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Ulu factory


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Exclusive collection of different crafted knives handed down many centuries are now manufactured in ulu factory for those who are passionate about buying fine things in life.

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Ulu factory

  1. 1. Discover the Ulu wonder- Time to get that versatile knife for your kitchen There are those huge knives that are used in pizzerias to chop up their products. When they are making your hot pizza, they slice it up with conveniently curved knife that simply rolls on the pizza and the slicing is done. Perhaps you have thought about getting such a knife for your home, but then wondered what you would be doing with such a huge thing. If this is the case, then you will be happy to know that you can get the knives in smaller sizes. This is what the Ulu Factory is here for, to make convenient Ulu knives for you. Rewind to the Stone Age During the Stone Age, everything was made from stone including the knives. The Ulu has its roots from this period. Literally, it translates to ‘woman’s knife’. This is just to suggest that it was extremely handy in the kitchen even during the Stone Age. It can be used to slice up vegetables, fruits and even flesh. It is up to you to decide exactly what you want to do with it. If a stone Ulu was so effective as to be associated with kitchen work, then it is only left to your imagination how effective a metallic one can be. As soon as you learn how to use it in the kitchen, it will become your best companion here. You can use it to do just about everything you wish around the house. It is also an excellent tool to
  2. 2. bring along with you when you decide to go camping or fishing. As a matter of fact, the first thing that comes to mind when they hear of the Ulu is filleting. Using the Ulu The guys at the pizzeria make using the Ulu look so simple, but when you grab it in your hand it is not all easy. Well, it actually is very simple but you need to know how to hold the knife properly. The chances of it slicing off your fingers might be low when using this pizza knife, but nonetheless they still are there. The moment you grasp how to do that rocking motion, you will be good to go. Simply grip the knife’s handle in your palm with the beveled side facing away from you. The next thing to do is the cutting. Slide the item to be sliced under the blade and slice away. Another option is to get a specially made block and bowl from the Ulu factory. This is the option for people who have a strong fear of chopping their fingers off. The blade fits perfectly in the curvature of the bowl thus allowing you to use the whole blade when cutting and chopping things. The final product will impress you. Taking care of your blade An Ulu blade can serve you for years. It is just like any other knife only with a difference in shape and quality. Ulu blades are not prone to handle breakages which cause a good number of kitchen accidents. On top of this, you do not need to get a bunch of knives in your house. Being a versatile device, you can choose to use it to do just about all sorts of kitchen activities from slicing and chopping to filleting and more. Once you are done with the blade, you simply need to rinse it off and hang it on a hook. To keep the blade functioning at its best, you will have to file it occasionally. Only the beveled side needs sharpening. You can use hard stone or go for the steel metal files. They are made from stainless steel; so you do not have to worry about rust and tarnishing.