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  1. 1. TO HEALTH SYSTEMS Strategic Benefits
  2. 2. When you partner with Carena, you expand your clinical reach to patients seeking care online. We create, administer—and, if needed, staff—your custom branded online primary or acute care clinic. With a Virtual Clinic, health systems expand their care delivery options to increase consumer access, provide cost-effective care, and deliver excellent patient outcomes. Patients appreciate receiving high-quality health care on their terms, at an affordable price, anywhere there is an internet connection. This new, efficient, virtual model gives health systems powerful new strategic options when addressing the challenges of a changing healthcare environment. 24/7 PATIENT ACCESS Engage consumers looking for care any time: days, nights, or holidays. In a traditional health delivery model, patients have limited options for receiving care outside of working hours. But health issues don’t adhere to a time clock. Virtual Clinics allow patients to consult with board certified providers any time they need it. Associate your brand with innovation. Today, patient expectations are formed by what they experience on the internet. They value organizations that are technologically savvy and offer accelerated response times. They look for healthcare answers online, and your care delivery options should be there too. Position your system as consumer friendly. As consumers contribute more to their cost of care, they’re defining how they want healthcare to be consumed. As with other aspects of their lives, they want services that are convenient, available 24/7, and highly personal—Virtual Clinics meet these needs. Display market leadership. Consumers have a choice of where to go for healthcare. A Virtual Clinic gives health systems a unique, positive, consumer- friendly message to help them get noticed in a very competitive marketplace. The introductions of our Virtual Clinics are newsworthy events and their presence provides ongoing opportunities for positive publicity. NEW SOURCES OF REVENUE Create opportunities for new patient acquisition. 70% of the visitors to our Virtual Clinics have no prior relationship with the health system. One of our clients saw 1,880 new patients referred to their system in the first year. 24hr
  3. 3. Compete for consumers getting care outside your system. A Virtual Clinic provides a powerful opportunity to gain patients who, because of mobility, lifestyle, or preference, have not yet engaged with your brand via traditional points of access. Differentiate your system with solutions that help consumers and employers manage costs. Having a Virtual Clinic sends a powerful message that your enterprise is consumer-oriented and cost conscious. OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES Streamline care delivery for patients and providers. Health systems are being compelled internally and externally to reduce their cost of care. Our Virtual Clinics allow health systems to invest in a highly efficient care delivery method to balance out areas where care delivery can be less efficient. Manage the ebb and flow of patients across your entire system by shifting patients to providers with downtime. Your clinicians can be assigned more effectively, making telemedicine a valuable part of an efficiency strategy. If you’re not ready to dedicate your own staff to the Virtual Clinic, it can be staffed by our board-certified providers. Increase brand reach without additional facilities. Opening a Virtual Clinic is a highly efficient and cost-effective way to open a new “branch.” The Clinic is staffed around the clock and facility maintenance costs are low for a clinic that everyone can visit, quickly and easily. RISK MANAGEMENT Manage costs associated with a “high-risk” population. Health systems looking for new ways to engage patients considered high risk, either financially or medically, realize positive results with Virtual Clinics. One of our clients saved 4,200 patient hours and $600,000 in healthcare savings after one year. Direct patients to the right care to limit the inappropriate allocation of resources. Our Patient Concierges and methodology ensures all visitors are directed to appropriate care. About 70% of visitors are treated directly through the Virtual Clinic, reducing the burden on your ED and Urgent Care facilities. Capture patients at a time of need, capitalizing on the learning moment of a patient in a health crisis. Our visits are fully documented from the first touch point, through the virtual engagement, and even after the visit through surveys and emails. Commitment to quality care. A five-member clinician committee performs blinded reviews of random and targeted diagnoses and produces quarterly reports that are used to inform and improve clinical procedures.
  4. 4. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT US AT: (800) 572–2103 © 2015 Carena, Inc. All rights reserved. 150324-01-01 CARENA’S VIRTUAL CLINICS: MEETING THE NEEDS OF BOTH HOSPITAL SYSTEMS AND CONSUMERS Satisfying Consumers Need For Convenience Patients are now consumers who demand speed, access, and affordability. The internet has impacted every aspect of their lives—and they’re eager to receive healthcare with the same ease and flexibility of an online transaction. Ideal for HDHPs High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) and defined contribution plans are replacing traditional insurance and consumers are looking for value. A Virtual Clinic uses internet technology to deliver high-quality healthcare to consumers at a reasonable price via phone, tablet, or computer. Addressing Risk Carena solutions help health systems reduce risk as change grips organizations. Virtual Clinics deliver high value to health systems offering fee-for-value models of care. The processes built into our Virtual Clinics help allocate resources with high efficiency. Generating Revenue Hospital consolidation is intensifying competition for payment. The platform is flexible enough for health systems to generate new revenue with direct-to- employer and direct-to-consumer options. Direct-to-Employer: Our platform is flexible enough to include direct- to-employer offerings that can generate new sources of income. Direct-to-Consumer: Offering a direct-to- consumer option allows health systems to extend their reach and offer fast, affordable alternatives to traditional urgent care. Risk Management: Our processes direct patients to the appropriate level of care, which has proven to reduce ED and urgent care visits. Patient Acquisition: New patients are attracted to our innovative, convenient, high quality Virtual Clinics.