Ultravirgo Portfolio: Health


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Portfolio of Ultravirgo Creative projects for clients in health-related industries.

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Ultravirgo Portfolio: Health

  1. 1. UltraVirgo Creative2010 portfolioindustry: HealtH
  2. 2. We believethat healthis the mostvaluable thingyou can have.
  3. 3. We believein the powerof information toimprove health.
  4. 4. We believethat smart designcan improve access toand comprehension ofvital health information.
  5. 5. We believe that smart designcan improve health through: cl a r i t y edu cat ion Customers are interested in Customers also need to learn their options, and they have where the information comes access to more information from, which information is than ever before about their trustworthy, and why. Exper- care. But most of the infor- tise from professionals in the mation is complex, technical, field and advice from others seemingly contradictory, who have been in the same or difficult to understand. situation are crucial to making smart choices, but serve very Great design created with different purposes. Likewise, the customer in mind can employees must be up to date provide clear, accurate on health information and able information. It cuts through to communicate it to custom- the cacophony of voices ers, patients, and families. and offers accurate, specific information. The ideal design solution will teach customers and For examples of UltraVirgo’s employees what they need ability to develop clarity, to know. It will differentiate see our case studies for between different audiences BlueCross BlueShield and to offer them information that Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. is not too technical nor too simplistic for their needs. For examples of UltraVirgo’s expertise in educating customers and employees, see our case studies for Virgil Skilled Nursing Center and BlueCross BlueShield.
  6. 6. personalaut he nti c i ty co n n e ct i o nHealth companies often The medium may not behave a range of in-house and the message, but applyingoutsourced design personnel, techniques that work in onewhich can dilute the corporate medium to another mediumbrand. Compounding this can cause confusion.problem, there can be The same message candiffering views of the overall be sent through social mediamission when viewed through or an annual report, butthe lenses of different each requires an entirelydepartments or audiences. different approach.Excellent design expresses Great communicationa brand that is true to the solutions are custom-tailoredcompany and unique and to meet the needs of eachrelevant to the marketplace. customer through a specificDesign standards can help medium. They fit the amountcarry that brand through of time the reader haseverything the company available when using aproduces, from employee specific medium, and thetraining materials to amount of informationsales brochures. wanted at a given time.For examples of UltraVirgo’s For examples of UltraVirgo’sability to provide authentic ability to make personaldesigns true to a company’s connections to differentbrand, see our case studies audiences, see our casefor Pfizer Pharmaceuticals studies for the New Agingand EmblemHealth. Conference and Venice Family Clinic.
  7. 7. We believe that designsthat are clear, educational,authentic, and strengthenpersonal connectionscan improve lives.
  8. 8. Examples:virgil skilled nursing centerReinventing elder careb luecross blueshieldCommunicating complex informationthrough simple graphicsemblemhealthIntroducing a brand newhealthcare companypfizerCreating authentic identitiesfor internal divisionsnew aging conferenceInspiring a young audienceto reinvision agingregeneron pharmaceuticalsMeasuring progress anddefining opportunitiesv enice family clinicEnergizing donors, employees and users
  9. 9. virgil skilled nursing center branding web site design print marketing collateral information designReinventingelder careIn this comprehensive branding program, UltraVirgocreated web and print materials for an innovativenursing home in Los Angeles. Virgil is working tocreate a new model for elder care, from thestructure of the facility to the admissions forms.All communications materials were reinvented withthe resident in mind. We updated the image of eldercare to show positive images of aging, rich withactivity and focused on healing. We positioned Virgilaround a community lifestyle that focuses on qualityof life, not just attending to disease.PHoToGRAPHy: SToCkWRITING: E. RICHPRINTING: STATIoNERy – BURDGE, SHoRT-RUN BRoCHURES – INFLUENCE GRAPHICSWEB DEVELoPMENT: ANALoG METHoD
  10. 10. We developed a Family Education Brochure, thatprovides valuable health information and referencematerial about aging, for families with loved ones whoare growing old. Small quantities are printed usinga digital print process, allowing frequent updates offacility-specific information.
  11. 11. UltraVirgo developed a robust web site to show theactive lifestyle of the residents and make facilityand health resource information easily available.A blog and custom Content Management Systemwere included to allow management to quicklyupdate web site content. An employee intranetprovides all employees with quick access tomanuals, forms, and training review materials.www.VirgilRehab.com
  12. 12. The site includes an online pre-application form,allowing potential residents to easily apply, whilecustom-developed software aids the admissionsdepartment by automatically scoring eachapplicant for financial and care suitability –a first in the industry.
  13. 13. Approximately 50% of the residents are korean,so key materials were translated into korean as well,including the web site, which can be accessed inkorean, Spanish and English.
  14. 14. We created a standardized style for alladministrative forms and manuals,with a focus on usability and clarity.
  15. 15. bluecross blueshield identity design presentation design infographic designCommunicatingcomplexinformationthroughsimple graphicsUltraVirgo was the Agency of Record for theSafety and Risk Management division of HCSC –BlueCross Blue Shield of Illinois, Texas, oklahoma,and New Mexico. We created identities for internalinitiatives and developed informational graphics thatmade complex IT security concepts understandableand intuitive to internal and external audiences.PHoToGRAPHy: SToCkWRITING: RoBERT MAURIELLoPRESENTATIoN PRoDUCTIoN AND ANIMATIoN: SHADoWWoRkS
  16. 16. We distilled complex security concepts and process into graphics, diagrams, and iconsto clarify them for internal and external audiences.
  17. 17. EmblemHealth annual RepoRt DesignIntroducinga brand newhealthcarecompanyhiP and ghi, the two largest health insurers innew york, merged to create a new powerhousein healthcare, emblemhealth. this annual reportintroduced the new entity, directly expressing andextending the new brand. it served as a transitionalbook and was developed in conjunction with theannual reports for hiP (which we also designed) andghi to provide a complete story to all stakeholders.PhotograPhy: alan Shoemake, Stockwriting: Seth margoliSStrategy: DeSantiS BreinDel
  18. 18. The spreads in the annual report focused on thecombined strategic power the new company wouldhave, based on the complementary strengths ofGHI and HIP.
  19. 19. The overlapping arcs of the logowere used as a supergraphicto symbolize the harmoniousjoining of the two companies.
  20. 20. Pfizer iDentity visual bRanD systemCreating authenticidentities forinternal divisionsFor Pfizer, UltraVirgo developed strong visual brandsfor two internal divisions, to define their positions andhighlight their strengths. throughout the product devel-opment cycle, clear positioning for these divisions aidsthe flow of information and encourages cooperationbetween departments. individual brands were createdfor the worldwide regulatory affairs & Qualityassurance (wraQa) and Safety & risk management(Srm) divisions. this helped explain their positionsto other internal divisions and to external agencies.PhotograPhy: Stockwriting: Seth margoliSBranD Strategy: DeSantiS BreinDel
  21. 21. The visual style for WRAQA emphasizes theirability to connect to various entities andstreamline internal processes that ensure thebest possible product gets to market in themost efficient manner possible.
  22. 22. The identity for the SRM divisionis based on a Venn diagramshowing cooperation betweenvarious departments that worktogether as a whole.
  23. 23. New Aging Conference identity visual brand system print collateral web site designInspiring ayoung audienceto reinvision agingnew aging is an international conference on aging andarchitecture that aims to inspire young leaders andvisionaries to imagine how we can transform and betteraccommodate aging. to inspire a younger audience torethink its own future now, we focused the marketingmaterials around the phrase “how do you want to livewhen you are old?” coupled with a photoillustration thatimagines a multitude of answers in varied handwriting.options ranging from “in a nursing home” to “on themoon” illuminate the frustration of current options aswell as the hopeful aspect of limitless possibilities.the conference hopes to take the collective visionof attendees, speakers, and supporters to developa manifesto that reinvigorates innovation inarchitecture for aging.PhotograPhy: stock, UPenn stUdentsPrinting: sUPerior resoUrceweb develoPment: analog method
  24. 24. the logo draws attention tonew approaches to aging bypositioning the aging processas “new & improved!”
  25. 25. the web site offers maximum information in a lightweight, modular format. inviting read-ers to fill in the blank “when i am old, i will live in a _______.” and tweet their responses, thesite provokes younger audiences to share their vision of the future. we invited UPennarchitecture students students to submit collages envisioning their own environmentsin 50 years, which are used as customizable backgrounds for the site.www.new-aging.com
  26. 26. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals annual RepoRt DesignMeasuringprogressand definingopportunitiesthe pharmaceutical product development cycleis a long and involved process that takes years.the challenge of developing an annual report for apharmaceutical company is compounded in a yearwith no products coming to market. For a successfulreport, UltraVirgo explained the progress results thecompany had made in clinical trials, and showed thepotential for new opportunities in the year ahead.writing: Seth margoliSStrategy: DeSantiS BreinDel
  27. 27. Spreads in the annual reportfocused on progress throughoutthe company, including updateson clinical trials.
  28. 28. Featured updates also includepartnerships and businessmilestones, giving a completepicture of progress made.
  29. 29. venice family clinic annual report designEnergizingdonors,employeesand volunteersVenice Family Clinic provides free healthcareto individuals and families, centered aroundthousands of volunteer doctors and administrators.In this annual report, we showcased both theamazing impact of this non-profit organization,and the strategies they use to accomplish it.Their annual report serves as a promotional piece –energizing the donors, volunteers and employeeswho serve the organization’s critical mission.PHoToGRAPHy: MARGARET MALLoyPRINTING: INLAND LITHoIN PARTNERSHIP WITH: DMD
  30. 30. The clinic’s impact is explained atboth local and national levels.
  31. 31. Specific strategies are highlightedin the narrative section, coupledwith quotes from, and case studiesof, specific people providing orreceiving the services.
  32. 32. He who hashealth has hope.He who has hopehas everything. –arabic proverb
  33. 33. 131 Varick Street, Suite 911New York, New York 10013212-242-6089creative@ultravirgo.com