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Problem solution memo


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Problem solution memo

  1. 1. James UlleryMarch 2, 2010Problem/Solution Memo MEMODATE: March 2, 2010TO: JesusFROM: James UllerySUBJECT: INCREASING DEATHS WITH THE CONSUMPTION OF PEPSIJesus, ever since Pepsi had been created deaths now in the millions have occurred from itseffects. I studied the deadly beverage and found possible causes for this to be happening. Ihave also come up with some possible solutions to stop the spread of such evil. Below aresome problems and possible solutions.Problems/Causes SolutionsPepsi has one of the most plain and boring can Dispose of all Pepsi cans.designs the world has ever seen.Pepsi is one of the stupidest names I or Erase all knowledge of that name fromanyone has ever heard and the sound of it existence.alone kills me a little inside.Pepsi tastes extremely terrible and is almost Drink Dr Pepperlike pure aspartame.Recommendations:These solutions should stop the deaths of thousands around the world, take Obama out ofoffice, and end world hunger. If additional problems occur, we’ll probably need to form a strikeforce to assassinate all existing believers in Pepsi. Please let me know your decision by3/8/2010 so we can take action before the end of all that is good is at hand.