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Czechia, bohemia and moravia


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This presentation was made by Ivan Macek for the project"Europe makes school in Estonia" to present his country and compare it to Estonia, when he came to meet the students of Torma school.

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Czechia, bohemia and moravia

  1. 1. My English - my appology…
  2. 2. Tere = Ahoj/Čau/Nazdar + Ahojky. Čauky. Ahojda. Čavec… etc.Good morning/evening = Dobrý ráno/večer/den ---------------- • „Jmenuji se Ivan (a) jsem Čech.“ My name is Ivan (and) I am Czech. • „Hezký den. Jak se máte?“ Have a nice day. How are you doing? • „Díky… Díky moc.“ Thanks… Many thanks.
  3. 3. Czech language has its own peculiarities:a) 7 cases, b) less vocals, c) special sound „Ř, ř“ We use sound Ř for 500 years - we are proud of it, only Aymara Indians in Latin America have it too. Some examples to try: „Strč prst skrz krk.“ (= strchprstskrzkrk) „Tři sta třicet tři stříbrných stříkaček…“
  4. 4. So I think that I will not speak Czech:Have a nice journey around Czech lands…(What you see behind me is a part of the Bohemian Paradise.)
  5. 5. On the origins of the name „Čech“ – our favourite legend:Great grandfather called „Čech“ (Chekh) came with hissmall group of Slavs to the mountain Říp near Prague.He decided to stay because „country was rich in honey and milk…“ • Let´s watch his story in funny cartoons: •
  6. 6. What does „Czech“/“Čech“ in name of Czechia or the Czech Republic mean?• Word „Čech“ (Czech) comes from:• Člověk ( = it´s close to „č(ch)elovek“ in Russian)+ ch (kh) - it is used to say „our“ or „close“ manIt means that Čech means „our man“ or „friend“.So „Czechia“ is a „country of friends“ and„Czech Republic“ is the „Republic of our friends“
  7. 7. My country has this 3 colour flag…white (upper) and red (lower) stripes and blue triangle our anthem:
  8. 8. My homeland – Czech country – is called: Česko = Czechia České země = Czech lands and Čechy a Morava = Bohemia and Moravia(Bohemia – celtic tribe Boii, Moravia– celtic tribe Markomanii) Česká republika = the Czech Republic Má vlast/My country – Bedřich Smetana Full version:
  9. 9. I am Czech from the Eastern Bohemia from Hradec Králové – Qeen´s Castle…Czech Republic Hradec Králové - Region
  10. 10. My country is quite old …- the fourth oldest crown jewels in Europe.
  11. 11. The nation´s history is a thing which allthe Czechs often like to speak about …Czech history Silver coin that was calledin 10 minutes „The Czech Grosh“ – a hard currency in medieval Europe:
  12. 12. This is our best king: Charles IV (1316-78)The king and emperor Karel IV. made Prague a seat and capital of a big multinational state - so called „Holy Roman Empire“ -and Czech language was one of its 4 main languages in Europe (together with German, Italian and Latin).
  13. 13. We have many old castles… This one iscalled after Karel IV – Karlštejn/Karel´s stoneThe castle was built to keep Czech and imperial jewels there.
  14. 14. We are proud of 1st Czech presidentT.G.Masaryk, university professorA wise man who established our republic in Oct.1918
  15. 15. Jan Hus - 14th century priest, religiousthinker, philosopher, university professor… Jan Hus simplified grammar of the Czech language by creating signs ´ ˇ - eg. š-č-ř-ž-ý-í-á-é – Čech, ŘípSo we have saved our hands as well as a lot of paper and ink because of him.
  16. 16. Jan Hus started reform in 14th centuryHe was executed in Germany - burnt on stake…
  17. 17. We like to remember „Husites“… who followed his teaching and were strong todefeat crusaders´armies from the whole Europe– they invented short guns-pistols in 15th cent.
  18. 18. Jan Amos Komenský - thinker and teacherin early 17th century – J.A.K. spent his life in exileHe wanted to make schools friendly. He wrote nice textbooks and madematerial for teachers . Pupils in Europe have better classes thanks to him. Comenius
  19. 19. We are also proud of our first poets…such as romantic and young Karel Hynek Mácha
  20. 20. And for our best writers - novelists…such as 19t century writer Jan Neruda
  21. 21. We are very proud of our theatres anddrama… We built National Theatre in 1880´s
  22. 22. We like to listen to our music and like our composers such as Bedřich SmetanaString Quartet No. 1 -
  23. 23. Or music by Antonín Dvořák… who wrote „New World Symphony“ and „Humoresque“:
  24. 24. 20th century Czech painting is goodVáclav Špála Emil Filla
  25. 25. Czech painter František Kupka Shape of Blue
  26. 26. Our painters often like blue colourWe do not have a sea, but we have lakes and mountains.
  27. 27. Such as Karel H. Mácha´s Lake…
  28. 28. We have many small towns… such as Jičín which I like a lot
  29. 29. And other small towns…
  30. 30. And some bigger towns…
  31. 31. And even bigger towns…
  32. 32. And even bigger ones…Brno – the capital city of Moravia
  33. 33. And our country´s capital … B. Smetana Luisina polka -
  34. 34. And we have around 600 castles…
  35. 35. And ruins of castles…
  36. 36. And some more nice lakes and rocks…
  37. 37. And some more rocks…
  38. 38. And more lakes and castles…
  39. 39. And mountains…
  40. 40. And it´s the highest mountain - Sněžka
  41. 41. Our highest mountains are calledKrkonoše (the Giant Mountains)
  42. 42. I like these mountains…
  43. 43. As well as these nice lakes in woods…
  44. 44. And it´s my town Hradec during the day…(Confluence of 2 rivers - Labe and Orlice)
  45. 45. It´s my town during the night
  46. 46. And it is Hradec Králové (Qeen´s Castle) from above…
  47. 47. The centre of Hradec KrálovéCity parks Old houses
  48. 48. The old squares of Hradec…Holy Spirit Cathedral Great Square
  49. 49. Its old streets and towers…The White Tower Behind the Cathedral
  50. 50. And Hradec in the night again…(Each New Year Eve we have a firework with music.)
  51. 51. And this is our capital city Praha…Charles Bridge and the „Hradčany“ Castle
  52. 52. Our capital is on the river VltavaB. Smetana: Vltava -
  53. 53. It is a view of Hrad in the night… Prague Castle – the seat of Czech kings and presidents
  54. 54. And among these presidentswas a writer and playwrightVáclav Havel
  55. 55. And this is again a nice town of Jičín I like spending summer holidays near there…
  56. 56. This small town is famous by fairy tales… There are festivals of fairy tales every year there.
  57. 57. And the most famous of them is aboutvery good, nice and honest robber and his family… (Rumcajs, Manka and their son Cipísek)
  58. 58. Jičín´s region called Bohemian (Czech) Paradise“ has castles, rocks and lakes…
  59. 59. And other castles, rocks and lakes…
  60. 60. And some more castles…
  61. 61. And many more other castles…
  62. 62. And many other castles and rocks…
  63. 63. And many other castles and lakes…
  64. 64. Our region has many small towns…
  65. 65. And even smaller towns…
  66. 66. And also a lot of villages…
  67. 67. The Czech landsin Europeseem to beandarevery small ….
  68. 68. The Czechs…are a bit crazysometimes…But also quitenormal…Europeannation.
  69. 69. We celebrate Christmas on Dec. 24th…We have a tree and gifts are given by Jezulátko –a child.
  70. 70. We like Easter when girls are „beaten“ and they like giving eggs for that …
  71. 71. On each April 30th we love to organizespring „witch fires“ all over the country
  72. 72. And now: No more info, I will stop… Now comes… Czech quiz to check you:What is the name of the capital of my country?• Warszawa (Warszaw)• Budapest• Praha (Prague)• ………………….
  73. 73. Czechia is a bit bigger than Estonia…How many people live in the Czech lands?• 10 mil• 20 mil.• 3 mil• …………………
  74. 74. We produce many sorts of goods… (You can pick up more than one.)• Which items are not our typical products?• Car• Mobile• Beer• China• Glass• ………………………
  75. 75. We produce cars for 130 years…What´s our traditonal brand of cars we produce?• Skoda• Nissan• Ford• Hyundai• ………..
  76. 76. We all live in EuropeWho are our close neighbours?• Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus• Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine• Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Hungary• Austria, Poland, Germany, Slovakia• ……………………………….
  77. 77. We are Slavs such as…• Portuguese• Basks• Albanians• Romanians• Slovaks• Lithuanians
  78. 78. What sports or games do Czechs like?• What do you think are our favourite sports?• long distance run• ice-hockey• soccer• table tennis• shooting• …………………….
  79. 79. And now I have some answers…• Our capital is called Praha (Prague)• It has around 1.3 million inhabitants• It has a history longer than 1000 years…••
  80. 80. Prague walksPrague – motherof cities – city ofsights
  81. 81. About the Czech Republic …• My country has about 10.4 mil inhabitants• It is a lowland surrounded by mountains• Our highest mountains are Krkonoše• Our highest mountain is Sněžka (Snowhill)• Sněžka has 1602 metres• We have around 600 castles• We produce cars, beer, glass, china…
  82. 82. Our numerous neighbours in Europe…We think and feel that we live in the „heart of Europe“.
  83. 83. And these are our closest neighbours… (Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia)
  84. 84. We produce china…
  85. 85. And crystal glass
  86. 86. And beer… (not for students)…
  87. 87. We over 120 years produce Škoda carsAnd they are also being sold only to adults.
  88. 88. We (me too) like singers such as… Klus – Nohavica –áš Klus Jaromír Nohavica
  89. 89. Listen to more songs by Tomáš Klus…Songs in the concerts Songs with the lyrics• Do nebe • Nina• • atch?v=fbMUHNn0tkk atch?v=6yRqLoJ1w5k• Dopis • Marie• • atch?v=QhRg-r_FEXU atch?v=bV8WtYrhFn8• Malčik • Až• • atch?v=QhRg-r_FEXU atch?v=fbMUHNn0tkk
  90. 90. Czechs very often like K. Gott or K. KrylKarel Gott Karel Kryl
  91. 91. Men like songs by Nohavica and Kryl...Jaromír Nohavica Karel Kryl• Darmoděj • Karavana mraku• • atch?v=Oz02o74ZHMU atch?v=aPutMoW4ysQ• Kometa • Král a klaun• • atch?v=dQrC0mSRNUk atch?v=WSBOmzzFfgQ• Když mne brali za vojáka • Děkuji• • atch?v=HLyqIPGPtyo atch?v=lGXIuNhZrQk
  92. 92. Czech moms mostly like to listen…Karel Gott• Ráno si kávu dám • Je jaká je• • atch?v=02LUNIGhmpg atch?v=RYWbW0_BZ24• Zvonky štěstí • To musím zvládnout• sám atch?v=5oJG2va5yYk • atch?v=gaSbW_z6i58
  93. 93. We also like to listen…Helena Vondráčková Petr Muk
  94. 94. And I like these singers …Radůza Čechomor
  95. 95. Our parents behave the same way asin any European country (eg. in Estonia)
  96. 96. And this is one basic school in Hradec (One of many. There are more of them there.)My daughter´s 1st day in school. And this was even in newspaper
  97. 97. Our children have 2 months of summerholiday and start school in the age of 6
  98. 98. My daughter likes singers such as…OL - - Lounová Ewa Farna
  99. 99. And back again to Hradec Králové- it´s a very nice town: royal and historical: Lion with crown is a symbol of royal power.
  100. 100. And this is 20th century Hradec Králové…Ulrich Square F. L. Rieger Square
  101. 101. Some traces of the early 20th century…The Elbe Embankment The Power station
  102. 102. And this is a contemporary city…My secondary school University library
  103. 103. And this is Hradec Králové of today…University Swimming pool
  104. 104. Hradec is very beautiful at any time…
  105. 105. What can I say about Hradec Králové?• It has around 100 000 people…• It is old – mid 13th century royal dowry town• It is green – it has many large and nice parks• It has nice 2 rivers – Labe and Orlice…• It has university and it was also the centre of our national revival in 19th century.…• Hradec is much like Tartu… That´s what I feel.•
  106. 106. So let´s go for a short walk…Walking around… Enjoy time and places…• 8 min. (8.31) • 4 min. (4.28)• • watch?v=cctJAuIXI1M m/watch?v=8yow0SoX• 5 min. (4.57) Nbs• watch?v=AeXvh4Bti8Y • 5 min. (5.22) •• 2 min. (2.21) atch?v=QGya5ft1Ryg• watch?v=9SKhbZC6B98
  107. 107. There are nice places close to Hradec…Chlumec nad Cidlinou Doudleby nad Orlicí
  108. 108. And other nice places are near to it…Častolovice Hrádek u Nechanic
  109. 109. And nice towns around Hradec….Vysoké Mýto Litomyšl
  110. 110. Hradec is in North Eastern Bohemia• Its region has around 600 000 inhabitants• It is hilly and has highest mountains in my country• It produces Skoda cars, beer and glass• It is placed on the North East End of my country• More information about Hradec Králové Region:•
  111. 111. Hradec Králové has a nice area around Krkonoše, Orlické hory, Adršpach, Kuks, Český ráj…
  112. 112. Orlické hory – the Eagle Mountains
  113. 113. Adršpach
  114. 114. Kuks – the Castle Hospital
  115. 115. Český ráj - the Bohemian Paradise
  116. 116. Krkonoše - the Giant Mountains
  117. 117. There are many mountains in my region…
  118. 118. HradecKrálové -RegionKrkonošeOrlické horyČeský rájAdršpachHradec Králové
  119. 119. And it´s a coat of arms of our region…
  120. 120. Estonia - Czechia1,332,893 inhabitants 10, 505, 445 inhabitants 45, 226 square km 78, 867 square km
  121. 121. Czech nation´stastes + hobbiesOur historyDo-it-yourselfGardeningFamily cottagesCycling and hikingTravellingBeer or KofolaTea and CoffeeDumplings and porkApples, cherries, plumsCarp for Christmas
  122. 122. Czechs do many things, but they oftendo like tennis, ice hockey and soccer…• Petra Kvitová – a tennis player•• Jaromír Jágr – an ice-hockey player•
  123. 123. Petra Kvitová
  124. 124. And… Petra Kvitová again…She is very nice, optimistic and joyful person.
  125. 125. Jaromír Jágr
  126. 126. Jágr plays in the USA and Canada We like to follow ice-hockey everywhere and celebrate it: with Czech Rep. – Russia, 2010 World Championship
  127. 127. We like jogging more and more… Nonetheless we are not the best at it.
  128. 128. We like climbing of mountains…
  129. 129. We like week-ends at the cottage…
  130. 130. We also like birthday parties…
  131. 131. We like fun on the top of Zebín hill…
  132. 132. And we like having fun every day…
  133. 133. I like gardening in my free time…
  134. 134. And I like living inTartu, in Estonia.
  135. 135. Pěkný den. – Have a nice day…