o Halimuddin 1 M Md. Halimuddin 663 Mosa Rumesa Khatun s/o Halimuddin 14 M Md. Ashraf Ali 664 Jamena Khatun s/o Ashraf Ali 30 M A. Manunf 665 Jafiya Khatun w/o A. Nanuaf 9 F Do 666 S mia Khatun s/o Do 3 M Do 667 Amiruddin s/o Do 1 M Do 668 Kumala Khatun Do 1 F Abdul Jalil 669 Safiruddin d/o Abdul Jalil 85 F A. Mutalib 670 Khatija Begum s/o L. Ismail 65 M Do 671 Munsur Ali w/o Munsur Ali 70 F Md. Ramjan Ali 672 Kurful Jan Nesa s/o L. Hanman Ali 50 M Do 673 Ayesa Khatun w/o Mansur Ali 25 F Nurul Islam 674 Aijuddin w/o Nurul Islam 2 F Do
  49. 49. 675 Gulesa Khatun w/o A. Mannanl 28 F Abdul Mannaf 676 Hanufa Khatun s/o Do 3 M Do 677 Fajila Khatun s/o Do 1 M Do 678 Safura Khatun w/o Alimaddin 45 F Alimaddin 679 Sahajan s/o Alimaddin 5 M Alimaddin 680 A. Saman s/o Do 5 M Do 681 Habibur Rahman s/o Nurul Islam 3 M Nurul Islam 682 Hanufa Khatun s/o Md. Tutamiya 6 M Md. Tutamiya 683 Mainul Hoque s/o Do 4 M Do 684 Marufa Khatun s/o Do 2 M Do 685 Banasa Khatun w/o Samiya 22 F Md. Sammiya 686 Amituddin s/o Do 7 M Do 687 Jamiruddin s/o Do 6 M Do 688 Mamta Bagum s/o Do 1 M Do 689 Asar Ali s/o Iman Ali 4 M Md. Iman Ali 690 Harjat Ali s/o Do 6 mt h. M Do 691 Jamana Khatun w/o . Karim 32 F Abdul Karim 692 Safiya Khatun s/o Do 10 M Do
  50. 50. 693 Akbar Ali s/o Do 4 M Do 694 Sairul Islam s/o Do 2 M Do 695 Abul Nasar s/o Akkel Ali 4 M Akkal Ali 696 Abul Kashen s/o Do 6 mt h. M Do 697 Mariyam Nessa w/o A. Mai 55 F Do 698 Ahammed Ali s/o I. salam 7 M Do 699 Jaleka Khatun s/o Subed Ali 13 M Subed Ali 700 Sulema Khatun Do 11 F Do 701 Samla Khatun Do 8 F Do 702 Jushanara Begum Do 4 F Do 703 Diluwara Begum Do 1 F Do 704 Anuwaya Khatun w/o Aptar Ali 25 F Md. Aptar 705 Fajar Bnau s/o Do 7 M Do 706 Kamala Khatun s/o Do 3 M Do 707 Rafiqul Islam s/o A. Bareque 6 M *A. Barequ 708 Ayesa Khatun w/o L. Nasaruddin 60 F Md. Ismail 709 Majida Khatun s/o Ismail 9 M Do 710 Jamal Uddin s/o Nasaruddin 22 M Do
  51. 51. 711 Jagir Hussain s/o Ismal 5 M Do 712 Amir Hamja s/o Do 3 M Do 713 Asiman Nessa w/o Rahtman Shekh 30 F A. Rahman 714 Hanufa Khatun s/o Do 4 M Do 715 Ainul Shekh s/o Do 1 M Do 716 Fulsum Biwi s/o A. Shahed 3 M Md. A. Shahed 717 Ahajalistyle='ms o- spacerun:yes'> s/o Rajabali 38 M Md. A. Ajit 718 A. Manaan s/o Ahajali 7 M Md. A. Ajit 719 Md. Nuruddin s/o A. Mazid 8 M Md. A. Mazid 720 Majida Banu Do 10 F A. Ajit 721 Jubed Ali w/o Samsul Alam 52 F Jubed Ali 722 Halima Khatun w/o Aykub Ali 35 F Aykub Ali 723 Guljan d/o Do 15 F Do 724 *Marfot Ali s/o Do 10 M Do 725 Joinul Abdin s/o Do 8 M Do 726 Jafor Ali s/o Do 1 M Do 727 Momina Khatun d/o Akkal Ali 5 F Akkal Ali 728 Maina Khatun w/o Taiab Ali 30 F Taiab Ali
  52. 52. 729 Hasen Ali s/o Do 14 M Do 730 Madhumala w/o Sultan 55 F Sultanstyle='m so- spacerun:yes'> 731 Suleman Ali s/o Do 18 M Do 732 Kasem Ali s/o Nurul Islam 4 M Nurul Islam 733 Firuja Khatun d/o Najim Uddin 5 F Nazim Uddin 734 Mabia Khatun d/o Do 3 F Do 735 Jarina Khatun d/o Sirfat Ali 10 F Abdullah 736 Habibur Rahman s/o Abdur Rahim 11 M Habibur Rahman 737 Abdul Rahim s/o Salim Fakir 55 M Nurul Islam 738 Rahimunnessa w/o Gias Uddin 60 F Halimuddin 739 Rashida Begum w/o Halimuddin 22 F Do 740 Kairul Islam s/o Do 7 M Do 741 Husneara Begum d/o Do 5 F Do 742 Baharul Islam Do 3 M Do 743 Rahima Khatun s/o Salim Fakir 58 M Suleman Ali 744 Chande Ali w/o Abdul Majid 60 F A. Quddus 745 Amina Khatun s/o Chande Ali 52 M Do
  53. 53. 746 Kulsum Begum w/o Hazarat 30 F Hazrat Ali 747 Josnara Begum d/o Do 10 F Do 748 Aspiara Begum d/o Hezarat Ali 8 F Do 749 Rabia Khatun d/o Muslemuddin 28 F Muslemuddin 750 Abeda Khatun d/o Do 8 F Do 751 Afia Khatun d/o Do 6 F Do 752 Majeja Khatun d/o Do 4 F Do 753 Jaigun Nessa w/o Rabiullah 18 F Rabiullah 754 Kulsum Bibi w/o NurulHAq 41 F Nurul Haq 755 Kharirul Islam s/o Nurul Haq 4 M Do 756 Saidur Rahman s/o Do 7 M Do 757 Kulbanu d/o Faraz Ali 14 F Faraz Ali 758 Ambia Khatun d/o Do 3 F Do 759 Fatema Khatun w/o Samsuddin 28 F Abdul Gafur 760 Kasem Ali s/o Kudrat Ali 7 M Do 761 Saleha Khatun w/o Junab Ali 22 F Abdul Khalek 762 Jarina Khatun d/o Do 2 F Do 763 Jamila Khatun w/o A. Salam 23 F A. Salam 764 Jarina Khatun d/o Jonab Ali 2 F A.Khalek
  54. 54. 765 Jamila Khatun w/o salam 23 F Salam 766 Harej Uddin s/o A. salam 5 M A. Salam 767 Hussain Ali Fakir s/o Asan Fakir 60 M Kat Banu 768 Matabjan Bibi w/o Muniruddin 50 F A. Hekim 769 Karim Ali s/o Do 9 M Do 770 Katbanu w/o Rashid Miah 58 F A. Akbar 771 Halima Khatun w/o A. Akbar 28 F Do 772 Firuja Khatun d/o A. Akabar 28 F Do 773 Nuruddin s/o Do 4 M Do 774 Nur Ali s/o Do 1 M Do 775 Sahera Khatun w/o Faizuddin 50 F A. Hashim 776 Matiza Begum w/o Hassim 18 F Do 777 Halima Khatun w/o Khalek 22 F A. Khalek 778 Ikramul Hussain s/o Khalek 4 M Do 779 Taraban Nasa s/o Atab Uddin 38 M Aftab Uddin 780 Sahad Ali s/o Do 6 M Do 781 Sajada Khatun d/o Do 1 F Do 782 Dulu Banu w/o A. Kadir 28 F A. Kadir 783 A. Rahman s/o Do 5 M Do
  55. 55. 784 Somola Khatun d/o Do 1 F Do 785 Amena Khatun w/o Osumoddin 48 F Osumoddin 786 Sakina Begum d/o Sirajuddin 16 F Abdul Ali 787 Monabbat Ali s/o Sabad Ali 60 M Abdul Hye 788 Kadbanu w/o Mohabbat Ali 50 F Do 789 Fojori s/o Do 7 M Do 790 Sattar Ali s/o Do 4 M Do 791 Jonab Ali d/o Shakandor Ali 55 F A. Falan 792 Rupaton Bibi w/o Jonab Ali 50 F Do 793 Jusnara Begum d/o Sultan Ali 5 F Sultan Ali 794 Salimuddin Fokir s/o Kudart Munsi 68 M A. Jabbar 795 Rafik Ahmed Master s/o Salim Fokir 36 M Robiullah 796 Firoja Khatun w/o Rafik Master 30 F Do 797 Faruk Ahmed s/o Do 1 M Do 798 Fakir Hussan s/o Khasu Shekh 9 M Khasu Shekh 799 Safila Khatun w/o Nisor Ali 50 F Kasum Ali 800 Alekjan Bibi w/o Kasum Ali 28 F Do 801 Kulsum s/o A. Hassan 1 M A.
  56. 56. Hasan 802 Alakjan w/o Miraj Ali 18 F Miraj Ali 803 Faijuddin s/o Do 1 M Do 804 Ummahani d/o A. Mannas 10 F A. Mannas 805 Monuara Begum d/o Do 8 F Do 806 w/o Intaz Ali 52 F A. Hasan 807 Fatama Khatun d/o Hatam Ali 14 F Ajijul Hoque 808 Abul Kasam s/o Do 12 M Do 809 Jusnara Begum d/o A. Hasan 8 F A. Hasam 810 Jamena Khatun d/o Iman Ali 3 F Iman Ali 811 Asia Khatun d/o Aman Ali 3 F Aman Ali 812 Abdul Jalil s/o Do 2 M Do 813 Asa Banu w/o Amjot Ali 50 F Raham Ali 814 Sahara Khatun w/o Momraj Ali 27 F Momraj Ali 815 Nurjamna s/o Do 13 mt h. M Do 816 Malakastyle='ms o- spacerun:yes'> Banu w/o Gaji Rahamn 32 F Gaji Rahman
  57. 57. 817 Johura Khatun d/o Do 15 F Do 818 Fatima Begum d/o Aptabuddin 14 F Aptabuddin 819 Jaida Khatun w/o Jaharuddin 60 F Iddris Ali 820 Jahur Ali s/o Alimuddin 23 M A. Khalek 821 Jomila Khatun d/o Kalu Shekh 18 F Tutamia 822 Hanhjma Begum d/o Tutamia 5 F Do 823 Samsulstyle='m so- spacerun:yes'> Islam s/o A. Hakim 10 M A. Hakim 824 Anuara Begum d/o Do 4 F Do 825 Nurjahan d/o Do 6 F Do 826 Hurijaman Khatun s/o Do 4 M Do 827 Gulbahar d/o Do 1 F Do 828 Haider Ali Akbar Ali 7 M Akbar Ali 829 Harmat Ali s/o Do 4 M Do 830 A. Khalek s/o Alimuddin 12 M Alimuddin 831 A. Malek s/o Do 15 M Do 832 Alauddin s/o Jamir Master 35 M Alimuddin 833 Ajir Rahman s/o Nasib Ali 32 M Abdur Rahman 834 Alekjan Bibi w/o Miraj Ali 27 F Do
  58. 58. 835 Mujibur Rahman s/o Do 1 M 836 Anuara Khatun d/o Hasan Ali 3 F Do 837 Nozuma Begum d/o Hasan Ali 1 mt h. F Do 838 Tahir Uddin s/o A. Hakim 21 M Mushida 839 Anjuara Khatun d/o Sofiqul Islam 9 mt h. F Somsul Islam 840 Salimuddin gf/o Md. Eddris Ali 70 M Md. Iddris 841 Kulsum gm/o Akkas Ali 4 M Akkas Ali 842 Salaha Begum w/o Ismath Ali 40 F Afsar Ali 843 Murshida Begum d/o Do 10 F Do 844 Jamaluddin d/o Abdur Rahman 26 F Abdul Rahman 845 Kulsum d/o Do 8 F Do 846 Kudeija Bibi d/o Asrof Ali 24 F Asaraf Ali 847 Abdul Rahman gs/o Do 1 M Do 848 Amina Begum s/o Ismat Ali 12 M Md. Ismat Ali 849 Md. Amjal Ali c/o Hozrot Ali 20 M Hazrat Ali 850 Saheran Nesa w/o Abdul style='ms o- 50 F Abdul Mannaf
  59. 59. spacerun:yes'> Monnaf 851 Fuljan Bibi d/o Do 15 F Do 852 Nurjahan d/o Do 8 F Do 853 Ajit style='mso- spacerun:yes'> s/o Do 10 M Do 854 Habibur Rahman f/o abu Kalam 70 M Abu Kalam 855 Safuran Nesa w/o Do 45 F Do 856 Kulsum d/o Sister 10 F Do 857 Hasmat Ali b/o Do 8 M Do 858 Abdul Hasim b/o Do 5 M Do 859 Juleka Katun w/o Samser Ali 35 F Samser Ali 860 Jamila Khatun d/o Do 7 F Do 861 Sahed Ali s/o Do 6 M Do 862 Abdul Kasem b/o Do 3 M Do 863 Abdul Hamid c/o Shirajuddin Ahmed 20 M Abdul Barek 864 Abdul Rahman s/o Abdul Barak 48 M Sirajuddin Ahmed 865 Safiya Khatun w/o Nazim 30 F Md. Kazimuddin 866 Ruphool Amin s/o Do 3 M Do 867 Fazila Khatun w/o Hazrat 25 F Hazratstyle='m
  60. 60. so- spacerun:yes'> 868 Hormat Ali s/o Do 4 M Do 869 Samsul Hoque *s/o Plar Box 30 M Mosa Sahajan Begum 870 Miss Guljan w/o Jamiruddin 55 F Md. Alauddin 871 Halima Khatun d/o Nazrul Islam 5 F Nazrul Islam 872 Anuyara Begum d/o Do 20 F Do 873 Misss Joshnara Begum w/o Md. Nurul Islam 19 F Md. Nurul Islam 874 Md. Abbas Ali s/o Imamuddin 5 M Imamuddin 875 Miss Anowara Begum w/o Aijmuddin 18 F Md. Alimuddin 876 A. Kadir s/o A. Gafur 45 M Nur Mohammad 877 Nurjahan w/o A. Kadir 37 F Do 878 Nur Hassan d/o Do 8 M Do 879 Rasida Khatun d/o Do 5 F Do 880 Rahima Khatun Do 30 F Do 881 Md. Mannach Ali s/o Md. Akkas Ali M Akkas Ali 882 Miss Habija Khatun d/o Ahmad Ali 12 F Ahammad Ali
  61. 61. 883 Miss Monowaora Begum d/o Do 10 F Do 884 Miss Hasnara Begum d/o Do 8 F Do 885 Md. Abu Taheb s/o Ahmed Ali 3 M Ahammad Ali 886 Md. Alimaddin s/o Nuimaddin 45 M Md. A. Rahim 887 Safia Khatun w/o Jalaluddin 18 F Abbas Ali 888 Jharina Khatun w/o Md. Rafique Ali 18 F Rafique Ali 889 Rustam Ali s/o L. Faijuddin 35 M Sohrab Ali 890 Asia Khatun w/o Rustom Ali 22 F Md. Ismail 891 Marijan Nessa w/o Taijuddin 70 F M. A. Hye 892 Must Mumina Khatun d/o Akkas Ali 2 F Akkas Ali 893 Must Joynal Abedin s/o Alimuddin 4 M Alimuddin 894 Jinnat Ali s/o Samiruddin 32 M Samiruddn 895 Khursheda Begum w/o Do 40 F Do 896 Ruhila Khatun w/o Iddris Ali 25 F Do 897 Mumtaz Bagam d/o Do 3 F Do 898 Arfan Ali s/o Sunamuddin 25 M Sunamuddin 899 Formuj Ali s/o Abbas Ali 55 M Hasen Ali
  62. 62. 900 Jahuri Sekh s/o Tamijuddin 35 M Tomijuddin 901 Abul Gafur s/o Musim Uddin 13 M Muslimuddin 902 Hasaruddin s/o A. Hakim 26 M A. Hakim 903 Banasa Khatun 50 F A. Rajak 904 Mehmuda Begam w/o Moinul Haque 25 F Moinul Hoque 905 Asmina Begum d/o Do 2 F Do 906 Abu Kasam s/o Taijul Haque 7 M Taijul Hoque 907 Mobarak Ali s/o Do 4 M Do 908 Aptab Uddin s/o Sarog Ali 55 M Fulbano 909 Mogbol Islam s/o Aptabuddin 5 M Do 910 Norneher w/o Hasen Ali 20 F Hosen Ali 911 Abdul rof s/o Aptabuddin 29 M Aume Kulsum 912 Aisa Khatun w/o Abdul Rof 22 F Do 913 Mofijul Islam s/o Do 6 M Do 914 Jomila Khatun w/o Jaial Abdin 25 F Md. Jainal Abdin 915 Hobibur Rahman s/o Do 7 M Do 916 Aiman Nessa d/o Rajab Ali 55 F Mostafa Ali 917 Jobeda Khatun d/o Abdul Ali 5 F Do
  63. 63. 918 Johora Khatun w/o Sokor Ali 25 F Sokor Ali 919 Aisa Khatun 25 F Sahab Uddin 920 Kairul Islam s/o Do 2 M Do 921 Kodeja Khatun w/o Abdul Hai 22 F Abdul Hai 922 Abdul Barek s/o Do 1 M Do 923 Montaz Ali s/o Somsher Ali 55 M Abdul Motaleb 924 Norol Islam s/o Ali Hussain 5 M Ali Hussen 925 Somola Khatun w/o Summeia 25 F Md. Ausman Ali 926 Abdul Hekim s/o Hosen Munshi 37 M Hosen Munshi 927 Komied Ali s/o Sabad Ali 70 M Jainal Abdin 928 Sohora Khatun s/o komied Ali 50 M Do 929 Mollika Begum w/o Rohul Amin 25 F Rohul Amin 930 Abdul Islam s/o Do 7 M Do 931 Sadakul Islam s/o Do 5 M Do 932 Ais Ali s/o Gulam Ali 65 M Habibur Rahman 933 Kolbanu w/o Aisa Ali 60 F Do 934 Cherabe Khatun d/o Do 29 F Do 935 Aisa Khatun w/o Mirgali 55 F Moslemuddin
  64. 64. 936 Aitan Nessa d/o Do 20 F Do 937 Abdul Hasien s/o Abdul 20 M Motaleb 938 Kul Banu w/o Abdul Soban 50 F Abdul Karim 939 Ambia Khatun d/o Soker Ali 8 F Sokor Ali 940 Nabi Hussen s/o Abdul Sunan 5 M *Abdul Sunon 941 Rahela Khatun w/o Do 23 F Do 942 Jakir Hussain *s/o Kaliak 4 M Abdul Kaliak 943 Kulsum Bibi w/o Ayub Ali 30 F Ayub Ali 944 Anuwar Rahman s/o do 3 M Do 945 Malika Begum w/o Abu Bakkar 35 F Abu Bakar Siddik 946 Hajara Khatun d/o Do 25 F Do 947 Nurjahan Nessa d/o Do 9 F Do 948 Ramjan Ali s/o Do 7 M Do 949 Rahmat Ali s/o Do 5 M Do 950 Aysa Siddik d/o Do 4 F Do 951 Munwara Khatun d/o Abunasar 7 F Abu Nasar 952 Rupbanu w/o A. Halim 60 F Rustam Ali 953 Rahela Khatun w/o Taiab Ali 25 F Taiab Ali 954 Nurjahan Nessa w/o Samsuddin 65 F Samsuddin
  65. 65. 955 Anowara Khatun w/o Safiruddin 35 F Safiruddinstyle ='mso- spacerun:yes'> 956 Afajuddin s/o Do 6 M Do 957 Samela Khatun w/o Muslemuddin 20 F Muslemuddin 958 Majida Khatun d/o Do 3 F Do 959 Kadbanu w/o Rustam Ali 60 F Habibur Rahman 960 Barkat Ali s/o L . Samtali Munshi 70 M Md. Shirajul Alam 961 Chahina Khatun w/o Barkat Ali 45 F Do 962 Rupjan Nessa h/o Samsul Alam 32 F Samsul Alam 963 Rashida Khatun sister of Do 3 F Do 964 Sahara Khatun d/o Jafar Ali 5 F Jafar Ali 965 Jahura Khatun w/o Altab Hussain 40 F Ajit Ali 966 A. Swahid s/o Do 12 M Do 967 A. Saiyad s/o Do 8 M Do 968 Jahar Uddin s/o L. Ahed Ali 50 M Do 969 Jaher Uddin h/o Fatema Khatun 50 F Fatema Khatun 970 Afiya Khatun d/o Do 9 F Do
  66. 66. 971 Ainul Hoque s/o Do 3 M Do 972 Apjan Bibi s/o Do 60 M Md. Quddus Ali 973 Jalal Uddin s/o Raful Amin 35 M Raful Amin 974 Nur Amin b/o Do 3 M Do 975 Hanoman Khatun d/o Hajera Khatun 40 F Hajera Khatun February 18, 1983 was a Friday, an important day for the people of Islamic faith. Official report says Nellie massacre left 1819 people dead and several thousand others injured. Unofficial sources and people of Nellie believe that death toll could be around 5 thousand. In terms of brutality committed just in few hours, probably this is the highest figure of people killed with crude weapons. The question arises: could this massacre be avoided? There are several clues that speak that state authorities were alerted on possible attacks on minority community in Nellie. Several literatures on Nellie have established that officials of Home Ministry were alerted three days before the massacre about the possibility of the attack. Diganta Sharma in his book, „Nellie 1983‟ wrote that a message from Jiauddin Ahmed, OC of the then Nagaon police station sent an urgent message to Morigaon 5th Battalion Commandant, sub district police officer and OC of Jagiroad police station , Sri Nobo K Chetia. This alert was totally ignored. The message was, „INFORMATION RECEIVED THAT L/NIGHT ABOUT ONE THOUSAND ASSAMESE OF SURROUNDING VILLAGES OF NELLIE WITH DEADLY WEAPONS ASSEMBLED AT NELLIE BY BEATING OF DRUMS (,) MINORITY PEOPLES ARE IN PANIC AND APPREHENDING ATTACK AT ANY MOMENT (,) SUBMISSION FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION TO MAINTAIN PEACE (,). This message gave clear indication about the possibility of attack on Nellie, still thousand of innocents lost their lives within a few hours on Friday, the February 18, 1983. Corroborating this negligence the National Police Commission in a report published on April 3, 1983, wrote, „the national police commission has found that there is a tendency among the police officer to shun responsibility for dealing with communal situations. They either avoid going to the spot or when they happened to be present there, they try not to resort to the use of force when the situation so demands or better still slip away from the scene leaving the force leaderless… (Sixth Report dealing with Recent Communal Riots and Role of the Police).
  67. 67. Who is the mastermind behind this massacre? "The nationalist groups got information that on 14 February, 1983 that many „Bangladeshi‟ people had cast votes in Nogaon (now Morigaon) district. Instantly a plan of attack was made in the villages where Assamese people live surrounding Nellie by the initiative of agitating peoples. Strategies were formed as to how, when and where attacks would be made on the "illegal Bangladeshis". The date was fixed on 18 February. Agenda was genocidal to save the existence of mother Assam. Place of carrying out the plan was Nellie". India Today in its report on Nellie in 1983 pointed out that, „the All Assam Students Union (AASU) is believed to have played a very active part in the massacre…‟ People of Nellie believe that the organized massacre on them was well organized by the agitators of Assam movement. The agitators fulfilled their ambition by inciting the neighboring Tiwa community to carry out the carnage. On April 10, 1983, the then Assam chief minister Hiteshwar Saikia held a press conference and released certain papers of AASU activist. Among these were papers prepared by AASU leaders on the religious minority inhabited areas. This report on the press conference was published at that time in a newspaper called, „Janakranti‟ on April 17, 1983. This proves how the organized killing was carried out on people belonging to
  68. 68. minority community branding them as „foreigners‟. The report also quoted Heteshwar Saikia as saying,‟ activists of AASU, AGSP are involved in violent activities in the state‟. RSS element behind the massacre? Elements of RSS (Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh) involvement cannot be ruled out in the Nellie massacre. RSS and agitators of Assam movement maintained a cordial relationship. An English magazine, „On Lookers‟ brought this secret to light. This was reflected in the article written by Partha Benarjee on „Assam agitation.‟ It is significant to mention here that the Volunteers Force constituted under the leadership of AASU was headed by Joynath Sharma who created controversy about his role in AASU. Not only that, soon after the Nellie massacre several top leaders of AASU took resolution against him claiming his removal from AASU for maintaining relation with RSS. It is worth mentioning here that a conference was held by AASU at the premises of JB Law college, Guwahati on April 11-12, 1983 and a resolution was passed, the third resolution of this meeting was that „reports of Joynath Sharma having links with RSS is published in different newspapers like Sunday, India Today and many other newspapers. Joynath Sharma never filed any counter statement on these reports. Hence in this context he should be removed from AASU.‟ Muslim members of AASU adopted 15 point resolution and submitted to the leaders of AASU. The resolution is reproduced below. 15 point memorandum of Muslim members of AASU The massacres of „Nellie‟ and other places of Assam in February 1983 made a turning point in the agitation when Muslim members of the AASU started to protest against the atrocities done by them. At last Muslim members of the organization met on 11 and 12 April 1983 in the Premises of J.B. College at Guwahati with Md Nurul Islam its Vice President in the chair. In this meeting different activities done by AASU were discussed. A letter was issued addressing to the AASU president duly signed by 11 Muslim student leasers. The main contentions of the letter are given below.
  69. 69. 1. “We are constrained to tell you with profound that the latest situation in the context of the four year long movement for expulsion of foreigners had been extremely tragic and heartrending particularly the violent incident which have taken place on a massive scale. Sequels to the Union Governments holding of the forced illiegal election have warned us. We have found indication of danger to Assamese language and Culture and we consider it our responsibility to remind every one of a few things well in time.” 2. No one can dispute the limitless contribution made by the Assamese community as also the Pamuas Charuas and Bhatia Muslims (Who were earlier cordially embraced as new Assamese who form an integral part of the great Assamese society towards the evolution of Assamese society and the development of Assamese culture. We challenge whoever question it.” 3. Referring to the reports published in Sunday, India Today and other national newspapers about the association of Joynath Sarma Sarbadhinayak of the AASU Volunteer Force with RSS, they observed that in his denial „issued after heavy pressure” of any such association he had failed to convince any one. They charged him with confusing the public „by misrepresenting the facts telling lies” about the death of his younger brother Daya Sarma. They demanded Joynath Sarma‟s immediate expulsion from AASU in “Assam‟s greater interests” in the connection, Chattanya Kalbag wrote in India Today on 31 March, 1983 “Sporadic clashes between Assamese and the immigrants near Sipahjar (in former Darrang district) peaked on February 15 when Joynath Sarma‟s younger brother Daya Sarma led a large and armed attack on immigrants in Chawlkhowa Chhapuri Darraghat and Dhaulapur attacking in three waves from Sipajhar, Rangamati and Kuruwa. At Sipajhar on 17 February (1983) when election was scheduled in the trouble torn constituency, journalists were invited to a cremation ceremony for Daya Sarma and two of his lieutenants Jatin Saharia and Arun Kumar Bora” AASU members in Sipahjar, however, let slip that Daya Sarma had gone with a stengun to “rescue” some “kidnapped” Assamese from the immigrant‟s villages.
  70. 70. “Implicit was the fact that he had been killed but the mourners were anxious to point out that the immigrants had after Daya‟s ammunition ran out cast a fishing net over him and hacked him to death with daos (machetes)‟. 4. „Steps have to be taken for equitable distribution of relief to the people affected by the violent incidents. The discriminatory treatment in this respect is unfortunate.‟ 5. “There has to be a clear policy regarding declaration of martyrs how have the attackers become martyrs”? This matter has to be immediately reviewed and martyrs should be declared on the basis of a principle”. 6. All secret directives and economic blockades by the volunteer force be stopped immediately in view of the present situation. It is also demanded that suitable action be taken against zonal AASU units which have imposed economic blockades without any directive from the Central Committee”. 7. „Students and youths of all communities should be in the volunteer force of each AASU unit and at all levels” 8. „Those office-bearers of zonal, sub-divisional and distinct units of AASU as also those members of its executive who have involved in violent activities are to be immediately expelled”. 9. „A statement be issued on behalf of the AASU cautioning people against BJP, Lok Dal, Janata Party etc. along with political parties like Indira Congress, Congress (s),CPI, CPI(M), SUCI, RCPI etc and open directives be issued on behalf of the central committee to the local units to see that these parties also cannot hold any meeting anywhere”. 10. „We shall not accept any communal organisation whatever. Hence each AASU unit be publicly asked to see orgonisations like RSS, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the Jamat-E-Islam, the Jamat-E-Ulema, etc cannot get organised anywhere and sow seeds of communalism.” 11. What was done with the fund collected in the name of self-defence? Why have the materials meant for self-defence been distributed on the basis of religion or community?” 12. „Steps be taken to stop forthwith the practice of publicizing any attack as attack by Bangladeshis, Miyas Bhutias through Danik Asom, Assam Tribune, Dainik Janmbhumi, Agradoot, Batori, News Star etc as also the practice of circulating through the papers maps of certain districts as Bangladeshi inhabited areas. Photographs showing burning of mosques be released along with those burning of namghars‟. 13. „While denouncing the violent incidents, false propaganda has been mounted by hiding facts and giving wrong colours to the incidents at Bargana, Sipajhar etc and those at Nowgong, Goalpara, Kamrup, Darrang, Lakhimpur and Karbi Anglong. Such false propaganda be immediately stopped. 14. AASU has to clarify on what basis it has branded all attacked at Nellie and Chamaria as foreigners… Also declare as banned Agneyyogiri and all such bulletins which are sent to the AASU office from different places. 15. Immediate publication of the following in the local newspapers: • To stop forthwith the practice of bringing down bearded Muslims with lungis-caps from buses and killing and assaulting them. • Urging teachers to wean away the students and youth as well as the farmers now involved in violent incidents in the state. • Dissuading ex-army men and officers from taking to violence
  71. 71. • Publish the basic principles of election and expulsion of foreigners. In case of foreigners, the terms like „enemies‟, „miyas‟, „Nepalies,‟ „Bhutias‟ and „Bangladeshis‟ etc should not be used. CRIME BUT NO PUNISHMENT What constitutes decent compensation for the victims of Nellie massacre? After the massacre situation became extremely complex, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi came to visit Nellie and Gohpur. She reviewed relief and rehabilitation operations and inspected different camps. The rehabilitation package announced by the government of Assam consisted of the following. („25 years on...Nellie still haunts‟ by Hemendra Narayan) • Rs. 5000/ cash grant to each of the bereaved families for every person killed. • Rs 5000/ grant towards reconstruction of houses destroyed in the recent disturbances. • Maintenance of relief assistance on the same scale as in the relief camps up to period of three months after return to respective villages till the harvesting of the next crop. • Distribution of free seeds at the rate of 10 kgs per bigha subject to a maximum of 20 kgs for two bighas for every agriculturist family for sowing summer paddy. • Assistance to replace lost bullocks at the rate of two bullocks per family subject to a maximum of Rs. 1,500. • Subsidy of Rs. 500 per family for lost milch cattle. • For small traders and businessmen, it has been decided to give business loan of Rs.2500/ per family together with a loan subject to a maximum of Rs. 1000/ in an urban area and Rs. 200 in rural areas for the repair and reconstruction of shops damaged in the disturbances and for maintenance relief for a period of one month. It is noteworthy that massacre was carried out against the Sikhs soon after the murder of Indira Gandhi in 1984, a year after Nellie massacre. The victims of this massacre were given Rs. 35 thousand as compensation for every death, while victims of Nellie massacre were given only Rs. 5 thousand. A Nellie victim lamented over this unequal treatment and expressed his anguish saying that „our life is equal to the cost of 1 kg of fish in the market.‟ Later on those killed during Assam agitation were declared as „shaheed‟ by the government of Assam. Next kin of each dead was given Rs. 35 thousand as honour to the departed soul. Names of the Nellie massacre were simply not included in that list.
  72. 72. Nuruzaman who filed FIR of the massacre Cases on Nellie massacre dropped Nuruzaman Bhuyan is about 75 years old now. He cannot move properly but still he is waiting for justice. On the fateful day, about 13 persons whom he knew very well attacked his house and killed 12 of his family members and property worth Rs. 36,200/ were lost. He himself was injured. With agony in mind he helped fellow villagers to overcome the trauma. Within two days of the massacre he filed FIR to the Jagiroad police station (FIR no 86/1983, GR number 231/1983). 13 people belonging to Tiwa community who were his friends, neighbours and with whom he worked together in fields, markets were named as the accused in the FIR. He named 13 accused in the FIR. They were Bidhu Roy, Bharat Hazarika, Uma Kakaty, Bakul kakoty, Horeshwar Rabha, Rajaram Rabha, Bodana das, Loknath Das, Bogiram Das, Nogen Das, Bimol Deka, Bhumi Senapati, Prafulla Master,and others. They were charged under section 147/148/326/379/436/302/307 of Indian penal Code. This case was investigated and accused were charge sheeted. Charge sheet number 70 was submitted in 1985. Nuruzaman, however, did not get justice. The case was never
  73. 73. called for hearing in the court of justice. It was dropped. Some of those charge sheeted already died by now. 688 cases were filed before the Jagiraoad police station of which 310 were charge sheeted. No investigation was carried out for the remaining 378 cases. Later on investigation and legal proceedings were dropped against all the cases. Justice denied for Nellie victims Inquiry Commission headed by Tribhubhan Prasad Tiwari was constituted under the Commissions of Inquiry Act 1952 vide notification No. PLA /658/8319, dated July 14, 1983. The Commission was assigned to enquire the disturbances in the state of Assam during January to April 1983. The Commission was expected to submit its report within six months. Later on the tenure of the commission was extended till January 16 1984. The commission submitted its report to the government and the report is neither tabled before the State Assembly as per the provisions of the Commissions of Inquiry Act 1952 nor made public till date. In an interview with journalist Hamendra Narayan, T P Tiwari who was later appointed as the Governor of Pondichery, said that the report is a secret. The report has 547 pages and only three copies were made and are with the Union Home Ministry, Assam Government and Sri Tiwari‟s personal copy. There is little hope on the report being made public in recent future. Another non-official Judicial Commission headed by Justice Mehta (retired chief justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court) was formed by the Assam Rajyik Freedom Fighters Association to enquire into the incidents that occurred from January 1, 1983 to April 30, 1983. The report was released on January 26, 1985. Mehta Commission reports says before the carnage there was cordial relationship among the people in and around Nellie. The main reason of discord was the election. The commission conducted 36 sittings in the village from May 14, 1983 onwards and examined 600 witnesses. Since it was a non-judicial enquiry, no action was taken on it. Recounting the horror: Narrations of the fateful day Reporting on the incident Hamendra Narayan wrote in Indian Express on February 19, 1983: “It was absolutely horrible. Though impossible to describe, I will try.” Many described it as a nightmare and unable to describe what happened. Termed as one of the worst genocidal massacres after the independence, the Nellie Massacre took place on February 18, 1983. Nellie is a small city in Nagaon district of Assam and about 40 km away from Guwahati city, comprised of 16 villages – Alisingha, Khulapathar, Basundhari, Bagduba Bil, Bagduba Habi, Borjora, Butuni, Indurmari, Mati Parbat, Muladhari, Mati Parbat No 8, Silbheta, Borbori and parts of Nellie were attacked. Nellie organized massacre left 2191 men and women and
  74. 74. children killed and 370 children orphaned. Most of the victims were butchered by dao (machete), fala, spears, tridents, guns etc. Moniruddin broke down as he remembers the massacre. Nellie inhabitants informed me in a recent visit that February 1983 was full of tension all over Assam due to agitation against foreigners. They were avoiding going out those days. On February 17, 1983 two truckload police contingents came to Borbori and assured the inhabitants that they are patrolling nearby and full security has been provided to them. Being assured of security by the security personnel, Nellie residents went to work outside as usual on February 18, 1983. At around 8-30 AM, suddenly the village was attacked by mobs from three sides surrounding the villagers and pushing them towards river Kopili. People armed with dao, spears, and a few guns, advanced towards Nellie in an organized manner. The attackers encircled the whole village and left open the side that ends towards river Kopili. There were attackers in boats too. Killing started at around 9 am and continued till 3 pm. Most of the victims were women and children. CRPF arrived around 3 PM and the
  75. 75. survivors were taken to Nagaon police station. Most of the survivors were put into Nellie camp at Nagaon and they returned to their village after 14 days. Nellie massacre survivors talked to this writer on November 26, 2008 and recounted the death stories: 1. Nurul Choudhury: He is dumb. He was orphaned during the carnage. 2. Nurul Haque: I was 7 years old. My brothers and mother were killed. At that time mine was a six-member cultivator family. When the attackers came I was with my mother. Mother was killed. Assamese people killed us. I was very young and don‟t know in detail. My father was also injured. In the evening, my father brought the bodies of my mother and brothers. Now we are surviving on cultivation in 4 bighas of land. We have returned to our own house. We are still afraid and live with fear. The culprits are not punished till date. I was injured and was in hospital for 22 days in Guahati Medical College. And we took shelter in the relief camp for one and half year. Injustice has been committed on us. So we want justice even if it is after 25 years. 3. Alekjaan Biwi: Thousands of people with spears and guns killed people and left dead bodies all over. They were shouting, „kill, kill.‟ Eleven members of my family were killed. My husband and myself survived. Police came and took us to the hospital. Only one doctor was there; none to look after me. I am 60-70 years old. I have no one.
  76. 76. Alekjaan Biwi 4. Md Monoruddin: My brothers and sisters were killed and cut into pieces. I saw my parents being killed in front of me. I saw one woman being killed and saw one kid taken away from the hands of a woman and thrown into fire. CRPF came in the evening. I was crying all day. I met my father at night. No one else survived. Later we came to know that our house has been torched. Nothing was left. All rice gone in fire. We got Rs. 5000 as compensation. We never got anything to rebuild house. We don‟t have drinking water facility here. During election we see leaders and got to know promises, later on all gone. There is no transportation. We heard only promises by the leaders. My elder brother who was in Nagaon then looked after me and my elder sister helped me. 5. Md Mainul Haque:
  77. 77. I was 2 months old. My mother was wounded in her stomach. 6. Noor Nahar Begum: I was 10 years old. When the killing started, I tried to run away and got wounded in several places. I was hospitalized for 2 months in Nagaon civil hospital. My parent and 4 siblings – all were killed. All of my family members were killed. But father survived. I was oldest in the family. They were butchered here in the place where we are standing today. I have no peace of mind for last 25 years. I got married later on at Bechamari. I studied till class 7 only. Father is bullock cart driver and very old. No justice for us. Police came and left. I want peace of mind. We need something for happiness and peace. I need justice for peace of mind. Justice is important because it was a crime and unjust. I feel lonely and miss my family members. 7. Md Hussian Ali: I was 9 years old. And I remember everything. I saw houses burning and never thought that they will kill us. Thought they will leave after torching the houses. But then they started killing. We were wounded. No one from my family was killed. My cousins were killed in front of me. There were spears and guns. I ran away. I saw people hiding below a vegetable creeper bed. Bomb was planted there. We recognized who did this. They were living in our neighbouring villages. 688 were named as accused. We filed FIRs. No one was arrested and all the files were dumped or destroyed by Prafulla Mahanta. There were 14 villages all burnt. We made our houses later, we were given 2 thousand rupees as compensation. This is a mockery of justice. No one can make house with 2000 rupees. We don‟t have any facilities. No road, no drinking water. We have no electricity too. There is no peace here. I want justice. 8. Babool Ahmed: I was two years old. My grandfathers brought me up. My uncle was running away with me in his back. Houses were burnt. People were running here and there. When uncle was shot at I fell down. My uncle saw his parent being killed in front of him. He took me and ran away. Later on police rescued me. I met my father later. I was injured too. I was in hospital for 4 months. 9. Hazara Khatun: I got injured but survived. Three family members were killed. My child was in my arms and he was killed.
  78. 78. Current situation in Nellie After 33 years of the carnage, Nellie and its infrastructure remain the same. People of Nellie in a memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister and others expressed their hardship and demanded basic facilities required for a human living. They argued that through the process of Illegal Migration Determination Tribunal Act, they were proved as Indian citizens. Then why their rights are not same as that of other citizens of this country? Regarding communication and transportation facilities in Nellie the memorandum said that Nellie massacre could not be avoided due to absence of road – the 10th Battalion of CRPF couldn‟t reach on time in the massacre site. This situation is same till date in spite of several promises by political leaders. Therefore it is highly essential to construct the long pending road connecting Nellie with other places. About health facilities, the nearest hospital is situated at a distance of 10 to 11 kms. There is no primary health centre or sub centre anywhere in the villages. It is extremely difficult for children and pregnant women to access health care. As for drinking water, there is no drinking water facility for Nellie and neighbouring villages. The villagers collect drinking water from unhygienic ponds wherein the cattle also quench their thirst. Water-borne diseases like typhoid are a common feature of these villages because of unhygienic drinking water. Moreover housewives and children have to travel long distance for collecting water from ponds and they spend most of the time in collecting water. Proper irrigation and flood control mechanism is missing in Nellie. This prevented the Nellie inhabitants from becoming economically empowered. Schools opened soon after the organized mass killing in Nellie have not been granted financial help till date in spite of continuous demand from the people. Inquiry commissions – a ritual to answer a public outcry Inquiry commission usually constituted in India under the Commissions of Enquiry Act 1952 has become a ritual in India to answer a public outcry. There were nine inquiry commissions concerning the anti-Sikh riots of 1984. There are two inquiry commissions headed by Justice S N Sarma and Justice K N Saikia into the secret killings of the members of the armed opposition groups, United Liberation Front of Assam and their relatives in late 1990s. Justice K N Saikia in his report submitted on 15 November 2007 reached different conclusions. Second, some commissions like the Liberhan Commission investigating into the demolition of Babri Mosque in 1992 are yet to complete its investigation and only in November 2007 another extension was provided. Third, the findings of majority inquiry commissions like the Justice Upendra Commission of Inquiry into the killing of Ms Thangjang Manorama Devi on August 2004 in Manipur is yet to be published. Fourth, when reports of commissions of inquiries such as the Justice Sri Krishna Commission inquiring into the Mumbai pogrom in
  79. 79. 1992-1993 are made public, no action has been taken. Fifth, even when the High Court orders to place the reports of inquiry commission such as the massacre of the Dalits in Kuhmer in Rajasthan, the government in contempt of the High Court order even refused to place before the State Assembly. Sixth, during the investigation processes by the Inquiry Commissions such as the Nanavati-Shah Commission of Inquiry into the Gujarat genocidal carnage of 2002, all attempts are made to ensure that the truth never comes out. Tiwari commission constituted to enquire Nellie massacre met the same fate. The report is not made public till date. End note Nellie massacre has enormous impacts on Assam movement. The agitation was rushed to closure soon after Nellie massacre. Assam Accord was signed and Illegal Migration Determination Tribunal Act (IMDT) was passed in 1985. (Later on, in 2006, IMDT was declared unconstitutional.) Nellie, a forgotten massacre, is hardly a matter of discussion at present. General opinion is that if Nellie is brought forth, there is a possibility of emergence of communal tension. Still a few questions remain unanswered. Legal proceeding remains unclear for Nellie massacre. Chargesheeted cases were dropped to maintain communal harmony in the state. No arrests were made. No one was made accountable for this massacre. Enquiry commission report became a secret document. Who will answer these questions? For governments, all files related to Nellie massacre are closed now. Nellie massacre reminds a famous Sarajevo joke, “When someone kills a man, he is put in prison. When someone kills twenty people, he is declared mentally insane. But when someone kills 200,000 people, he is invited to Geneva for peace negotiations‟. There will be no better example for this joke except Nellie massacre. Bibliography on Nellie and Assam agitation: Books 1. P. S Dutta – Autonomy Movements in Assam (Documents), Omsons Publication, 1993 2. Meeta Deka – Student Movement in Assam , Vikas Publication, 1996 3. Giren Gohain, Assam : A Burning Problem, Spectrum Publication, 1985 4. Amalendu Guha – Planter –Raj to swaraj: freedom struggle and electoral reform in Assam 1826-1947, Indian Council of Historical Research Publication, 1977 5. Sanjib Baruah , Indian against itself, University of Pnnysylvania Press 6. Amiya Kumar Das, Assam Agony, Lancers Publication, 1982 7. Sanjoy Hazarika , Strangers of the Mist, Penguin Publication, 1994 8. Sanjoy Hazarika, Rites of Passage, Penguin Publication, 2001 9. Sujata Miri, Communalism in Assam, 1993 10. Udayan Mishra, The Periphery Strikes Back, IIAS, Shimla, 2000 11. Alaka Sharma, Immigration and Assam Politics, Anjanta Publication, 1999 12. Hemendra Narayan, 25 years on...Nellie still haunts, 2008 13. Sanjib Baruah, Beyond Counter Insurgency, Oxford Publication, 2009
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