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Session 4 of TeachMeetNZ.
Saturday 16th of November

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  • Talofa Lava, Kia Ora and Welcome everyone to TeachMeetNZ Session 4.
    I am Sonya Van Schaijik a teacher from Newmarket School in Auckland New Zealand.
    TeachMeetNZ evolved from my Core Education efellowship inquiry into Hyperconnectivity.
    The TeachMeetNZ site and framework was collaboratively developed during my TeachNZ sabbatical year.
    The site continues to evolve and grow and currently there are over 20 mini presentations from New Zealand educators.
  • The main session is the live hangout an today we have 6x educators from around New Zealand presenting.
    In addition we have 4x guests with various roles that they will explain.
    The session is live on our wiki and also on google+
  • TeachMeetNZ is part of my ongoing learning with Hyperconnectivity that I began as a Core Education efellow in 2011.
    SOLO allowed me to identify that at extended abstract I needed to create an event for teachers so this is it.
    SOLO Taxonomy has allowed me to rethink the ways that teachers can share learning and has framed my next steps.
  • Today I will briefly highlight the story around setting up TeachMeetNZ.
    There is a fuller version on youtube embedded on the wikispace that I shared on the Virtual Learning Network.
    To begin:
    “TeachMeet is not about technology 100%, it is about the Teach first of all, and the tech is instrumental to achieving what we want to achieve pedagogically and never the other way around.” Ewan Macintosh
    NZ is aimed for New Zealand Educators and our one is the first that I am aware of presenting using Google+.
  • The idea began with RSCON 3 in 2011 when I was a moderator and then began to grow when attending TeachMeetINT virtually in 2012 and then the Google Summit in 2012
    In 2013 at Ignition I placed a notice up if anyone wanted to trial google hangout and to present a nano presentation.
    There were 6 people who joined the discussion and I shoulder tapped others.
    The first group agreed on a date and my team of helpers supported me in ironing out all the glitches.
    We live streamed all the training and mistakes. So that they could be rewound and learnt from.
  • Implementing the project involves these tools and putting time aside to work with the presenters virtually.
    Any challenges with the tools, we face together and sort out together.
  • Ah Huh moments
    TeachMeetNZ is one way where teachers share their learning.
    This year at Ulearn my aha moment was when in the session all educators shared their inquiry.
    Next year, I will add a few other modifications.
  • TeachMeetNZ has been successful in that there is a space where NZ teachers can come together and share their learning.
    For presenting they will receive a digital badge for their portfolio and a video clip of their presentation.
    This is the fourth session of TeachMeetNZ and I am proud to welcome the stunning line up that we have for today.
    So I will now pass it over to our guest to introduce themselves and then to our presenters.
    So Danielle over to you.
    I will come back at the end to run a Q&A session that will be monitored and that will be 10 minutes.
  • We will use ChatWing for questions and answers and that is currently being monitored so if you have tuned in, please join in the discussion.
    Keep on tweeting and keeping the energy going using the twitter hashtag #TeachMeetNZ.
  • Thank you all so much for joining us. A special thanks to our amazing presenters who worked with me over the past month getting ready. A big thanks to our wonderful guests who joined in to help with todays session.
    Within the next hour we should have a full recording live on the front of the wiki and on google + and over the next week I will tweet out each presenters page so you can revist and rewind and share the topics with your PLN and own staff in your schools.
    We can continue the discussion on Google Docs. So check the wiki for that link.
    We are always looking out for presenters for future sessions or even if you wish to run a topic specific session. The framework is already in place and all the templates are available to help ensure a smooth session.
    Please do get in contact if you would like to join us. TeachMeetNZ is a great way to share your ideas and learning not just in New Zealand but to a global audience. We do ask that to present if you can be a New Zealand Educator, even if you are teaching overseas.
    I mention Arjana Blazic who has inspired me along the way and suggest to you to look out for TeachMeetInternational as a way to present with Global educators sharing Global projects.
    Please complete the evaluation form on the wiki and give us your valuable feedback.
    This wraps up our fourth session of TeachMeetNZ, Good bye everyone.
  • TeachMeetNZ4

    1. 1. School: Newmarket School City: Auckland Role: E-Learning Lead Teacher ESOL Teacher and coordinator Name: Sonya Van Schaijik @vanschaijik 1
    2. 2. Welcome Introductions Google Hangout 6x presenters and our guest. History is available on the wiki Create / join a hangout Identify other tools for collaboration Q & A & evaluation @vanschaijik 2
    3. 3. @vanschaijik 3
    4. 4. The Joys of Google Hangout @vanschaijik 4
    5. 5. 54 @vanschaijik 5
    6. 6. Implementing the project @vanschaijik 6
    7. 7. @vanschaijik 7
    8. 8. Presenters 6x Observers 2x #TeachMeetNZ 8
    9. 9. Q & A using Chantwing http://teachmeetnz.wikispaces.com/ #TeachMeetNZ Evaluation forms please @vanschaijik 9
    10. 10. Some useful links. Sonya @vanschaijik @abfromz ulimasao08 www.youtube.com/ulimasao08 www.teachmeetnz.wikispaces.com www.slideshare.net/ulimasao http://teachmeetinternational.org/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TeachMeet @vanschaijik 10