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Wireless Charging System


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Let’s understand the concept of “Wireless charging system”. This presentation is going to elaborate step-by-step how the wireless charging system actually works. Later on you will find information about its components, some roadblocks and feasibilities. I’m sure you will love to see it.

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Wireless Charging System

  1. 1. Coil Compact Light Weight Magnetic Field Safety
  2. 2. Magnetic Field Transmits the power to the secondary coil at a rate of 3.6kW
  3. 3. Features Of Charging System Non- wearing Compatible for all batteries User- friendly
  4. 4. Components of Wireless Charging system Inverter and controller Coupled Coils Power Electronics Communication Interface Utility Interface
  5. 5. Stationary Quasi Dynamic Dynamic Charging Categories
  6. 6. Stationary Charging Transfer Energy while vehicle is Parked ( No passenger on Board)
  7. 7. Proper Charge Can Be done If the Vehicle aligns correctly with the charger
  8. 8. Dynamic Charging System Transfers medium to high velocity of power from High power level coil system to moving vehicle
  9. 9. Feasibilities Of Wireless Charging System
  10. 10. Environmental Friendly