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Scholarship Shivraj


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Shivraj is one of our kids in Janwaar. He is 13 years old and just received a scholarship - customized to his needs! To survive in Delhi and to get around a bit more comfortably he needs a bit more ... It would be great if you would support!

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Scholarship Shivraj

  1. 1. Shivraj has got a precious scholarship for one year …
  2. 2. … but he needs more to get started in Delhi.
  3. 3. He needs a mobile phone to be in touch with Janwaar …
  4. 4. … he needs clothes, train ticket, metro tickets, books …
  5. 5. … food and some pocket money.
  6. 6. Can you please support him! 100% of your money will reach him!
  7. 7. 6,000 INR Pocket money for 1 year 3,000 INR Cell phone / SIM 5,000 INR recharge phone for 1 year 2,000 INR commuting in Delhi / month 5,000 INR books 8,000 INR basic outfit, clothes and shoes 1,000 INR Janwaar to Khajuraho 2,000 INR train ticket Khajuraho Delhi 6,000 INR dinner / month 1,500 INR contingency / month Thank you !
  8. 8. Short portrait Shivraj Shivraj aka Dr. Kouch Kouch is the silent leader of Janwaar Castle. From very early on he was a very helpful hand in what ever we did. Without being asked he took responsibility and he got things done. Silently and humbled. Never in the front row. Accepted by everybody – the adults and the kids. Over the month he’s been growing to a real leader. He translates whenever needed in the best way he can, he helps the younger ones when they are looking for help and he is eager to learn. In him we truly have someone whom we can count on. His smile is sometimes a bit naughty and he keeps us on the track in case we forget to walk our talk :-) He has finished 8th grade 2 weeks ago and a friend in Delhi has granted a scholarship for him. The program is customized to his needs and aims to get him ready for a much better school in one year !
  9. 9. His scholarship: May 2016 - April 2017 Base Location of Mentee: Prakriti School, F-72A, Noida Mode of Learning: Self designed learning, mentored by Prakriti Mentor (1) May 2016 Creativity Adda, Commercial School, Daryagan (2), NSD Theatre Workshop (18th May onwards), BPS , Mayur Vihar Ph III (3) Prakriti Summer Activity Center programs (4) June 2016 NSD Theatre Workshop, BPS, Mayur Vihar, Prakriti Summer Activity Center program (3) July - October 2016 Literacy Basics - Languages and Maths, Prakriti Creativity Adda, Commercial School, Daryaganj November 2016 - January 2016 Internship February - April 2017 ● TBD5 1 Since this is proposed to be a self-designed program, Shivraj will get enough flexibility and opportunity to choose from the modules offered by the various projects he will be sent to (other than NSD workshop which aims to deal with socio-emotional skills 2 Creativity Adda a democratic learning space where children choose from amongst various activities like Chef Academy, Urban Farming, Music, Maker Space, Media Lab, Skating, etc. The program runs from 2p-5p everyday. 3 This workshop will be conducted by National School of Drama at its regional center in East Delhi at Bharti Public School, Mayur Vihar III. 4 Prakriti runs various activities through the summer like storytelling, mime, theatre, fitness, photography etc. 5 To be decided based on Shivraj’s interest in various activities he would have experienced. 6 Any activities that Shivraj will enroll in or outstation learning trips that he might be a part of like a trip to Swaraj University, Udaipur or a trip to Bharatpur bird sanctuary etc.
  10. 10. The Janwaar Castle Community Organisation is a non-profit company under section 7 of Indian Companies Act 2013. The company runs exactly like a private limited for all legal purposes but without any shareholding and dividend for the founders – meaning all profits get reinvested. What started in late 2014 as the private initiative “Janwaar Castle” of Ulrike Reinhard (idea and concept) and Shyamendra Singh (local support) has now its necessary legal frameset. Ulrike Reinhard is the company’s CEO. She earned her degrees in marketing, HR and economics at one of the leading business universities in Europe, Mannheim University, and she worked as a freelance consultant for organizations all over the world. She is supported and guided by currently three directors: – Mehmood Khan, ex global head of innovation at Unilever and managing trustee at the Rasuli Kanwar Khan Trust – Mrutyunjay Mishra, co-founder of Juxt Smartmandate and – Shyamendra Singh, owner of Pugdundee Safaris Bank Account : A/c. No. 50200018330071, HDFC Bank Ltd. Branch: Deer Park, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi - 29 IFSC: HDFC0000503