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Bip 3023 material development assignments (latest corrected version)


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Bip 3023 material development assignments (latest corrected version)

  1. 1. BIP 3023 – MATERIAL DEVELOPMENTS FOR THE LANGUAGE CLASSROOM1. WRITING SUMMARY OF ARTICLES – 10 % ( PAIR OR GROUP OF 3 )2. LESSON PLAN AND MATERIALS – 30 % ( INDIVIDUAL )3. AN OVERALL REFLECTION – 20 % ( INDIVIDUAL )* TOTAL – 60 %NUM. TASKS DESCRIPTIONS MARKS1. WRITINGSUMMARY OFARTICLES* Find 3 journal articles from reliable sources( online, printed journals, reference text etc. )* Length of the articles should be between 3 – 5pages.* Article should focus on a particular material ormedia in second language teaching. For instance :- The usage of newspaper in teaching English.- Using songs to teach grammar.- Computer Assisted Language Learning.* Write summary for each articles based on themain ideas.* Each summary should be about 1 page.* Arial 12, spacing 1.510 %2. LESSON PLANAND MATERIALS* Prepare 1 double period lesson plan.* In the lesson, must include the usage of at least 3materials.* Materials should be adapted and not takenoriginally from a source. (Please attach theoriginal and adapted materials as appendix)* Choose at least 3 of these materials and preparethem :- 5 pictures.- A newspaper article- A song or a game- A video- A literary material ( poem, short story )* Write your personal response and rationale forchoosing those materials. Use the format below :Exm:Material 1: Newspaper- I have chosen newspaper because…………………...Material 2: Video- The reasons I have chosen video are…………………...Arial 12, spacing 1.530 %
  2. 2. 3. AN OVERALLREFLECTION* Write a overall reflection of the course subject.- BIP 3023 ( MATERIAL S DEVELOPMENTFOR THE LANGUAGE CLASSROOM )* Include your personal reflection regarding thiscoursework also.* Justify the reflection by using at least 5literature reviews.* Your reflection should be about 3 pages.* References should use the correct ( APAFORMAT. )Arial 12, spacing 1.520 %NOTE :1. Use the lesson plan format that will be uploaded with this coursework in yourLMS.2. All the assignments should be sent on 18 April 2013.