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HPC in Taiwan by NCHC (ISC '13)


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HPC in Taiwan by NCHC (ISC '13)

  1. 1. HPC in Taiwan
  2. 2. HPC in Taiwan • HPC in Taiwan – rough snapshot – HPC in Academia/Government • Basic & Applied Research: – National Center of High Performance Computer – NTU, NCKU …etc. – Academia Sinica • Weather & Climate services: – Central Weather Bureau – HPC in industry • Features: PC, servers, mobile devices • Applications: Semi-conductor, automotive industry, financial industry, game /VFX industry, weather services. • Key issues: production software for design! 2
  3. 3. Faster, Higher, Stronger in vertical or horizontal ? • Vertical: – Generate value and impact for budget justification – Leverage Scientific, Societal or Economic impact. – Compete on productivity, application-driven • Horizontal: – Technological Forefront in high end system: TOP500 – Parallel Computing vs distributed computing – Compete on performance, technology-driven • The vertical usually rules… • Gaps of HPC between Industry & Academia…(cloud?) 3
  4. 4. Center Weather Bureau (TW) • 1+ Peta-flops in 2014 • Fujitsu: PRIMEHPC FX10 K computer technology • Weather and Climate Calculation 4
  5. 5. NCHC: HPC Services • Open to academic, research, and Industrial users • Supporting 700+ research projects per year IBM Cluster 1350 / 19.91TF • ALPS system – most recent supercomputer built in 2011 • Rmax 177 TFLOPS sustained, 442.00 MFLOPS/W ● 25,600 Cores ● 73,728 GB Memory ● 1,074 TB Disk 5 HP Superdome2 Jun. 2011: Top500 Ranking: No. 42 / Green500 Ranking: No. 25 Advanced Large-scale Parallel Supercluster (ALPS) 26.24 32.34 31.34 46.63 223.0 288.0 2011
  6. 6. Computing Usage Statistics 6 Chemistry, 23.9% Physics, 21.8% Climate, 16.0% CFD, 11.3% Molecular, 9.2% Math, 5.1% Others, 5.1% Biology, 4.8% Solid Mechanics, 3.0% Chemistry Physics Climate CFD Molecular Math Others Biology Solid Mechanics SU Usage From 2012/04 to 2013/03 • SU used in software packages constitutes 28.09% of the total SU.
  7. 7. 7 Institute domain title publication Academia Sinica Physics Investigation of single-walled carbon nanotubes with a low-energy electron point projection microscope New Journal of Physics 15 (2013) NTU Physics Pseudoscalar meson in two flavors QCD with the optimal domain-wall fermion Physics Letters B NTU Physics Aspects of Domain-Wall Fermion on the Lattice Physics Letters B NCTU CFD Simulations of Subsonic Vortex-Shedding Flow Past a 2D Vertical Plate in the Near-Continuum Regime by the Parallelized DSMC Code Computer Physics Communications NCTU CFD A Parallel Hybrid Numerical Algorithm for Simulating Gas Flow and Gas Discharge of an Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet Computer Physics Communications NCTU CFD Development of a Parallel Semi-Implicit Two-Dimensional Plasma Fluid Modeling Code Using Finite-Volume Method Computer Physics Communications NCTU CFD Large-Scale Simulations on Multiple Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for the Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method Journal of Computational Physics NTHU CFD Simulations of natural and forced convection flows with moving embedded object using immersed boundary method Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol. 213, pp. 58-70 NTHU CFD Large eddy simulations of turbulent Couette_Poiseuille and Couette Flows inside a square duct J. Fluid Mech., Vol. 702, pp. 89_101 NTHU CFD Numerically Investigated Effects of Different Dean Number and Pitch Size on Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Helically Coil-Tube Heat Exchanger Applied Thermal Engineering NTHU MD Quantum Analysis on the Platinum/Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanotubes for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction at the Air Cathode of Lithium-air Batteries and Fuel Cells Journal of The Electrochemical Society, Vol. 159(5), K116-K121, 2012 NTHU MD On-Line Dynamic Models of Supercapacitors for Energy Conversion and Management Energy Conversion and Management, Vol. 53, pp. 337-345 1/2012 NTHU MD Thermophysical characteristics of Ethylene Glycol-based Copper nanofluids Using Nonequilibrium and Equilibrium Methods International Journal of Thermal Sciences NTU Mechanics Persuasive feedback model for inducing energy conservation behaviors of building us based on interaction with a virtual object Energy and Buildings NTU Mechanics A micromechanics study of competing mechanisms for creep fracture of zirconium diboride polycrystals Journal of the European Ceramic Society
  8. 8. Research and Education Network 8 • Providing research network, education network (TANet), and optical lightpath services with 20Gbps backbone • Peering with 35 IPv4 and 24 IPv6 networks worldwide with 5Gbps connection • Network availability rate up to 99.991% • Dynamic circuit provisioning enabled 8Working toward 100Gbps backbone
  9. 9. Storage Services 9 Storage Capacity • Three-site, 3-tier backup • Disk 1.13 PB/Tape 1.62 PB • Supports 18 projects from academia and research institutes • Deploys disk and tape facilities in Hsinchu, Taichung, and Tainan; Interconnected via TWAREN and Storage Area Network (SAN)
  10. 10. Self-built Cluster Computers 10 2005 Formosa 2 • The first 64-bit PC Cluster for online service • 64-bit Dual- Core CPU and InfiniBand 2010 Formosa 3 • Cloud Cluster • Virtualization and Green Computing • Cloud IaaS Service • Cloud Cluster • Big memory • Hybrid-Computing Platform 2003 Formosa 1 • The first PC Cluster for online service 2003 TOP500 #135 2012 Formosa 5 2011 Formosa 4 2011 TOP500 #234 2011 Green500 #37 • Cloud Cluster • GPU accelerator 2011 TOP500 #232 2011 Green500 #62
  11. 11. Render Farm 1111 Scalable Cloud Rendering Portal Computing nodes NCHC@ Hsinchu Storage NCHC@ Taichung Computing nodes NCHC@ Tainan  Launch the fastest render farm in Taiwan for public access in 2011  Develop render scheduler to increase rendering performance
  12. 12. S&T Software and Databases 12 • Provides 40 different software packages and databases for HPC Type Software Math 1. Math. Tools: Matlab, IDL 2. Math. Library: IMSL, pCDR Engineering application 1. Multibody Dynamics/Mechanism: MSC Adams 2. Semiconductor: Sentaurus TCAD 3. Solid Mechanics: ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, MSC.Marc, MSC.Nastran 4. Pre-& Post-Processor: ANSYS ICEMCFD, FIELDVIEW, MSC. Patran, Tecplot 5. CFD: ANSYS CFX, CFD-ACE+, Fluent 6. MEMS: CoventorWare, IntelliSuite 7. Electro-Magnetics: Ansoft, CST STUDIO SUITE Science software & database 1. Life Science: GCG, IMARIS 2. Chemistry, physics and bioscience applications: ADF, Crystal, Amber, Discovery Studio, Gauss View, Materials Studio, Schrodinger package, Sybyl , Pandat ... 3. Chemistry database: CSD, DiscoveryGate Render farm 1. Render farm: Blender, MR Standalone, Maya, Vray for Maya, Qube
  13. 13. Scalable Molecular Dynamics Computing 13 Hybrid platforms: 1.Single CPU 2.Singe GPU 3.CPU cluster 4.Multi-GPU cluster Researcher Scientist Potential Library : 1. Lennard-Jones potential 2. Tight-binding potential 3. Coarse-grained potential 4. LAMMPS potential 5. GROMACK potential 6. AMBER potential 7. CHARMM potential 8. NAMD potential 9. ... etc. (User customized) • An scalable MD (Molecular Dynamics) package with very efficient parallel algorithm for new hybrid CPU/GPU cluster Molecular Simulation
  14. 14. Visualization and Augmented Reality  Geo-informatics Platform We build an interactive large terrain navigation with GIS database for - Disaster management. - Strategic plan for national spatial development.  iHPC Using GPU for simulation and visualization : - Real-time simulation and real time visualization together. - With GPU technology and Augmented Reality.  Bio-images Archiving Visualization on Cloud: - Visualization tools on cloud for everyone. - Archive of 3D bio-medical images with tools for intelligence analytics.
  15. 15. 3D FlyCircuit Database Cloud Services 15 • The world’s first interactive 3D brain image database – Allows researchers to study the brain’s neurotransmission pathways in amazing detail and, as a result, gives them a deeper understanding of the complex functions of the brain. (collaboration with Brain Research Center at NTHU) • It services 79 countries and 877 cities around the world. Dr. James D. Watson, “Father of the DNA Double Helix,” visited the NCHC (2010.05)
  16. 16. Real Time High Resolution Image Monitoring System 1616 • Applied to undersea high resolution monitoring • The world’s only long-term coral reef observation network • Real time ecology monitoring near the southern Taiwan nuclear power plant 88水災塔羅灣溪廬山吊橋附近立 體取像(災前後比較) Real time images of coral reefs around the sea water inlet of the Kenting nuclear power plant Video Streaming
  17. 17. Disaster Reduction Cloud 17 • Implementation of Data-Model-Display- Management (DM2) scenario-based workflow • Big Data integration, analytics and visualization for disaster information management and cloud service • Real-time water level monitoring network. • 3D GIS cloud service Real-time monitoring Collaboration & CommunicationDistributed data backup and management Big Data overlaying and visualization
  18. 18. Open Source Software Development 18 • Middleware developed and provided under open source free software licenses • DRBL and Clonezilla: Over 7.9 million downloads in 80 countries worldwide. Multiple language (11) versions: Catalan, German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. Partclone HaduzillaEzilla Linux Tool Partition Backup Restore Tool Search Engine Virtual On- Demand Cloud System Cloud Data Analysis DRBL (Diskless Remote Boot in Linux ) Changes the entire computing environment into an Open Source- based one Clonezilla Complete system backup, restore, and recovery
  19. 19. Software Awards List 19 2007 DRBL won 1st place in Les Trophees du Libre 2008 DRBL/Clonezilla won Award for Outstanding Contributions in Science and Technology NARL in 2008 2008 DRBL/Clonezilla won Award for Outstanding Contributions in Science and Technology by Executive Yuan in 2008 2008 Tux2live won the sixth Linux gold penguin prize 2009 Tux2live won the Awards of Excellence and Honors in the Open Source Innovative Application Development Contest 2010 Clonezilla was chosen as Project of the Month on Sourceforge 2010 Crawlzilla won the 1st place in the Open Source Innovative Application Development Contest 2011 Crawlzilla won Award for Outstanding Contributions in Science and Technology NARL 2011 Clonezilla was Selected as One of the Best Free Software of 2011 by PC Magazine. Clonezilla was rated by lifehacker as the Best Disk Cloning App for Linux. 2012 Clonezilla was selected as one of the best free software of 2012 by PC Magazine
  20. 20. PC Cluster Software Development • Cluster Auto Installation (CAI) – a low-cost system package for HPC Cluster – provides all the tools needed to run, and manage an HPC cluster in one easy to install package • Cluster Monitoring System – web-based system level, hardware level, job queue monitoring interface – Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) standard for remote monitoring and reboot 20 Step1. Configure your HPC Cluster and get NCHC CAI DVD Step2. Insert the NCHC CAI DVD into your frontend node and boot from dvd. Step 3. Installing computing node over the Network Cluster Auto Installation Cluster Monitoring System
  21. 21. Cyber Security Research 21 Established TWMAN framework for cyber security and malware behavior analysis • Collected more than 150,000+ malware samples in Taiwan • Design large-scare Honeynet platform and develop distributed big data for analysis and research • Design the Malware behavior knowledge database and build CSIRT in Taiwan • Established relationships with security organizations worldwide
  22. 22. Future Internet SDN Testbed 22  Setup a national wide SDN Testbed based on OpenFlow, and connect it with iGENI@US and JGN-X@JP  Develop tools for large-scale SDN network management, including:  Inter-domain topology auto- discovery  Inter-domain real-time flow monitoring NCTU NCU NTUSTCHT-TL NCKU iCAIR NARLabs/NCHC KUAS  Demonstrations are made at GEC, GLIF and SC conferences