The Grotto by U. Cronin


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A statue of the Virgin Mary starts to move, drawing thousands to the Irish village of Loughermore, but something far from divine is behind the miracles. The locality is sickened by a series of animal mutilations and horrific murders at the heart of which is an ancient and malign Entity—an Aes Sídhe. Can Mac learn to harness the magic of stone circles to defeat It before It gains physical form?

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The Grotto by U. Cronin

  1. 1. U. CroninTHE GROTTO
  2. 2. U. CroninIs minic cuma aingeal ar anDiabhal féinThere is often the look of anangel on the Devil himself –old Irish expressionTHE GROTTO
  3. 3.  160,000 words 450 pages Supernatural suspense Available through Amazon,Smashwords, iTunes,Barnes and Noble, Sonyand many other ebookshopsTHE GROTTO
  4. 4. The Grotto in a Nutshell A statue of the Virgin Mary in a Lourdes grotto outside a smallvillage in Ireland begins to move Huge crowds flock to the village (Loughermore) Strange things begin to happen around Loughermore Animal mutilations Abductions Ritualistic murders Readers learn that An Entity inside the statue is behind everything A group of men calling themselves ‘The Guardians’ hascome under the Entity’s control and are carrying out itscommands
  5. 5. The Grotto in a Nutshell Mac and his friends discover what’s going on They learn from the exiled Fr. Morrison: The origin of the Entity An aes sídhe of the Tuatha Dé Danann How to combat the Entity using the magic from stonecircles The Entity requires blood sacrifices to escapefrom the statue and assume physical from As The Guardians strive to provide the Entity withhuman victims, an epic struggle between goodand evil ensues
  6. 6. Background – Moving StatueFever Summer 1985 A statue of the Virginbegins to move inBallinspittle, Co. Cork This very soon becomes anational and internationalsensation Later in the year thephenomenon spreads allaround Ireland Every town and village hasits own moving statue
  7. 7. Characters in The Grotto -Goodies Mac – The hero Thirty-something environmental scientist Sceptical, honourable, brave O’Malley – Mac’s best friend Loud, brash, big-hearted, incorrigible slagger Rob and Katie – A couple, the other half of the‘famous four’ Rob is the action hero, Katie the organiser Sadhbh – Local girl that the ‘famous four’ befriendin the course of investigation Bubbly, funny, irreverent, fearless
  8. 8. More Goodies Fr. Tola – Folklorist, wise man Fr. Morrison – Mystic, demonologist,antiquarian Unique insight into moving statues and theentities behind them Teaches Mac and co. how to master the magicof stone circles Mossy McDonagh – Naturalist, Traveller Resourceful, quick-witted Supt. Fergal Gallagher – Policesuperintendent for Macroom district Rigorous, fair-minded, determined
  9. 9. Characters in The Grotto -Baddies The Guardians Six men from Loughermore Ostensibly pillars of the community Led by the cruel and sinister Enda Bannon Fall under the Entity’s control at a very early stage Graduate from animal mutilations to human sacrifices Kitty Boyle Loughermore parish priest’s housekeeper Pat Landy Corrupt and disgraced former government ministerand MEP
  10. 10. Places in The Grotto Loughermore Fictitious village innorthwest Co. Cork,Ireland Pop. 3-400, a couple ofbars, a shop, a petrolstation A large Lourdes grottojust outside the village,set into a hill Macroom Nearest big town toLoughermore andhome of Sadhbh Lively, picturesquemarket town
  11. 11. Places in The Grotto Ennis, Co. Clare,Ireland Home to Mac,O’Malley, Roband Katie Charming,medieval town oflaneways andpubs Famed for itstraditional music
  12. 12. Places in The Grotto Vitoria Capital of the SpanishBasque Country Extensive medievalquarter of windingcobblestone streets,ancient plazas, palacesand chapels Famed for itsgastronomy Close to the Riojaregion Home to Fr. Morrison
  13. 13. Places in The Grotto Musheramore mountains Dark, mysteriousmountains north ofLoughermore andMacroom It is here among its deep,lonely woods that theGuardians operate Also here that Macstumbles intoKnocknakilla stone circleand inadvertently learnshow to harness its magic
  14. 14. Stone Circles Knocknakilla Stone circle complex westof Macroom It is here where Macdiscovers he has thepower to channel stonecircles Mendiluze Sun-wheel stone circle inprovince of Alava inBasque country Fr. Morrison teaches thegang to channel here
  15. 15. Stone Circles Reanerre Well-preserved five-stonering between Millstreet andMacroom Carrigagulla Set in an elbow of theRiver Laney Deep in the countryside an Seisear Six stone alignment Legend says each stone isa petrified wrong-doer
  16. 16. About the Author – U. Cronin From Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland Now lives in Madrid, Spain The Grotto is his first novel Is currently working on hissecond novelBlog: me: