Customer satisfaction on retailers' services


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A Presentation on the Survey conducted on the Customer Satisfaction on services offered by Retail Stores in Thodupuzha (Idukki, Kerala).

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Customer satisfaction on retailers' services

  1. 1. A STUDY OF THECUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON SERVICES OFFERED BY FMCG RETAIL STORES By Twinkle K Antony Ullas Udayakumar Viniprasad Vinayraj B Vipindas KC Vishnu Jayan
  2. 2. A Brief Through . . . Introduction and Background Service Marketing Mix Service Gaps Positioning & Differentiation Service Quality Model – RATER Role of Customers & Employees Customers Satisfaction Survey – NPS Growth Plan & Challenges
  3. 3. Introduction & Background A Service Provider (Retailer) services the needs of large number of individuals Inception long back from un-organized retail stores in Village Fairs, Melas etc. Major Share in GDP – expected 20%+ Expected Value – 2 Lakh Crores rupees according to Ministry of Commerce & Industry Expected Employment – 10 – 15 jobs in 5 yrs Major Players – Tata, Future, Reliance, Public Sector Outlets etc. etc.
  4. 4. Service Marketing Mix – The 7 Ps  Product – Here the Services being offered  Prices  Promotion  Place  Process The 3 Ps of  Physical Evidence Service Marketing  People
  5. 5. The 3 Ps of Service Marketing Process ◦ Systems used for Service Delivering ◦ Faster Customer Response ◦ Should match with the Service Provided ◦ Should match with the Local Culture ◦ ‘Self – Service’ in Retail Sores ◦ Should be adaptable ◦ Customer Attraction Schemes ◦ Use of Technology for ease of shopping ◦ Customer Redressal Mechanisms
  6. 6.  Physical Evidence ◦ Where is the Service being delivered? ◦ Allows Customer’s Judgment on Organization ◦ The ‘Ambience’ should be there ◦ Customer Perceptions created ◦ Shop Layout, Lighting, Packaging, Displaying, In-Shop POPs, Staff Uniform, The Bill etc. etc.
  7. 7.  People ◦ Right type of Staff ◦ Right number of Staff ◦ Interpersonal Training must be given ◦ Proper Aptitude & Service Knowledge necessary for staff ◦ Staff can ‘ Make or Break’ ◦ Customer also need to know his responsibility ◦ Need of proper ‘Feedback’ from Customer
  8. 8. Servicescapes Impact of Physical Environment in which the Services are being offered. One-Stop-Shop for all purchases – Groceries, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Shop Layout – Lighting, Displays, In Shops etc. Arrangement of items in display racks, cooled racks, freezers Categorized arrangement of items ‘Self – Service’ system – customer can choose his product in any quantity
  9. 9.  Freedom to spend time in the store Trained employees Uniformed Employees Monitoring of Service Encounter Offers – during off seasons also Membership Cards for Customers Packings etc. etc.Good memory of the Service Encounterto the Customer
  10. 10. Service Gaps Customer Gap Expected Service Perceived Service
  11. 11.  Provider Gaps ◦ Knowledge Gaps not knowing what the Customer Expects ◦ Service Design & Standard Gap not having the right service designs & standards ◦ Service Delivery Gap not delivering to standards ◦ Communication Gap not matching performances to promises
  12. 12. Provider Gap Located Communication Gap ◦ Promises and Performances not matched ◦ Customers given over-expectations in factors like Price ◦ Conditional advertisements
  13. 13. Market Positioning Advertising on TV, on billboards, in magazines and in other media outlets Stores have special offers, promotions and point of sale posters to attract those inside the stores to buy Promotional Mix ◦ Advertisements – TV, Print, Radio, hoardings ◦ Events/programs – Big Bazaar in GKSF ◦ Seasonal Sales Promotions – Special Packages during Onam, Diwali etc.
  14. 14. Service Differentiation Very difficult to differentiate due to intangibility factor Servicescapes Introducing exclusive ‘House Brands’ at low prices like ‘DJ & C’ and ‘Koryo’ of Big Bazaar Sweepstakes, Scratch-N-Wins, Discounts, Offers, Bundles etc. etc.
  15. 15. Service Quality Model - RATERReliabilityAssuranceTangibilityEmpathyResponsiveness
  16. 16.  Reliability ◦ Majority of the players are Reliable ◦ Major factor in Service Differentiation ◦ Efforts for delivering best service encounter experience
  17. 17.  Assurance ◦ Ensure best prices ◦ Ensure best quality ◦ Ensures best ‘purchase experiences’ ◦ Ensures best store interactions ◦ Ensures best ambience
  18. 18.  Tangibility ◦ Packings bearings Brand Logo ◦ Souvenirs ◦ Gift Vouchers through third parties ◦ Free Samples, Gifts etc. ◦ Bill Slips ◦ Pamphlets, Brochures etc. ◦ Happy Calls, SMSs etc.
  19. 19.  Empathy ◦ Price tags ◦ Ensuring In-Shop Customer Assistance ◦ Well trained employees ◦ Fast customer redressal mechanisms ◦ Performance as Promised ◦ Customer Privacy ◦ Value Customer Relations
  20. 20.  Responsiveness ◦ Willful Helping and Courtesy ◦ Personal Attention to Customers ◦ ‘No Grumbling’ Policy of More Retail ◦ Employee Discipline ◦ On-time Customer Redressal
  21. 21. Role of Customers to improvethe Quality of Service Delivery Responsibility of Customers to give proper feedback Customer must demand for what is being promised Customer must understand the differentiations and should respond
  22. 22. Role of Employees to improvethe Quality of Service Delivery Employee is the ‘Maker or Breaker’ Interpersonal Skills much important Personalized Business Service Encounters must be made memorable Must aim Customer Loyalty
  23. 23. Customer Satisfaction Survey Went with ‘Net Promoter Score’ Approach
  24. 24. Growth Plans & ChallengesTrends Growing Trends – in Inflection Point Expected Value – 2 Lakh Crores rupees Aims for 30%+ of GDP 10 – 15 Lakhs employments in 5 yearsChallenges Increase in organized retail players Liberalization in FDI terms Change in Customer Outlook Growth of ‘Etailing’
  25. 25. ConclusionConcluding with a Success Mantra “ The highest compliment that our customer can give is the referral of their friends and family”