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BCM Monthly Meeting BCM updates January 30, 2019


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Updates on recent changes to BCM

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BCM Monthly Meeting BCM updates January 30, 2019

  1. 1. BCM January Monthly Meeting 30 January 2019 @bcmongolia @bcmongolia
  2. 2. AGENDA 17:00 – 17:15 BCM Updates – BCM elected new Board of Directors and appointed Executive Committee and Working Groups 17:15 – 17:20 Introduction of “Growth and Innovation Working Group of BCM” - Tatsuya HAMADA, Chair of Growth & Innovation WG, Member of the BoD of BCM, and Chairman and CEO, Mobicom Corporation 17:20 – 17:35 Presentation 1: “Erdenes Mongol: Legal environment for implementing asset management” – P. Gankhuu, Vice Chair of Resources & Environment WG, Member of the BoD of BCM, and CEO, Erdenes Mongol LLC 17:35 – 17:50 Presentation 2: “Responsible Mining” - Armando TORRES, Chair of Resources & Environment of WG, Member of the BoD of BCM, and CEO, Oyu Tolgoi LLC 17:50 – 18:30 Panel – Q&A 18:30 – 18:35 Mongolian Economy Magazine brief introduction 18:35 – 19:00 Networking @bcmongolia @bcmongolia
  3. 3. BCM Updates – Highlights of 2018 30 January 2018 @bcmongolia @bcmongolia
  4. 4. BCM REVISED ITS MISSION SATETEMENT BCM Vision / Байгууллагын алсын хараа – Charter Article 1.6 To deliver value for the public, the members, and the employees by advocating economic freedom and property rights provided by the Constitution of Mongolia and protecting and promoting the common lawful interests of members for a fair, stable, and internationally competitive business environment. Монгол Улсын Үндсэн хуулиар олгогдсон өмчийн эрх болон эдийн засгийн эрх чөлөөг дэмжиж, шударга, тогтвортой, олон улсад өрсөлдөхүйц бизнесийн орчны төлөө гишүүн байгууллагуудын хуулийн хүрээн дэх нийтлэг сонирхлыг хамгаалан дэмжих замаар олон нийт, гишүүд, ажилчдад үнэ цэнийг бий болгоно. BCM Mission for realizing the Vision – Charter Article 1.8 • To equip members with an information platform that provides up-to-date policy and business research, training and knowledge sharing. • To develop and promote economic and sector policy recommendations through engagement with the BCM members, the government and the wider public. • To provide networking and other services that support doing business in Mongolia. • Гишүүддээ цаг үеийн бодлого, бизнесийн судалгаа, сургалт, мэдлэг хуваалцах мэдээллийн талбар байх; • Гишүүд, засгийн газар, олон нийттэй харилцах замаар эдийн засгийн болон салбарын бодлогын зөвлөмжүүдийг боловсруулж сурталчлах; • Бизнесийн хүрээллийг тэлэх болон бусад үйлчилгээ үзүүлэх замаар Монгол Улсад бизнес эрхлэхийг дэмжих. @bcmongolia @bcmongolia
  5. 5. BCM ELECTED ITS NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS – 15 MEMBERS CHAIRMAN Bayanjargal BYAMBASAIKHAN CEO of Novaterra LLC TREASURER Badan BATBAATAR CEO of Sharyn Gol JSC Member of the BoD Purevjav GANKHUU CEO of Erdenes Mongol LLC @bcmongolia @bcmongolia
  6. 6. BCM ELECTED ITS NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS – 15 MEMBERS Member of the BoD Dashdavaa HULAN Executive Vice President of Tavan Bogd Group Member of the BoD and EC Dugar JARGALSAIKHAN Chairman of Gund Investments and TUS Solution LLC Member of the BoD and EC Tatsuya HAMADA Chairman & CEO of Mobicom Corporation @bcmongolia @bcmongolia
  7. 7. BCM ELECTED ITS NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS – 15 MEMBERS Member of the BoD Jon LYONS Vice President of Erdene Resources Development Corporations VICE CHAIRMAN Randolph KOPPA Executive Vice Chairman of TDB VICE CHAIRMAN Cameron MCRAE Chairman of Kincora Copper @bcmongolia @bcmongolia
  8. 8. BCM ELECTED ITS NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS – 15 MEMBERS Member of the BoD Enkhtsetseg ORCHLON CEO of Clean Energy Asia LLC Member of the BoD and EC Bayasraikhan SOLONGOO Co-Founder & Partner at Avinex Partners LLP Member of the BoD Dul MUNKHTUSHIG Country Director, Rio Tinto Mongolia @bcmongolia @bcmongolia
  9. 9. BCM ELECTED ITS NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS – 15 MEMBERS Member of the BoD and EC Armando TORRES CEO of Oyu Tolgoi LLC Member of the BoD and EC Enkhmunkh TEMUULIN Head of IFI, PwC Mongolia Member of the BoD Tsevegmid TUMENTSOGT Adviser to the Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry @bcmongolia @bcmongolia
  10. 10. BCM RE-ORGANIZED ITS WORKING GROUPS CHAIRED BY BoDs 2. Economic Freedom and Competitiveness Working Group - Chair: D. Jargalsaikhan, Gund Investment/TUSS Solution - Vice Chair: E. Orchlon – Clean Energy Asia 3. Energy, Infrastructure and Connectivity Working Group - Chair: E. Temuulin, PwC Mongolia - Vice Chair: Ts. Tumentsogt – Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry 1. Banking, Finance and Capital Markets Working Group - Chair: R. Koppa, TDB - Vice Chair: D. Hulan – Tavan Bogd Group 4. Growth and Innovation Working Group - Chair: Tatsuya Hamada – Mobicom Corporation - Vice Chair: Jon Lyons – Erdene Resources Corp 5. Resources and Environment Working Group - Chair: Armando Torres, Oyu Tolgoi LLC - Vice Chair: P. Gankhuu – Erdenes Mongol 6. Tax/Legal/Ethics Working Group - Chair: B. Solongoo, Avinex LLP - Vice Chair: D. Munkhtushig – Rio Tinto Mongolia @bcmongolia @bcmongolia
  11. 11. BCM SECRETARIAT IS STRENGTHENED @bcmongolia @bcmongolia P. Chimednyam Director of Operations B. Javkhlan Director of Working Groups S. Ganzorig Director of Policy and Planning D. Sayan Director of Board Affairs