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UN Women


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A presentation by Fiona Bourdin-Farrell, Director HR at UN Women.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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UN Women

  1. 1. UN Women Fiona Bourdin-Farrell Director, HR
  2. 2. UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment worldwide. UN Women was established in July 2010 to be the global advocate for women’s rights and to accelerate progress on achieving gender equality. What is UN Women?
  3. 3. In what priority areas does UN Women work? • Increasing women’s leadership & participation • Enhancing women’s economic empowerment • Ending violence against women • Engaging women in all aspects of peace and security processes • Making gender equality central to national development planning and budgeting • Strengthening global norms and standards
  4. 4. Where does UN Women work?
  5. 5. Workforce Distribution 407, 22.4% 359, 19.8% 300, 16.5% 251, 13.8% 202, 11.1% 153, 8.5% 143, 7.9% Asia & the Pacific HQ & Liaison Offices Eastern & Southern Africa Americas & the Caribbean Europe & Central Asia Arab States Western & Central Africa Workforce in Regions 1815 employees 132 nationalities 72 % female, 28% male 80% of senior staff (P5 & above) are female Average age is 42
  6. 6. Global UN Women campaigns: HeForShe • Launched on March 8, 2014 UN Women's Solidarity Movement HeForShe has to date been signed by 306,256 men all around the world • In Finland 2095 men have joined the movement • The ambitious aim is to bring together one half of humanity in support of the other half of humanity, for the benefit of all
  7. 7. Global UN Women campaigns:: Beijing +20 • In 1995, 189 countries adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, a visionary roadmap for women's rights and empowerment. 20 years later no country has yet finished this agenda. • The 20th anniversary of Beijing opens new opportunities. UN Women is thriving to reconnect, regenerate commitment, charge up political will and mobilize the public. 1995 2015
  8. 8. Global UN Women campaigns: Orange YOUR Neighbourhood • In 2015, the UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign invites you to “Orange YOUR Neighbourhood,” with the color designated to symbolize a brighter future without violence. • UN Women coordinates the UN Secretary-General’s campaign, supports widespread social mobilization through its Say NO – UNiTE social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter, and manages the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women.
  9. 9. Finnish nationals in UN Women NAME TITLE LEVEL DUTY STATION Kannisto, Päivi Chief, Peace & Security (1-Sept-2015) D1 New York Lassila, Satu Expert on Mission Secondment New York Dahlvik, Åsa Resource Mobilization Specialist P3 New York Auer-Himberg, Petra Communications Analyst P2 Copenhagen Jokinen, Hilkka Programme Analyst, JPO P2 Addis Ababa Kaskeala, Sanna Programme Analyst, JPO P2 New York Korvenpää, Anni Programme Analyst, JPO P2 New York Nyberg, Andrea Programme Analyst, JPO P2 Bangkok Rajander, Silja Governance and Coordination Consultant Consultant Phnom Penh Mäenpää, Katri HR Consultant Consultant New York
  10. 10. So how can YOU join UN Women? 10
  11. 11. What type of profiles are we hiring? Specialist in priority areas: • Violence Against Women • Peace and Security • Leadership and Participation • Economic Empowerment • National Planning and Budgeting • Intergovernmental/Interagency processes and coordination Management: • Regional Centre Directors • Country Representatives • Deputy Country Representatives • Operations Managers • Cluster Leaders • Resource Mobilization Operations: • Communication • Finance/Budget • Procurement • Human Resources • ICT • Facilities & Administration • Vacancies (FTA+TA) • Consultant assignments
  12. 12. UN Women Recruitment Process APPLICATION •Personal History Form (P11) •Motivational Paragraph ASSESSMENT •Technical Test •Interview(s) •Reference Checks REVIEW & APPROVAL •Compliance Review •Management Approvals
  13. 13. We would love to see more applications from you! • During the last 4 months (Jan-Apr) when we had 37 international vacant posts, we received 5611 applications out of which only 57 were from Finnish nationals. • Looking at all the D1 and above vacant positions advertised in 2014, altogether we received 1158 applications out of which only 8 were from Finnish nationals. • So in other words, from the 6769 applications only 65 were from Finnish nationals and more importantly from only 57 (0.8%) different candidates as some of them applied for multiple positions.
  14. 14. How to get long- & short-listed? Out of the applications received during the observed time period only a small number were long-listed. The 3 most common reasons for a Finnish candidate not to be considered were: • Does not meet the minimum requirement i.e. years of experience: ‘relevant experience but too junior for the position’ → DO YOU MEET THE MINIMUM CRITERIA? • No UN or international experience: ‘Only private sector experience, no international exposure’ → DO YOU HAVE INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE, PREFERABLY FROM THE FIELD AND WITH THE UN? • No context relevant experience: ‘Scope of expertise and functional competencies are not matching requirements for the post’ → DOES YOUR APPLICATION SHOWCASE YOUR CAPABILITIES IN RELATION TO THE POSITION & ITS LOCATION?
  15. 15. How to succeed in a competency-based interview? According to last year’s panel reports when it comes to interviewing, Finnish nationals do not succeed in showcasing their competencies: • ‘the selected candidate… was better able to articulate within all the required dimensions relevant to the job.’ (as opposed to the Finnish candidate) → ARE YOU ABLE TO CONVINCE US THAT YOU ARE THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB? • ‘the panel was not convinced regarding x’s abilities … and concluded that x would not be well suited to drive the delivery of this complex programme and advocate in country on sensitive gender issues.’ → ARE YOU ABLE TO DEMONSTRATE YOUR COMPETENCIES?
  16. 16. Application  Highlight the most relevant experience for the position  Always modify your P-11  Don’t assume, be precise, be sure to highlight the relevant experience  Use concise formatting and senses throughout your application  Answer all the questions in the form Description of Duties  Describe your responsibilities linking them when possible to the competencies and qualifications relevant to the position you are applying for Summary of Achievements  What was your added value/where did you contribute  Choose the most relevant achievements for your positions PERSONAL HISTORY FORM (P11)
  17. 17. I travelled to Africa with the Minister. Was travelling really for your biggest accomplishme nt? I worked for ‘Kvinna till Kvinna’ foundation. Does this person have any experience in women’s issues?
  18. 18. Application Make it easy for the recruiter to pre-select you  Always modify your motivational paragraph  Don’t use generic terms – tailor your paragraph to speak to the position  Make your words count  Link to your experience, back up your statements  Use the terms used in job description if relevant  Show your true motivation  Don’t focus on your weaknesses  You shouldn’t state any such experience that is not recorded in your P-11 too Describe how your experience, qualifications and competencies match the specific position – argue why you are a good match MOTIVATIONAL PARAGRAPH (max. 1000 characters)
  19. 19. Although I don’t speak any Chinese, I speak English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. I am very interested in working for your organization and I have all the competencies required for this position. I have good social skills and I get along with different people. I am a fast learner and a flexible colleague. I would be very good at this job.
  20. 20. Assessment TECHNICAL TESTS What is a technical test and how do I succeed in it? Technical test is a written test (often by email) where you have the opportunity to demonstrate your substantive knowledge in writing. Focus on the clarity of your communication, demonstrate your technical knowledge and show your innovativeness. INTERVIEW Prepare well – that will help to reduce your nervousness Practice a lot – time out your answers; aim for 4-5 minutes Listen to the questions – you can ask to repeat/clarify them if needed Be energetic – don’t forget to demonstrate your motivation ‘Do you have any questions for the panel?’- If you can google the answer, don’t ask REFERENCE CHECKS Who should I use as my references? Someone who knows you professionally Someone from the organization/UN is always good Someone who will have time/willingness to give the reference when needed
  21. 21. Additional Tips  UN Women will first get to know you through your application/P11  Be truthful, accurate and specific  Make your words count  Write/edit in Word  Proofread  Print application/P11 on screen or paper to check  Save your applications
  22. 22. Where do I apply?
  23. 23. Kiitos!