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24.03.2014, AREVA in Mongolia: 15 years of presence – New perspectives in uranium mining, Thierry Plaisant


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Thierry Plaisant, General Director, AREVA Mongol

Published in: Business
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24.03.2014, AREVA in Mongolia: 15 years of presence – New perspectives in uranium mining, Thierry Plaisant

  1. 1. AREVA in Mongolia : 15 years of presence – New perspectives in uranium mining
  2. 2. AREVA supplies solutions for power generation with less carbon World leader in nuclear power  A unique integrated model, from uranium mining to reactor design and related services to used nuclear fuel recycling A major player in renewable energies  A portfolio of diversified operations: offshore wind, bioenergies, concentrating solar power, hydrogen and energy storage
  3. 3. AREVA’s construction experience 100+AREVA reactors around the World 30% of worldwide installed nuclear capacity 84 PWR in operation 6 BWR in operation 1 PHWR in operation 7 Shutdown reactors 4
  4. 4. Despite Fukushima, the rising demand for Uranium Rising demand will require bringing new mines into production Demand to be covered by new mining projects Source : According to 2011 WNA report Secondary sources of supply Demand Production from existing mines 0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 2012 2015 2020 2025 2030 tU Demande devant être couverte par de nouvelles productions Ressources secondaire Production primaire Demande réacteurs
  5. 5. World uranium production in 2012 Top 5 producers * (~70 %) Kazatomprom 17 % AREVA 14 % Cameco 15,7 % Rio Tinto 9 % ARMZ/U1 14 %  Canada Niger Namibia Kazakhstan Australia 9 053 tU 4 289 tU 4 659 tU 7 334 tU 19 450 tU Top 5 countries = 76 % of total world production
  6. 6. Mining BG – one of the pillars of the AREVA’s integrated model Mining Réacteurs & Services Amont Aval Energies Renouvelables • Uranium 1 756 M€ of revenues 17 % of AREVA’s revenues 5 200* employees 9 330 tons produced in 2013 * Global workforce managed by AREVA ( regardless of AREVA’s stake in mining joint ventures)
  7. 7. Mining Activities : Presence in the 5 continents
  8. 8. 2. AREVA in Mongolia
  9. 9. AREVA in uranium exploration since 15 years 12 exploration licences in Sainshand basin (356,830 ha) 15 licences in Dariganga area (744,820 ha) granted to COGEGOBI AREVA intends to mine the deposits it has discovered
  10. 10. Uranium mining – a long-term activity ~ 15 ans ~ 10 years Evidence Prefaisability Resources Faisability Reserves 15 - 60 years PRODUCTION ~ 10 years 10 years + Exploration Licence Mining Lease Process ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING Prospection Situation of the Mongolian Project Situationofthe AREVA Mongolian Project
  11. 11. AREVA and Mongolia, 15 years of partnership Creation of COGEGOBI with activities focused on Uranium exploration. First significant results around Dulaan Uul and confirmation of its potential First discovery of Zoovch Ovo deposit Signature of a cooperation agreement with Mitsubsihi Corporation Classification of the Dulaan Uul deposit resources by the Mongolia Authority of Minerals Resources (6,259 TU)  ISR test performed for checking the technical feasibility to recover Uranium on the Umnut deposit Classification of the Zoovch Ovoo deposit resources by the Mongolia Authority of Minerals Resources (57,700 TU) Signature of a Shareholders Agreement between AREVA Mongol and MonAtom for the mining development of the deposits Mitsubishi became 34% shareholder of AREVA Mongol •1996 •2003 •2009 • 2011 • 2013
  12. 12. Corporate structure of the Project AREVA MONGOL LLC COGEGOBI LLC AREVA MINES LLC MITSUBISHI CORPORATION MONATOM 34% 66%100% 34% Exploration Mining AREVA SA AREVA MINES SA 66% 100% Companies registered in MONGOLIA
  13. 13. AREVA in Mongolia since 15 years The AREVA exploration company is present in Mongolia for 15 years preparing to develop its project for more than 30 years Local drilling companies: Ordgeo Gobigeo, Uran Drilling, … Local catering companies: Geomandal, ISSM AREVA gives priority to local contractors Investment already made of more than 140 MUSD Actual staff of 180 people will be considerably increased in the coming years during the development and operating phases. 90% of the staff are Mongolians citizens of which 30% are locally hired, this level will be maintained during the further AREVA presence in Mongolia Social responsibility expressed by financing of social projects and employment creation in surrounding provinces
  14. 14. AREVA MONGOL - contribution to local development SD Action Plan for the year 2014 presented to the Prime Minister of Mongolia More than one billion MNT spent since 2006 in SD projects 3 years Community Development Plan to negotiate in 2014 x4 Evolution of SD investments 2006 – 2013 (M MNT)
  15. 15. AREVA MONGOL - dialogue with communities Community Liaison Committees started in 2013 and to be held 4 times a year Weekly visits to herders to hear their concerns Participatory environmental monitoring with local herders AREVA days and regular workshop on ISR technology to be organized on site Introduction to drilling activities to Zuunbayan people by AREVA’s community staff and drilling contractor Ordgeo
  16. 16. Bogd Khan National Park -25 Septembre