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Ullash's Digital Brief


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have you ever wanted to start a project, so this is the first point of call, this a briefing document to give to your supplier

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Ullash's Digital Brief

  1. 1. Date sent to client: Date returned: Dates Budget and Timing What is the expect project budget for entire project Name Client Contact Details Email Mobile Work Number Company Name Client Details Street Address Web Domain Global Web Domain Local Postal Address The required completion date – everything in market Explain milestones that coincide with launch date Stakeholders In Campaign List the names/positions of decision stakeholders List any suppliers/partners we will need to work with Legals Are there any legal issues we need to consider Do you own all rights to all materials a) currently on your website b) additional campaign assets No Yes Dont Know CAMPAIGN BRIEF
  2. 2. Project Outline Your Audience Demographics, psychographics, disposable income List communication programs currently used to connect with audience + frequency – in-store + online Detail the key objectives of the campaign – be specific List campaign objectives in order: Branding, Information / Education, Engagement, Sales + ??? What are objectives that will define success – List specific metrics where possible: Traffic, Engagements, Sales ($) List current audience data collection touch-points in your communications mix – list all? How do you currently use customer data collected? List any truths about the product including: Product usage, Average Sale, Who influences purchasing, Customer perception of Product and Company Audience Insights CAMPAIGN BRIEF
  3. 3. Campaign Specifics Tick Business Results Expected With This Campaign Detail the key messaging you wish to take to market Detail mandatory campaign tactics you wish to take to market Do you have the organisational resources to produce any marketing output internally • Mass Brand Awareness and Appeal - define • Niche Brand Awareness and Appeal - define • High Sales – define high • Medium Sales – define medium • Entry-level Sales – define entry level • Brand Preference and Intension To Purchase • Positive Audience Brand Sentiment - Define • Supermarket shelf positioning • A community of strong brand advocates • Endorsement from a health entity • Repositioning – define from what, to? • Category ownership – define the category + list key differentiation to competitors within the category • Others – Please detail: Other features required CAMPAIGN BRIEF
  4. 4. Search Engines Website Design and Tone List the top 5 search terms that audiences would type to find your website Additional relevant search terms Detail your social media strategy List all URL’s of social media channels and external websites linked to this project – IE Facebook / Global Social Media Do you need help in enhancing your Social presence No Yes Dont Know  Approachable  Corporate  Authoritative  Credible/Expert  Elegant  Fresh  Funky  Stylish  Helpful  Simple/Clean  Consumer Friendly  Modern  Natural/Organic  Playful  Sophisticated  Helpful  Caring  Humble  Prestigious  Slick Other Words That Define Your Website Style / Tone Do you have corporate brand guidelines to share No Yes Dont Know Do you have any suggested imagery, tones, colours CAMPAIGN BRIEF
  5. 5. CAMPAIGN BRIEF Content Your Current Website Define the type of content on website or in use in marketing: Incl photography, video, audio, assets What content has currently been produced What new content needs to be produced Detail other supporting marketing content produced Do you need assistance in producing new content No Yes Dont Know What is good about your existing website - UX How does your website perform against objectives – Traffic, Sales, Response Rates, Leads, Reputation What is bad about your existing website Provide current traffic figures, dwell time, downloads Who hosts your current website / new website Competitors & Comparative List the websites of all major competitors List those websites you like – design & functionality