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Malaysia AutoBook 2019 Preview

The Malaysia AutoBook helps you to identify new customers in the Automotive industry and provides key contact information.

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Malaysia AutoBook 2019 Preview

  1. 1. Malaysia AutoBook 2019 c PREVIEW
  2. 2. ii WELCOME!
 Malaysia is one of the Automotive Top Player of ASEAN – a market comprising some 625 Million people and significant potential for growth. Outsourcing, localization and business development The information was compiled from personal research, the internet and with support of friends at automotive companies, automotive organizations, industrial estates and business associates and is designed to support: 1) Outsourcing – local and international commodity managers, buyers who are looking to source automotive components from Malaysia 2) Localization – international managers desiring to expand their market and set up a footprint in China – either for distribution or local production. 3) Business Development - managers who seek to identify potential customers and sales opportunities in China’s automotive industry Focus on contacts This update introduces new quick links to access web sites, Google Maps locations and social media sites of the featured companies and their representatives. Simply click on the following icons to connect: I am sure this book will give you lots of information and inspire you to do business in Malaysia. To your success! Ulrich Kaiser
  3. 3. Chapter 1 Introduction
  4. 4. Automotive History Malaysia The first automotive firm in Malaysia was Gadelius & Company that represented Ford Motor Company sales in Malaysia in 1909. The company was relater replaced with an Australian representative called Wearne & Co., that signed a contract for 60 vehicles per year. In 1941, Ford Malaysia set up its first assembly plant in Bukit Timah, Singapore to supply the local market. Between 1942 to 1945 Toyoda and Nissan trucks also ere assembled at Ford Malaya’s plant in Bukit Timah. By 1947, full-scale assembly resumed. Until 1965, Ford was the only automobile assembler in Malaysian/ Singaporean sales territories, all other vehicles were imported through a local distribution companies. Through Malaysia’s independence in 1957, there was an increase in Automotive imports into the country. The Malaysian government first started encouraging the establishment of a local automotive industry in 1963. The beginnings of what became the Malaysian Automotive Industry was formed by the Then Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Lim Swee Aun. Inquires from Foreign and local firms regarding the setting up of vehicle manufacturing facilities started to come in. The then minister announced that the bigger plan was to establish a motor vehicle industry in stages. from basic assembly with some local content to chassis building and finally a fully locally manufactured vehicle. Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Ford was the first automotive firm present in Malaysia, represented by Gadelius & company. 2. Manufacturing blue print established in the early 1960’s 3. The Malaysian government finally allowed six foreign automotive manufacturers to begin assembly processes by 1966 4. In 1967, the Malaysian automotive industry was officially launched 5. PROTON became a wholly owned Malaysian company in 2004 Introduction Page 4
  5. 5. The National Automotive Policy (NAP) was introduced on 22 March 2006 to facilitate the required transformation and optimal integration of the local automotive industry to regional and global industry networks within the increasingly liberalised and competitive global environment. The NAP is the main thrust for the formulation of the strategic directions of the industry under the Third Industrial Master Plan (IMP3), 2006-2020. Three and a half years after its introduction, the National Automotive Policy (NAP) has been reviewed, resulting in new policies that will foster a more competitive market for local and international companies. In line with the Government of Malaysia's commitment to liberalisation and the " People First" concept, the NAP Review provides further benefits for consumers in terms of safety and environmental protection. As part of the review, a broad range of stakeholders was consulted to gather insights and best practices from the private sector, civil society and governmental agencies. Their common goal is to improve the long-term viability and competitiveness of the automotive market, leveraging the latest developments in the regional and global automotive industry and offering safer, greener and technologically more advanced vehicles. Section 2 AT A GLANCE 1. Introduced: 2006 2. To: Facilitate Automotive transformation 3. Ensure: Competitiveness and adaptability in changing global industry 4. Develop high value added manufacturing activities 5. Improve safety standards 6. Enhance national automotive car manufacturing competitiveness National Automotive Policy 2006-2020 Page 5
  6. 6. Chapter 2 Statistics
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. Chapter 3 OEMs Photo: Proton Plant, Selangor
  9. 9. Proton Holdings Berhard, most commonly recognized as Proton is a Malaysian corporation that designs and manufactures automobiles. The company was established in 1983 and is headquartered in Shah Alam, Malaysia. Originally, Proton was a manufacturer of rebadged Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) products during the 80’s and 90’s. Since the new millennium, Proton has been manufacturing several locally designs vehicles. Currently, Proton cars are sold in over 10 countries, the majority of which are in Southeast Asia. Proton has also owned the Lotus Car brand since 1996. Proton was originally owned in majority by HICOM, with minority stake holders including the Mitsubishi group. In 2005, Mitsubishi sold its stake to Khazanah Nasional, and in 2012 Proton was fully acquired by DRB-HICOM. Currently, the automobile manufacturer is undergoing a transformation process that is part of a long-term strategy plan to turn the company around to make it profitable and regain its international presence. Current Model Range Saga Persona Perdana Iriz Suprima S Preve Exora SP Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Established: 1983 2. Employs: 12,000 3. Turnover: N/A Proton Page 9 Proton Holdings Bhd Centre of Excellence Complex
 KM33.8 Westbound, Shah Alam Expressway
 47600, Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan Tel: +60 8026 9999 Ritzwa Rosli Mohd Rosli Head of Sales Divison Mohd Seth Sulaiman Head of Production Planning Suhaizi Hassan Head of Powertrain Development
  10. 10. Shah Alam Plant The Shah Alam plant has served Proton in a wide capacity. The plant dates back to 1985, in Protons first attempt to manufacture their very first car, the Proton Saga. The PROTON Shah Alam manufacturing complex includes the original Main Plant and Multi Vehicle Factory (MVF). The plant contains a separate engine machining and assembly building within the complex where cylinder blocks, crankshaft and camshafts for the CamPro engine are machined and subsequently assembled. The Main plant currently produces the Saga, Waja and Arena models. The Saga model is the highest volume model produced, averaging about 6,600 units a month. The capacity of the Saga has also been reviewed from 72,000 units to 96,000 units to accommodate the good demand especially from the domestic market. The Main Plant's capacity is 150,000 units while the MVF capacity is 50,000 giving a total capacity of 200,000 units per year. Proton Shah Alam Plant Hicom Industrial Estate, 47600 Shah Alam, Selangor Tel: +60 19 486 6091 Mohd Ariff Ridzuan Abu Samah Senior Manager Mohd Firdaus Production Engineer Saifullah Md Ghazaly Lead Engineer Tanjung Malim Plant The Plant The Tanjung Malim plant is situated in the northern state of Perak. It has an annual capacity of 150,000 units (involving 2 shifts) with a 60 percent automation level. The plant comprises five main buildings; the Engine & Transmission (ETM), Stamping, Body Assembly, Painting and Trim and Final Assembly. These buildings are equipped with an Automatic Line Control or error-proof system that assists workers to enhance built up quality and achieve production efficiency.  To allow greater production flexibility, the plant is capable of producing multi-model products on a common line. Each line can assemble vehicles on three different platforms. The Tanjung Malim Plant is spread out over 1,280 acres, producing a quarter of a million cars a year. The design is mirrored in the plant's modern profile roof. Proton Tanjung Malim Plant Mukim Hulu Bernam Timur, Padang Batang, Perak, 35950 Tel: +60 5 457 8888 Sukri Hamid General Manager Meor Ahmad Firdaus Meor Abd Aziz Senior Engineer Page 10
  11. 11. Component Plants Casting Plant The Casting plant situated in the industrial area at Glenmarie. Currently Casting plant is producing Aluminum and Iron raw cast up to 180,000 cylinder blocks, crankshafts, bearing caps and others. ETM Plant The ETM plant is capable to produce competitive product - Machining (C/Block, Cylinder Head, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Bearing Cap, Knuckle, Transmission Case, Clutch Housing), Engine and Transmission for meeting CBU & CKD production. Stamping Plant The Stamping Plant facility has 400 tonne to 4,600 tonne press machine. Stamping plant can produce up to nine different stamping equipment. Concept Cars Jebat Lekiu Tuah Lekir Kasturi Page 11
  12. 12. Section 2 Automotive OEMs in Malaysia Page 12 The full version of the Malaysia AutoBook includes profiles of the following OEMs.
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  13. 13. Chapter 4 Malaysian Tier 1
  14. 14. PHN Industry Sdn Bhd, is a leading manufacturing specialist for metal-based automotive components, and the largest dies manufacturer in Malaysia. Incorporated in October 1990, PHN Industry Sdn Bhd, jointly owned by DRB-HICOM Berhad and PROTON Holdings Sdn Bhd, is the leading manufacturer of automotive components in Malaysia. The company employs over 1,200 workers. The company is a Tier-1 supplier for body structure modules for major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) namely PROTON, PERODUA and HONDA. They specialize in the metal stamping, components assembly, roll forming and dies manufacturing. PHN has four manufacturing facilities in Shah Alam, Bukit Beruntung, Melaka and Subang Jaya. Product range: Beam Assy Front Bumper Front Side Structure Assy Left/Right Backbone CVT-MT Pillar Inner Left/Right Panel Dash Panel Assy Wheelhouse Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Established: 1990 2. Employs: 1,200 3. Turnover: N/A PHN Industry Page 14 PHN Industry Sdn. Bhd.
 Headquarters Lot PT 75 - 77 Jalan 26/6 Seksyen 26 Shah Alam, Selangor 40710 Tel: +60 (03) 51914636 Email: Sharul Nizar Hamid Head of Department Ahmad Fitri Project Management Wan Kamarulzaman Wan Omar Production Manager Mohd Shazali Abdul Yusoh Business Development Manager
  15. 15. Below is a list of PHN locations. PHN Industry Sdn Bhd Headquarters Lot PT 75-77, Jalan 26/6, Kawasan Perindustrian HICOM Seksyen 26, Peti Surat 7306, 40710 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan Tel: +60 (03) 51914636 PHN Industry Sdn Bhd (Bukit Beruntung) PT 7450-7451 Jln Jasmine, Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Beruntung, 48300 Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan Tel: +60 (03) 60285795 PHN Industry Sdn Bhd (Kelemak) Lot 124 –126, Jln Kelemak, Kawasan Perindustrian Alor Gajah, 78000 Alor Gajah Tel: +60 (06) 5565696 PHN Industry Sdn Bhd (Pegoh) PT2222, Jalan HICOM Pegoh 5, Kawasan Perindustrian HICOM Pegoh, Fasa 2, 78000 Alor Gajah Tel: +60 (06) 5528242 PHN Industry Sdn Bhd (Subang) No. 7, Lot 2608 Jalan Subang 6, Off Persiaran Subang, Taman Perindustrian Subang, 47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan Tel: +6(03) 80115250 PHN Industry Sdn Bhd (Pekan) Kompleks Automotif DRB-Hicom Pekan, Kawasan Perindustrian Peramu Jaya, 26607 Pekan Tel: +60 (09) 4260037 Additional Contacts Norliza Sa’ari General Purchasing Manager Email: Sharul Nizar Hamid Oversea Business Enquiry Email: Corporate Enquiry Email: General Enquiry Email: Page 15
  16. 16. Section 2 Malaysian Automotive Suppliers Page 16 The full version of the Malaysia AutoBook includes profiles of the following Companies.
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  17. 17. Chapter 5 Asian Tier 1 Photo: DENSO
  18. 18. DENSO Corporation, headquartered in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for the world’s major car makers. DENSO is a supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for all major automakers, operates in 38 countries and regions with more than 140,000 associates. Consolidated global sales for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015 totaled €31.9 billion, approximately 9.2% of which was invested in research and development. Denso (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. manufactures automotive parts and components such as engine electronic control unit, starter motors, car heaters, and coreless heaters. The company was formerly known as Nippondenso (M) Sdn. Bhd and changed its name in January 1996. The company was founded in 1980 and based in Bandar Baru Bangi, Malaysia. Denso (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. operates as a subsidiary of Denso Corp. In Malaysia, Denso has one manufacturing facility that supplies major OEMs in Malaysia. Below is a list of products. Product range: Air Conditioning System - Cooling Unit, Condenser, Compressor, Evaporator Body Equipment - Meters, Windshield Wipers, Windshield washers, Power Window Motor, Horns, Flashers and Relays Engine Related Components - Starter Motor, Alternator, Radiator and Fuel Pump Driving Control and Safety Products - Airbag ECU, Engine EcU and EPS ECU. Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Established: 1946 2. Employs: 66,300 3. Turnover 2015: 43.1 Billion EUR Denso Page 18 Denso Corporation
 Main Office & Manufacturing Plant Lot 2, Jalan P/1, Section 13 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi Selangor Darul Ehsan Tel: +603 - 8732 8888 Chong Foo Sin Corporate Director Kasuadi Sulhi Sales Manager Mohammad Shah Izham Abdull Engineer Mohd Shaifulnizam Abd Ghaffar Production Planner
  19. 19. Section 2 Asian Automotive Suppliers in Malaysia Page 19 The full version of the Malaysia AutoBook includes profiles of the following Companies.
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  20. 20. Chapter 6 European Tier 1 Photo: Continental Automotive
  21. 21. Founded in 1871 and headquarters in Germany, Continental develops technologies for transporting people and their goods. As a supplier of brake systems, systems and components for powertrains and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires and technical elastomers, In 2015, the corporation generated sales of €39.2 billion with its five divisions, Chassis & Safety, Interior, Powertrain, Tire, and ContiTech. Continental currently employs more than 212,000 people in 55 countries. The Continental Corporation is divided into the Automotive Group and the Rubber Group, and consists of five divisions: Chassis & Safety Powertrain Interior Tires ContiTech Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Established: 1871 2. Employs: 212,000 3. Turnover 2015: 39.2 Billion EUR Continental Page 21 Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn Bhd
 2455, MK 1, Tingkat Perusahaan 2A, Prai Industrial Estate, 13600 Prai, Penang Tel: +60 4 3819 100 Email: Luciano Oliveira Managing Director Carlos Cano, PMP Senior Product Development Manager C.K. Lim Senior Purchasing Manager Sakinah Ayub Khan Engineer
  22. 22. Continental Automotive Components Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a leading automotive parts manufacturer in Malaysia is part of Continental AG. The Malaysian operations commenced business in 1985, initially to supply the instrument cluster to the Proton Saga, the first National car of Malaysia. Over the years, the company has evolved from supplying only to the Malaysian market, to the current level where more than 80% of the production is exported to OEM manufacturers on every continent. From the beginning when the company was only producing instrument clusters, the portfolio has grown to include other automotive components for 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers. The company further ventured into the production and export of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA’s) in 1992. Today, it designs and builds instrument clusters for the neighboring countries, including Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan. This is done with a talented group of local engineers, using identical tools used by the Continental Group throughout the world. The plant in the Prai Industrial Estate is strategically located near the Penang Airport, and Seaport, and next to the North-South Highway, for easy distribution to company’s major Malaysian customers and to Thailand by road. As a Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse, our products are competitive as components, raw materials and equipment including spare parts, are imported without customs duties, making the products affordable by all. Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn Bhd
 2455, MK 1, Tingkat Perusahaan 2A, Prai Industrial Estate, 13600 Prai, Penang Tel: +60 4 3819 100 Email: 22
  23. 23. Continental Sime Tyre Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia Sdn Bhd , wholly owned subsidiary of Continental AG who is one of the largest tyre manufacturer worldwide and one of the world's leading suppliers to the automotive industry for tyre and brake technology, vehicle dynamic control, as well as electronic and sensor systems. Continental Sime Tyre Sdn. Bhd. manufactures tires. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Continental Tyre Malaysia Sdn. Bhd was formerly known as Continental Sime Tyre Sdn Bhd. As a result of the acquisition of remaining 30% stake in Continental Sime Tyre Sdn Bhd by Continental AG, Continental Sime Tyre Sdn Bhd 's name was changed. Continental Tyre Malaysia Sdn. Bhd operates as a subsidiary of Continental AG. Continental Sime Tyre Sdn Bhd (CST), is a joint venture between Continental AG and Sime Darby Berhad, with two manufacturing facilities; Continental Sime Tyre PJ Sdn Bhd (PJ) and Continental Sime Tyre AS Sdn Bhd. Continental Sime Tyre PJ Sdn Bhd
 Petaling Jaya - Manufacturing Plant
 No 4, Jalan Tandang, 46050,
 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
 Tel: +60 (0) 3 7787 8888
 Continental Sime Tyre AS Sdn Bhd
 Alor Setar - Manufaturing Plant
 No 1, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
 P.O.Box 100, Mergong, 05710
 Alor Setar, Kedah
 Tel: +60 (0) 4 740 9189 Cameron Wilson Managing Director & Sales Manager ASEAN Sascha Tomaszewski Head of Purchasing Thanabal Sarangapany Head of Engineering JJ Dowling Plant Manager 23
  24. 24. Section 2 European Automotive Suppliers in Malaysia Page 24 The full version of the Malaysia AutoBook includes profiles of the following Companies.
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  25. 25. Chapter 7 North American Tier 1
  26. 26. Goodyear's involvement in Malaysia dates back to 1908 when The Goodyear Orient Company, a rubber buying firm, was established in Singapore to purchase rubber from plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia. The sales of Goodyear products in Malaysia began in 1929 through the office of the Goodyear Sales Company, which was established in Singapore. In 1972, Goodyear Malaysia Berhad established its own manufacturing plant based in Shah Alam, Selangor and today is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in Malaysia. Working three shifts, the company employs nearly 700 people and produces a wide range of passenger car tyres in three different brands, namely Goodyear, Fulda and Kelly. Inaddition, the plant also produces light truck tyres for commercial and 4x4 applications, medium commercial and graders/ tractors tyres. As a subsidiary of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, USA, Goodyear Malaysia benefits from research and development support of technical centers located in Japan, Europe, and America. This support has enabled Goodyear Malaysia to produce outstanding tyres along with providing outstanding services. As a result, Goodyear Malaysia has taken the leadership position in the Malaysian tyre market. Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Established: 1898 2. Employs: 67,000 3. Turnover 2015: 18.13 Billion USD Goodyear Page 26 Goodyear Malaysia Sdn. Bdh. Jalan 15/17Persiaran Selangor, Kawasan Perindustrian, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
 Tel: +60 3-5519 2411 Azizul Fitri Shahrin Project Manager Mohd. Jazrin Shamsul Bahrin Project Engineer Chee Lip Choon Sales Director Estee Tay
  27. 27. Section 2 North American Automotive Suppliers in Malaysia Page 27 The full version of the Malaysia AutoBook includes profiles of the following Companies.
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  28. 28. Chapter 8 Associations Photo: Malaysian Automotive Association
  29. 29. An agency under MITI, MAI is to serve as focal point and coordination centre for the development of the local automotive industry. MAI was incorporated on 16 April 2010, to function as an independent non-profit organization under the custodian of MITI and was officially launched on 10 June 2010. MAI assists members in all matters related to automotive industry, including formulating of the national automotive policy, managing manpower development programme, formulating and coordinating automotive related research and development. MAI is to further enhance MITI’s support in developing the local industry. Malaysia has embarked on its industrialisation programme some 30 years ago and during that period the nation has successfully developed, or at the very least initiated the foundations for development, a number of industrial sectors for the country’s economic activities. Today, within the transport sector, namely; automobile, coaches and buses, light transport vehicles, trucks and containers, railway coaches, to name a few have been produced locally, reflecting the success of this sector. Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Founded in 1978 2. Supporting its members and supporting development of the Malaysian Automotive Industry MAI Page 29 Malaysian Automotive Institute Block 2280, Jalan Usahawan 2, Cyber 6 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor Tel: +603 8318 7742  Email: Mohd Nur Manager
  30. 30. Section 2 Automotive Associations in Malaysia Page 30 The full version of the Malaysia AutoBook includes profiles of the following Assoications.
 You can order your subscription for the Malaysia AutoBook here.
  31. 31. Chapter 9 Events Photo: Automechanika KL
  32. 32. As the automotive market in the ASEAN body continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important for firms to connect with companies and customers. Automechanika Kuala Lumpur, the only Malaysian automotive trade show co-organised with Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) and endorsed by Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), offering you a myraid of business opportunities! Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Date: 21-23 March 2019 2. Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre 3. Matchmaking opportunities AutoMechanika Page 32 Organizers: Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd 35/F, China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Tel: +85 2 2802 7728 Email: 
 Event Location Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Stall 7, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088
  33. 33. Product Groups Parts & Components: Powertrain; chassis; bodywork; standard parts; interior; alternative drive systems original equipment; charging accessories; regenerated; reconditioned and restored parts for passenger vehicles and utility vehicles Electronics & Systems: Engine electronics; vehicle illumination; on- board power supply system; Intelligent traffic systems (ITS) / vehicle safety; comfort electronics
 Accessories & Customising: Accessories for motor vehicles in general; technical customising; visual customising; infotainment; special vehicles; equipment and retrofittings; wheel rim; tyres; tyre pressure management systems; car trailers and small utility vehicle trailers; spare parts and accessory parts for trailers Repair & Maintenance: Workshop equipment and tools; bodywork repair; painting and corrosion protection; maintenance and repair of vehicle superstructures; towing service; accident assistance; mobile services; disposal and recycling; workshop and car dealer equipment; oil and lubricants Management & Digital Solutions: Workshop / car dealer / filling station design and construction; finance; franchise concepts; claims management and claims control; dealer management systems; workshop management; vocational training and advanced training; workshop and car dealer marketing; internet service providers and vehicle marketplaces; promotion of trade and industry; cluster initiatives; mobility concepts Car Wash, Care & Reconditioning: Washing; vehicle care; vehicle reconditioning; charging infrastructure and refuelling
 Page 33
  34. 34. Section 2 Automotive Events in Malaysia Page 34 The full version of the Malaysia AutoBook includes profiles of the following Events.
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  35. 35. Chapter 10 Media Photo: Automotive Fair Organizer
  36. 36. Malaysia Automotive Online Magazine available online. It is published by the Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE). The publication covers Malaysian Automotive industries Brands, Parts and Components and Accessories. Volume 1: The Brands Volume 2: Parts and Components Volume 3: The Accessories Click here to views the online magazine. Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Since: N/A 2. Provides information to promote and develop Malaysian Export industry 3. Provides information about Malaysian Automotive Industry Malaysia Automotive Online Magazine Page 36 Menara MATRADE Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah 50480 Kuala Lumpur Tel: +603-6207 7077 Email:
  37. 37. Section 2 Other Automotive Media Page 37 The full version of the Malaysia AutoBook includes profiles of the following Media.
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  38. 38. Acknowledgements Photo: Tan Chong Motors, Nissan
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