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EMAG World Class Manufacturing Newsletter Nr. 22

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EMAG News 22 English

  2. 2. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components modular Pick-Up-Machines Top Performance guaranteed All new modular turning machines from EMAG have three particular features, namely state-of-the-art design, economical processes and high machining quality. Excellent value for money comes as standard. Vertical turning machines for shafts MODULAR The benefits at a glance STANDARD The machine concept provides the basis for machining chucked and shaft parts. Our common parts strategy when we design the systems simplifies the stocks of spare parts you have to keep Vertical turning machines for chucked parts The modular concept of the new machine platform makes it possible: the machines can be perfectly adapted to suit various applications; although constructed in an extremely compact way; and feature high-performance drives as well as an integrated automation solution using a pick-up spindle or pick-up turret. The economical nature of the production process is always central, which guarantees best performance. This includes fast processes, high component quality for all operations used as well as decreasing investment costs. In short: The new pick-up machines will reduce your costs per part. VL 2 Workpiece diameter, max.: 3.9 in Workpiece height, max.: 5.9 in 2 VL 4 Workpiece diameter, max.: 7.9 in Workpiece height, max.: 7.9 in
  3. 3. EMAG NEWS 22 VT 2-4 VT 4-4 Workpiece diameter, max.: 3.9 in Workpiece height, max.: 15.7 in Workpiece diameter, max.: 7.9 in Workpiece height, max.: 24.8 in / 41.3 in COMPACT SIMPLE fast INTEGRATED The machines require little floor space and in addition, a flexible machine layout (Chaku Chaku or in a line) is possible. The systems can be linked easily using central conveyor belts and pick-and-place units and changers. Short distances and tooling times ensure short idle times. The pick-up automation ensures rapid processes. At the same time, investment costs are reduced since the automation is already integrated. VL 6 VL 8 Workpiece diameter, max.: 11.8 in Workpiece height, max.: 7.9 in Workpiece diameter, max.: 15.7 in Workpiece height, max.: 11.8 in 3
  4. 4. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components "We act as a systems supplier and develop the complete manufacturing system – from the individual machine to the machining processes to the automation." Dr. Guido Hegener, CEO of EMAG Salach Maschinenfabrik GmbH Manufacturing systems for chucked parts Systematically Successful The more sophisticated the component, the more complicated the production solution? Not at EMAG: our specialists develop manufacturing systems that score with simple interlinking, speed and flexibility. The guarantee for the success of this system is the modular design of the new EMAG pick-up machines. They are the central “building blocks” in the manufacturing systems which ensure economical processes by their three central benefits: 1. 2. 3. Whether turning, milling or drilling – based on the modular design, every individual machine can be perfectly configured for the respective operation. The workpieces are transported to the machining area using the pick-up method. Conveyor belts or shuttles in turn transport the parts between the machines. Result: the automation ratio of the manufacturing system turns out to be unusually small. Transport distances are short – and the workpiece flow fast. Every operation and the degree of automation can be changed at will. Thus, the manufacturing system can always be perfectly adjusted, even with increasing quantities or changed component requirements. In short: EMAG manufacturing systems benefit from modular machine design, simple automation and flexible configuration. 4
  5. 5. EMAG NEWS 22 Line cycle time example: manufacturing system for gears 25 Seconds questions & answers Turnkey? The technology, automation and process development all come from a single source. Ultimately, you will have a complete solution, with short lead times and a fast production start guaranteed. Optimized? We coordinate the manufacturing systems, peripheral machines and automation systems perfectly with each other. Productive? The complete system developed by EMAG benefits from simple automation systems, optimized interfaces and short transport distances. This ensures that the full process can be started quickly and remains economical in the long term. Easy maintenance? Lots of identical components are used in the machines. The manufacturing system also benefits from short re-tooling and maintenance times. Lots of planning? A contact at EMAG takes on the central project work and makes your overall planning process easier with his experience and system expertise. 5
  6. 6. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components OP 10 / OP 20 VTC 100-4 Manufacturing systems for shafts Everything is Possible What does a modern, highly productive, cost-efficient manufacturing system for shafts look like? EMAG answers this question on the basis of VL- and VT- machines. By interlinking VL- and VT-machines, EMAG creates manufacturing systems which not only guarantee a highly productive and high-precision machining process. This system also ensures efficient processes in any (future) production situation. The reason is that the manufacturing line is scalable. Fluctuating quanti ties? New components? Modified component geometry? Different machining technologies? Everything is possible at any time with this system. In short: EMAG manufacturing systems with VL- and VT-machines are flexible and productive – a future-safe solution for any machining task. with counter spindle Cutting to length Centering 4-axis turning with counter spindle Cutting to length Centering 4-axis turning VLC 200 H Gear cutting OP 50 OP 40 VTC 100-4 OP 30 VTC 100-4 OP 10 / OP 20 OP 10 / OP 20 Example: manufacturing system for steering pinions VLC 100 IH Inductive Hardening VTC 100 GT with two grippers Grinding Measuring Ø Longitudinal positioning Line cycle time 26 Seconds Raw parts Finished parts Transfer units grinding wheel Stopper Barrier Empty pallets 6 Raw parts Machined OP 10 / OP 20 Machined OP 30 Machined OP 40 Machined OP 50 (Finished parts)
  7. 7. EMAG NEWS 22 OP 10 / OP 20 VTC 100-4 OP 30 VLC 200 H OP 40 VLC 100 IH OP 50 VTC 100 GT VL- / VT-Manufacturing lines The main facts ... ... about the line: … about the production environment: »» 30 % higher productivity due to 4-axis machining on the machines »» Modular, universal manufacturing concept – can be expanded and adapted at any time »» Short transport distances and therefore short idle times »» Minimum additional costs because there is no need for temporary storage, internal transport, etc. in the company and therefore low stock levels and faster throughput times »» Maximum precision by machining in few clamping operations (no reclamping errors) »» 15 % less floor space requirement »» Simple connection of in-house automation solutions »» User-friendly with simple re-tooling and maintenance 7
  8. 8. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components In a single clamping operation: internal and external grinding and other processes Combining the best: The benefits of EMAG turning / grinding centers at a glance 1 2 3 4 More flexible More reliable Faster Hard turning, scroll-free turning and grinding are performed on a single machine. 8 More precise The grinding wheel is designed specifically for the finishing quality. Hard finish-turning is performed first, for as long as the component and process reliably allow it. (Much shorter) grinding is then performed. Only a little material is cut when grinding, so the process is faster. In addition, the service life of the tool is also prolonged.
  9. 9. EMAG NEWS 22 VSC DS / DDS Chuck diameter, max.: 9.8 / 15.7 in Swing diameter, max.: 10.2 / 16.5 in Machining diameter, max.: 6.3 / 10.2 in X-axis travel: 26.8 / 33.5 in Y-axis travel: 12.4 in (DDS) Z-axis travel: 7.9 / 12.4 in PerfeCt for interlinking Hard turning and grinding of chucked parts for complex task For really Hard Tasks There isn't a more efficient hard machining process for chucked parts: Hard turning and grinding are combined in a flexible manner on the VSC-machines with countless advantages. This combination is quite something: only the optimal machining process is always used in the EMAG VSC-machines for hard machining of chucked parts such as gear wheels. Initially, the component is hard finish-turned and then ground where product quality and process reliability demand it. And this also means: only minimum grinding allowance is left after turning. The grinding wheel is designed precisely for this. This results in an extremely good surface quality and short cycle times. In addition, the grinding wheel is subject to slower wear and needs to be dressed less often. So the entire process has massive benefits from this. Only the best solution will do All important criteria for hard machining are combined on our machines: high component quality, process reliability, and flexible, economical sequences. We adapt every solution perfectly to your needs. In short: Medium- and large-series hard machining benefits from the best “of both worlds” – hard turning and grinding combined in an intelligent way. VLC 100 GT: Circular grinding VG 110: Non-circular grinding VLC 250 DS: Multi-technology Vertical grinding machine for chucked parts with a diameter of up to 100 mm. The pick-up principle guarantees short idle times and maximum productivity. The vertical machine for small chucked parts for non-circular machining. Internal and external grinding are performed flexibly depending on the particular workpiece. Turning, hard turning, internal grinding and external grinding are performed in a single clamping operation and in a vertical arrangement. Specifically designed for precise, cost-efficient production, with a reliable process, involving medium and large series. Chuck diameter, max.: 6.3 in Chuck diameter: Chuck diameter: Swing diameter, max.: 7.9 in Swing diameter, max.: 3.9 in Machining diameter, max.: Machining diameter, max.: 3.9 – 7.5 in 6.3 in Swing diameter, max.: 3.3 in Machining diameter, max.: 9.8 / 12.4 in 13.8 in 9.8 in X-axis travel: 35.4 in X-axis travel: 18.1 in X-axis travel: 55.1 / 63.0 in Z-axis travel: 14.8 in Z-axis travel: 8.9 in Y-axis travel: ± 3.9 in Z-axis travel: 11.8 in 9
  10. 10. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components EMAG VTC-Machines Joint “Attack” on the Shaft Hard machining for shafts: VTC-machines from EMAG ensure fast processes when turning and grinding operations come together. There isn’t more flexibility than this, almost the entire finishing process is carried out in the VTC-machines: hard and soft turning, scroll-free turning, grinding and simultaneous grinding, synchronous support grinding and non-circular grinding. Important for this: the component may be changed at any time. The machines can be reconfigured quickly for changing machining tasks. Even complex combination processes can be configured extremely efficiently in the EMAG machines: the tool turret completes all turning and milling operations, while the CBN grinding then starts at the second station. And that means: machines of the VTC-series machine cylindrical bearing seats, shoulders and grooves completely and in a single clamping operation. This drastically reduces clamping errors. In short: The VTC-machines guarantee efficient shaft machining with a reliable process. Turning and grinding on a single machine VTC 100 GT Chuck diameter, max.: Workpiece diameter, max.: Workpiece length, max.: Background of scroll-free turning VTC 315 DS 6.3 in Chuck diameter, max.: 3.9 in Workpiece diameter, max.: 12.4 in 9.4 in 15.7 in Workpiece length, max.: 27.6 in X-axis travel: 13.4 in X-axis travel: 15.4 in Z-axis travel: 26.0 in Z-axis travel: 37.4 in 10 Even this high-performance process can be carried out on the VTC: EMAG scroll-free turning is an extremely fast and productive hard machining process. It achieves very high non-twist characteristics, which is an important factor when machining gasket seats. Dry machining is also an option.
  11. 11. EMAG NEWS 22 1 Machining times reduced by over 70 % 3 2 Fast, easy re-tooling 3 Maximum precision even in the case of slim shafts advantages of EMAG synchronous support grinding EMAG synchronous support grinding: GRINDING “SQUARED” Reduce machining times for grinding processes by over 70 % with two opposed grinding wheels. The entire process benefits from synchronous support grinding. The shaft is clamped vertically and two opposed grinding wheels simultaneously machine the workpiece. Normal forces are eliminated with this arrangement. This allows downright productivity leaps. The grinding times on transmission shafts with multiple bearing seats, for example, can thus be drastically reduced. Another important factor: a traversable support absorbs the resultant tangential forces on the shaft. This is why it is also possible to machine slim workpieces at high feed rates. Tangential forces Normal forces (cancel each other out) Normal forces (cancel each other out) Traversable support (eliminates tangential forces) 11
  12. 12. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components September 16-21, 2013 EMO 2013 Impressions 12
  13. 13. 03 7 130 0 7/2 13 de · Än r un ge or nv b eh al t e n/ M o di fica ti re o ns s er ve d 13
  14. 14. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components Gear hobbing machines from EMAG Perfect Gear Cutting Gear wheels are essential for almost every type of drive unit and their component quality plays a major role in the efficiency of the entire system. With this in mind, the requirements for their manufacturing are particularly high. Take automobile gearboxes: it is not just the number of gears (and the gear wheels required for them) that appears to be constantly on the increase. Technological development is also racin g ahead. This poses a challenge for manufacturing: the components must be more precise, and the processes must be faster and more reliable. Always the best gear cutting solution With their horizontal and vertical gear hobbing machines, the powertrain specialists at EMAG offer a wide range of economical solutions. The machines are tailored precisely to suit various manufacturing conditions. 14 For example, horizontal gear hobbing machines from KOEPFER: The machine base made of polymer concrete MINERALIT®, the roller bearings in the linear axes and the closed frame design form a very stable system. This is supplemented by high speeds at the milling head and main spindle. These in turn, mean high cutting speeds even for shafts with a very small numbers of teeth. For example, the VLC 200 H vertical gear hobbing machine from EMAG: Compact and fast: the VLC 200 H is characterized by compact dimensions, short transport distances and great dynamism. This provides an excellent basis for manufacturing precision gears. In short: EMAG develops optimal gear cutting solutions for a wide range of workpieces.
  15. 15. EMAG NEWS 22 Gear hobbing machines from EMAG KOEPFER 160 Module, max. KOEPFER 200 KOEPFER 300 2.5 Workpiece diameter in 3 4 3.5 / 5.5 4.7 / 7.1 5.5 / 7.7 Cutting distance in 7.9 / 18.9 7.9 11.8 Workpiece length in 11.8 / 39.4 11.8 11.8 / 31.5 Cutter width in 9.8 5.1 / 3.9 9.8 Shift travel in 6.3 3.9 / 2.8 6.3 Main spindle speed rpm 4,000 450 / 1,000 800 Hob speed rpm 5,000 2,400 / 3,000 / 5,000 2,500 / 4,000 New vertical gear hobbing machine VLC 200 H Module, max. 4 Workpiece diameter in 7.9 Cutting distance in 7.1 Workpiece length in 15.7 Max. cutter diameter in 3.9 Shift travel in 6.3 Main spindle speed rpm 2,000 Hob speed rpm 4,000 Highly skilled – the VLC 200 H vertical gear hobbing machine This intelligent system drastically improves productivity for gear cutting on wheel-shaped workpieces, with EMAG’s typical design being the main reason. the integrated Automation system using a pick-up spindle ensures short idle times and shrinking costs per piece. It is perfectly prepared for integration into manufacturing systems. Either a concept with a directed part flow or revolving automation system is conceivable. 15
  16. 16. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components The modular system concept of the ELC 160 is the ideal basis for a complete, multi-stage manufacturing system. 100 % monitoring due to ultrasonic tests If you wish, EMAG production planners will also integrate ultrasonic inspection devices in the complete system. The equipment can be interlinked directly with the ELC-system or functions as a stand-alone solution. 16
  17. 17. EMAG NEWS 22 ELC 160 laser welding machine Only the Best Solution will do What are the advantages if joining, laser welding and other applications are combined in an automated manufacturing system? The ELC 160 from EMAG provides an unusually productive answer to this. The production of many gear box parts is demanding: frequently, two individual components are produced first. This is followed by a joining and welding process which bonds them together. The laser welding machine ELC 160 from EMAG ensures a fast, effective and reliable sequence precisely at this point. Firstly, the individual components are loaded automatically into the ELC 160 and then transported from station to station within the machine. Depending on the particular task, various sub-processes are used, and the system can be configured flexibly and with an accurate fit; like this, for instance: »» The workpieces are clamped precisely, positioned highly accurately and joined. »» A stationary lens ensures maximum process reliability during the subsequent welding process. »» The components may also be pre-heated inductively depending on the workpiece. In short: All processes are performed in a single clamping operation on the ELC laser welding machine – faster, more precisely and more productively. keyword speed The complete process for a gear wheel is performed in only 20 seconds. If an even higher part output is required, EMAG engineers will design a DUO version of the system. keyword flexibility The ELC 160 can be fitted with all laser technologies  – be it CO2 laser or fiber-guided systems (fiber laser, disk laser). In addition, the system is suitable both for manual loading and for automated loading using a gantry loader or an industrial robot. keyword modular principle The process modules are mounted stationary on the base and are configured flexibly. Several joining stations and welding fixtures may also be used. keyword quality Modern lasers with high beam quality produce perfect weld seams. In addition, all parameters that are important for quality are CNC-controlled and monitored. Expansion stages and additional functions of the ELC 160 at a glance: »» Joining and press-fitting the individual components »» Inductive pre-heating / post-heating »» Brushing the weld seam »» Laser marking »» Workpiece measurement 17
  18. 18. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components PECM systems from EMAG For even Greater Precision Electrochemical machining (ECM) from EMAG creates highly efficient production processes. Our experts have perfected the process in the form of the new “PECM” development Tool Pulsed current Tool Workpiece Pulsed current Tool Tool Electrolyte solution Electrolyte solution The ECM process removes metal by means of electrolysis: the workpiece becomes the positive anode and the tool the negative cathode, and an electrolyte solution flows between the two. The PECM process (“P” as in “Precise”) developed by EMAG provides even greater precision. The machining gap is very small in this process. In addition, a mechanical oscillation movement helps the electrolyte exchange. This superimposes the feed movement. In addition, a mechanical oscillation movement helps the electrolyte exchange. This superimposes the feed movement. PECM systems such as the PO 900 from EMAG therefore produce extraordinary surface quality and accuracy. In addition, the variable oscillator and the zero point clamping system ensure that the production process is efficient. In short: PECM technology is low-wear, and particularly precise and efficient. An efficient process: thanks to a synchronous PECM lowering process, both sides of the blade are machined simultaneously. Ra 0,2 (depending on material) 18
  19. 19. EMAG NEWS 22 Electrochemical drilling produces absolutely no burr or drilling caps – a massive advantage for opening up cavities, for example. Electrochemical drilling Make a quick Work! High speeds, turbo charging and direct injection: the requirements for pistons and camshafts are increasing and as the component becomes more complex, so does the machining process. This is where electrochemical drilling can show off its strengths. 1 2 3 4 The production of pistons with coolant passages also benefits enormously. 5 Simpler More stable Faster More variable Lower cost Drilling produces no burr or drilling caps. This means no deburring – a crucial advantage for machining components which are difficult to access. The material is not heated by the ECM process which means no negative effects on its microstructure and no micro-cracks. A lot of ECM boreholes (20 or more) can be drilled at the same time; short cycle times and lean processes are a matter of fact. The feed rate can be up to 5 mm / min. The process is suitable for hard and soft machining. The material hardness does not affect the feed rate. The service life of the drilling cathodes is very long, even for hard materials. The tools suffer almost no wear. 19
  20. 20. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components New EMAG company eldec The Hardening Specialists eldec has been a part of EMAG since February 2013. Specialists in inductive heating technology, they are a perfect complement to the Group’s expertise – such as in production of passenger-car compo-nents in the steering and chassis sector. In future, the entire range of mechanical engineering facilities for the production of a component (including the hardening process)will come from a single source: EMAG will supply turning, gear hobbing, grinding and laser welding machines, for instance, and eldec will supply the appropriate inductive hardening machines. The systems and their interlinking will be perfectly intermatched. This will provide highly productive solutions. 1 3 The company with its headquarters in Dornstetten near Freudenstadt, Germany, has been developing inductive heating technology for decades now, from the individual energy source through to the all-in system. Worldwide, eldec has a workforce of over 140. eldec MIND Flexibility right down to the very Last Detail eldec MIND: Modular inductive hardening systems The modular inductive hardening machine MIND from eldec stands for maximum precision, uncompromising process reliability and economical part production. Basic machine: Utilizing the modular principle, the basic machine and inductor, the coolant system and the automation system, together with the medium-frequency, high-frequency or SDF® generators, are perfectly matched to hardening profiles and batch sizes. Quality is guaranteed on every component: sturdily manufactured welded assemblies, highly precise drive systems and state-of-the-art energy sources with highly dynamic open-loop and closed-loop control systems make this possible. Energy source: Keeping perfect time In view of this flexibility, it is almost a matter of fact: the MIND hardening machines are available as manually operated stand-alone solutions, as heat-treatment systems with individual automation level or as hardening cells, able to be integrated in line cycle times, completely integrated in the process chain. In short: MIND-systems from eldec are economical solutions for demanding inductive hardening tasks – always customized for specific requirements. 20 Part diameter, max.: 23.6 / 47.2 in Part length, max.: 29.5 / 59.1 in Workpiece weight, max.: MF (Medium-Frequency) power: HF (High-Frequency) power: SDF® (Simultaneous Dual Frequency) power: 1,102 lb 7 hp – 2,012 hp 7 hp – 2,012 hp 20 hp – 4,023 hp Tool / inductor: Matched with high precision to the workpiece by means of 3D CAD software and CNC machine tools. Coolant system: Precisely dimensioned depending on system configuration and customer circumstances.
  21. 21. EMAG NEWS 22 Even more than hardening: Inductive heating with the support of eldec Besides the hardening systems shown, eldec offers solutions for industrial soldering, joining, fusion, cutting edge hardening and many other applications for electrical machine engineering, the automotive industry and aerospace. 2 4 eldec MICO: Mobile inductive heating Induction soldering of flat copper wires eldec MIND-M: Compact solution The low-cost, compact solution for simple inductive hardening and heat-treatment tasks involving small quantities: eldec MIND-M »» Simple heat-treatment processes are efficiently executed with a maximum power consumption of 30 kW for high-frequency (HF) or 100 kW for medium-frequency (MF) applications. »» Energy source, cooling system and process cell are united in a space-saving manner on a single machine stand. »» The MIND-M 250 is suitable for chucked parts up to a diameter of 350 mm and shafts with a maximum workpiece length of 250 mm. »» On the MIND-M 1000, shaft-type components with a length of up to 1.000 mm can be machined. 21
  22. 22. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components EMAG services A Complete Package from a Single Source Maximum productivity is not just a question of technology. Good service is also important to ensure minimum downtimes, short reaction times and the long service life of the machine. The efficiency of a system is determined by three central factors: its availability, its output and the quality it produces. Our service team makes a significant contribution to all these factors. We help our customers to plan their production, continue to develop the process if requested, monitor the procedures, record the system operating data, maintain all the components, correct undesirable discrepancies and repair defective equipment. Our objective is always to ensure maximum efficiency of your system. This enables us to ensure a long service life and a permanently efficient production process. This work literally turns to account. In short: EMAG can provide a wide range of services from a single source with high productivity coming as standard. MachineRY service USED MACHINERY / RETROFITTING CLAMPING DEVICE SERVICE PRODUCTION SUPPORT Full service Training 22
  23. 23. EMAG NEWS 22 Active globally Our specialist service teams are available worldwide. Benefit from the speed and global networking; every single one of our employees has access to a comprehensive pool of knowledge. This expertise ensures perfectly maintained and adjusted machines. Three service examples – more benefits than you can think of From all-round service of the machine and training to our technical helpline – we tailor all our services (see information graphic) precisely to suit your requirements and wishes. Three examples: 1. EMAG Academy 2. co-operative servicing 3. Retrofit A well-trained workforce gives you a massive advantage over your competitors. They control, inspect and maintain the system. This affects the entire process. At the EMAG Academy, our central advanced and further education center, we have experienced trainers who can explain the technology and machine operation in practical terms. This knowledge and the methods demonstrated at the Academy provide the basis for your innovative strength and growth. The customer’s expertise and experience, supplemented with the detailed knowledge of the EMAG experts, this is the key to greater efficiency and lower costs. Perfect maintenance achieved through cooperation between the customer and EMAG. Preventive servicing and maintenance allows you to keep your costs under control and to maintain consistently high availability. Success through partnership! Completely and partly reconditioned machines are an economical alternative. Benefit from the expertise and experience of the original equipment manufacturer. Used EMAG machines are returned to an almost as-new condition. Our retrofit specialists recondition or replace mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, control and coolant supply components. The production process benefits from a cost-efficient machine with fast machining times and a state-of-the-art control unit. These machines may be used, for example, in times where capacity is short and comply with all modern environmental and safety regulations. 23
  24. 24. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components Frankfurt Martin-Behaim-Strasse 12 63263 Neu-Isenburg Deutschland Telefon: +49 6102 88245-0 Telefax: +49 6102 88245-412 E-Mail: info@frankfurt.emag.com Köln Robert-Perthel-Straße 79 50739 Köln Deutschland Telefon: +49 7162 17-0 Telefax: +49 7162 17-820 E-Mail: info@koeln.emag.com Schweden Glasgatan 19B 73130 Köping Schweden Telefon: +46 221 40305 E-Mail: info@sweden.emag.com Österreich Glaneckerweg 1 5400 Hallein Österreich Telefon: +43 6245 76023-0 Telefax: +43 6245 76023-20 E-Mail: info@austria.emag.com Russland ul. Akademika Chelomeya 3/2  117630 Moskau Russland Telefon: +7 495 2870960 Telefax: +7 495 2870961 E-Mail: info@russia.emag.com Leipzig Pittlerstraße 26 04159 Leipzig Deutschland Telefon: +49 341 4666-0 Telefax: +49 341 4666-014 E-Mail: info@leipzig.emag.com Polen ERALL Polen ul. Elektoralna 19b/m.11 00-137 Warschau Polen Telefon: +48 22 392 73 22 lub 24 Telefax: +48 601 371 353 / 728 389 989 E-Mail: j.tomczak@erall.pl München Zamdorferstraße 100 81677 München Deutschland Telefon: +49 89 99886-250 Telefax: +49 89 99886-160 E-Mail: info@muenchen.emag.com Belarus ul. Timirjazeva, 65 B, Office 1101 220035 Minsk Belarus Telefon: +375 17 2547730 Telefax: +375 17 2547730 E-Mail: info@emag.by Dänemark Horsvangen 31 7120 Vejle Ø Dänemark Telefon: +45 75 854854 Telefax: +45 75 816276 E-Mail: info@daenemark.emag.com Nodier Emag Industrie 2, Parc des Fontenelles 78870 Bailly Frankreich Telefon: +33 130 8047-70 Telefax: +33 130 8047-69 E-Mail: info@nodier.emag.com EMAG MAQUINAS HERRAMIENTA S.L. Pasaje Arrahona, nº 18 Polígono Industrial Santiga 08210 Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona) Spanien Telefon: +34 93 7195080 Telefax: +34 93 7297107 E-Mail: info@emh.emag.com ZETA EMAG Srl Viale Longarone 41/A 20080 Zibido S.Giacomo (MI) Italien Telefon: +39 02 905942-1 Telefax: +39 02 905942-22 E-Mail: info@zeta.emag.com EMAG (UK) Ltd. Chestnut House, Kingswood Business Park Holyhead Road Albrighton Wolverhampton WV7 3AU Großbritannien Telefon: +44 1902 37609-0 Telefax: +44 1902 37609-1 E-Mail: info@uk.emag.com EMAG L.L.C. USA 38800 Grand River Avenue Farmington Hills, MI 48335 USA Telefon: +1 248 477-7440 Telefax: +1 248 477-7784 E-Mail: info@usa.emag.com EMAG MEXICO Colina de la Umbria 10 53140 Boulevares Naucalpan Edo. de México México Telefon: +52 55 5374266-5 Telefax: +52 55 5374266-4 E-Mail: info@mexico.emag.com EMAG Machine Tools (Taicang) Co., Ltd. Building 3, Cang Neng Europe American Technology Park No. 8 Lou Jiang Rd. (N.) 215400 Taicang P.R. China Telefon: +86 512 5367-6065 Telefax: +86 512 5357-5399 E-Mail: info@china.emag.com EMAG INDIA Pvt. Ltd. Technology Centre, No17/G/46-3 17/G/46-3-1, Industrial Suburb, II Stage, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore 560022. Indien Telefon: +91 80 42544422 Telefax: +91 80 42544440 E-Mail: info@india.emag.com EMAG KOREA Ltd. Rm204, Biz center, SKn Technopark, 124 Sagimakgol-ro, Sangdaewon-dong, Joongwon-gu, Seongnam city, Gyeonggi-do, 462-721, Korea Telefon: +82 31 776-4415 Telefax: +82 31 776-4419 E-Mail: info@korea.emag.com TAKAMAZ EMAG Ltd. 1-8 Asahigaoka Hakusan-City Ishikawa Japan, 924-0004 Japan Telefon: +81 76 274-1409 Telefax: +81 76 274-8530 E-Mail: info@takamaz.emag.com EMAG DO BRASIL Ltda. Rua Schilling, 413 Vila Leopoldina 05302-001 São Paulo SP, Brasilien Telefon: +55 11 38370145 Telefax: +55 11 38370145 E-Mail: info@brasil.emag.com EMAG SOUTH AFRICA P.O. Box 2900 Kempton Park 1620 Rep. Südafrika Telefon: +27 11 39350-70 Telefax: +27 11 39350-64 E-Mail: info@southafrica.emag.com Subject to technical changes. Salach Austraße 24 73084 Salach Deutschland Telefon: +49 7162 17-0 Telefax: +49 7162 17-820 E-Mail: info@salach.emag.com NEWS-USA/09.2013 · © Copyright EMAG · Printed in Germany EMAG Gruppen-Vertriebs- und Service GmbH