ANSKOS / muesli / FMCG (Fast Moving consumer good) Launch Strategy


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Most of the credit goes to the wonderful Nick Smith.
A Client of ours, was launching a FMCG,
The Client being from Perth, West Australia want to Launch to Australia-Wide with the goal of being under $1,000,000 to stay competitive against brands such as Carmens and Uncle Tobys

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ANSKOS / muesli / FMCG (Fast Moving consumer good) Launch Strategy

  1. 1. The Trees and the Forests For Anskos. By Nick Smith & Ullash Tiwari 28.06.13
  2. 2. We are... Strategic consultants for advertising, marketing, brand, business and communications in a digital world. Change is the only constant; everything we do is about change. It’s not just about technology and media. It’s also about people. What people are doing, how they’re doing it and why. We help clients make sense of what’s going on, so they can work with it and benefit from it. And there are some interesting things happening.
  3. 3. What we do... We create strategies and align clients with the expertise, resources and technologies that make them actionable.
  4. 4. Content Strategy Stage Reason For Communicating Suggested Tactics 1 Awareness A New Market Entrant Quality Of Ingredients “Try Us” “The Brand Endorsed by Mel B” The BIG Idea EDM = Video, Website, Social Web = Conversion Landing Page Media = CPM, Free Sample @ IGA Drive to store Sampling, Promotions, Social Push 2 Affirm Value-Prop Now a true market alternative Drive competitor differentiation Video endorsement, Sponsorship, Demonstrations, YouTube, FB 3 Forge Trust A trust partner in helping you meet your goals Market / product accreditations Product success stories Reinforce product attributes through demonstrations, fact- sheets, sampling 4 Brand Loyalty Reward valued customers + show Create exclusive events – VIP Create desire within the audience Get customers to talk Socially share content / posts / videos /successes. Value add - valued customers IE VIP event invitations
  5. 5. Path To Long-Term Customer Loyalty AWARENESS Build Convey Anskos differentiation - USP PPC What is your strategy = what position do you want to own Optimise Video + web pages+ content Brand Position Own a core proposition – What is this? The Proof Give audiences a reason to believe – “trial” AFFIRMVALUE-PROP Give Audiences A Reason To Validate Endorsements, sponsorships, brand tone, product demonstrations, fun Demonstrate Show how products are superior Announce Tell everyone where to buy, create buzz Talk Talk Talk Blogs, 3rd party editorial, Social Media = Showcase Why Buy Anskos FORGETRUST Availability Product availability Consistent comms. IE social campaigns Technology – Apps to drive awareness into product / category utility AMM Community Drive community connections Announce Roll-out of brand – where Anskos is available across the country BRANDLOYALTY Reward Show the value to customers Money Cant Buy Exclusive events – VIP, key calendar timelines IE Sexpo Customer Talk Promotions driving audiences to talk – Social Media, customer posts, competition sharing Campaign 1 Tactical Retail Promotion – Drive awareness and offer exclusivity to IGA Campaign 2 Take The Challenge – Reinforce the products value proposition Campaign 3 Drive Brand Ambassadors – Expanding the brand exposure into broader channels Campaign 4 Exclusivity – Money Cant Buy Experience – Socially and In store promotions
  6. 6. WA Launch September to October 2013 Market Strategy: With limited national media, marketing and advertising budgets, we need think strategically about to drive optimum return on your marketing investment. Our suggested strategic role-out would occur across 2 stages: STAGE 1: WA With an existing retail distribution channel through IGA, a trial brand and promotional strategy can be rolled out state-wide through all IGA stores to test messaging and measure sales and optimise the campaign for a later distribution nationallyy WA Timing: Kick Off: September & October 2013 Why 2 Months: Allow sales data to normalise over 2 x monthly sales periods, then average the sales results, brand recall, intension to purchase and purchase data.
  7. 7. National Launch November 2013+ STAGE 2: NATIONAL (Excluding WA) With an existing retail distribution channel through IGA, a trial brand and promotional strategy can be rolled out state-wide through all IGA stores to test messaging and measure sales and optimise the campaign for a later distribution nationally National Timing: Kick Off: November 2013 Why November: • With the build of the Sydney manufacturing centre to supply states beyond WA, we recommend that a minimum of 2 months elapses in order to allow time for on- boarding, manufacturing and distribution. • We also recommend going to market prior to the summer period – Anskos builds healthy lives and we wanted to launch pre-summer holidays to help forge habitual healthy eating. November will also avoid the heavy clutter of the December period. States: We will need to understand: State-based sales forecasts in order of significance, distribution contracts and order commitments to each state + the likelihood of IGA supporting Anskos in-store prior to completing actual state planning.
  8. 8. Suggested Tactics BRAND AMBASSADOR With ongoing work to further define the brand direction, the strategic placement of Mel B + customers as brand ambassadors will become clear – below are some suggested tactics. Aligning Anskos with Healthy Aspirational Opportunities Create an Anskos Lifestyle Drive social-sharing. Customers = Ambassadors   In-store, online, media, store promotions + media event = buzz 
  9. 9. Suggested Tactics APPS With a plethora of smart phones out in the market, our recommendation is to firstly leverage off existing Apps through: Advertising, Product Integration, Brand Social and Brand Ambassadors. Then, following detailed scoping, we recommend building a proprietary Anskos app – themes for development could includee: The value health foods, body tracking, menu generators, diet and exercise programs Leverage off IGA’s existing  Bar code scanning, super market mix and match 
  10. 10. Suggested Tactics IGA RETAIL PROMOTION As IGA is your largest distribution network, heavy co-marketing programs between IGA and Anskos will leverage your highest sales. Supermarket Cash Register Videos – 15 Seconds Co-branded promotions to drive in-store traffic + buzz  Docket Promotions  Co-branded sales promotions – In-store Volume Bundled Offers Launch Offers Shelf, Isle and Register Signage, Cut-outs, Flyers, Wobblers, Floor Decals   
  11. 11. Suggested Tactics FACEBOOK ADVERTISING + ONGOING AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT & COMMUNITY BUILD PAGE SETUP Video Feeds Page Setup: Banner, Medium Rectangle, Titles and Copy Design Monthly Promotional Tiles and Banner
  12. 12. Suggested Tactics FACEBOOK ADVERTISING + ONGOING AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT & COMMUNITY BUILD ONGOING AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT Managing contents, comments, likes, followers Manage promotions and posting, fan responses Contextually placed ad units – ad inventory served based on performance
  13. 13. Suggested Tactics EDITORIAL CONTENT (MAG + ONLINE), ADVERTISING + VIDEO PRE-ROLL – 30 SECONDS Paying for Editorial and Media can offset the production fees for video production. Editorial will drive authority and help to position Anskos as the leader in healthy living Branded videos that is served as a pre-roll before media content, media news. Video can also be used across: - Social Channels - Youtube - Instore - Video Email
  14. 14. National Planning September 2013 to February 2014 Timing Where Web + SEO Brand Ambass App IGA Promo FB Media FB Page Media Display Media PR Media Pre-Roll Video Samples Outdoor Channel Online All Mobile Store Online Online Print & Online Print & Online Online Store & Street Transit Sept 2013 WA FB + Stores Store + On/Off Copy + Ads $ + Rebate + Promo + Pre-Roll Editor + Promo + Fans Store Oct 2013 WA FB + Stores Online Copy + Ads Editor + Promo + Fans Nov 2013 National - WA FB + Stores Store + On/Off Copy + Ads $ + Rebate + Promo + Pre-Roll Likes Fans Editor + Promo + Fans Package + Copy Package Copy + ROS Store + Street Bus Stops + Bus Dec 2013 National - WA FB + Stores Online Copy + Ads Editor + Promo + Fans ROS Store Bus Stops + Bus Jan 2014 National - WA FB + Stores Online Copy + Ads Editor + Promo + Fans Feb 2014 National - WA FB + Stores Online Copy + Ads … Editor + Promo + Fans
  15. 15. Allocation of Funds Brand Strategy $XX,000 Facebook Set-up: Define content map, positioning and scheduling, design banners, upload content, edits and pots, reporting and refining – 12 months $XX,000 Facebook Media: Buy per month across 12 months $XX,000 Facebook Plugin: Social Feeds, Social Postings, Follow $XX,000 PPC: Drive preferential traffic to organic listed site + gives immediate page 1 positioning across 12 months $XX,000 Website: Building campaign landing page including banner design, copy, mobile optimised, collect data, push to social $XX,000 Sponsorships: Health, Celebrity Chefs, Yoga By The Sea, Boxing, Night Running, Obstacle Course Running, Tough Challenges – 100% Ownership $XXX,000 Prize: Significant prize – retail support, get market cut through, collect data $XX,000 IGA Retail Promotion: In-store video, isle promotions, signage, promotional staff, EDMs, $XXX,000 Sampling: Instore and mass transit areas – 3 x major metros $XX,000 Media: Print, Online, Editorial, Promotions, Social + Offset Video Production $XX,000 Account Management: Manage launch campaign including: Content, Production, Report, Optimise, Sign-Off, Write, Source, Briefing – launch period $XX,000 $XXX,XXX
  16. 16. While we’re relatively new, our clients already include, Salesforce, Community First Credit Union, Telstra and PointPal. Our individual team members also have considerable experience on other brands, and we’ve included some of their logos above. Detailed case studies, a portfolio of work or briefings for individual team members experience on any of these brands is available on request. Many of our team members projects have won, or been a finalist in, awards including APMA, ADMA, AIMIA, the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, the LACP in Los Angeles and W3 in New York. Our experience...
  17. 17. Thank you...