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Emag News 21 English

  2. 2. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal ComponentsHigh productivity with a minimum floor space requirement –that is what you get with the vertical, fully automated VL 2turning machine from EMAG.This is where it all comes together – this CNC turning machine requires very little floor space, iseasy to operate and self loads by means of an integrated automation system. The machine canbe set up in a single step – without the need for additional robots or gantry loaders. Above all,high quality machine components together with EMAG classical vertical machining ensure highquality machining.Conclusion: an extremely productive turning machine with high quality components which ishighly flexible to use.+ 15 %+ 30 %020 %40 %60 %80 %100 %120 %140 %Manually loadinga horizontalturning machineAutomatedhorizontalturning machineEMAG VL 2 EMAG VL 2 PVertical machining:increases productivity considerablyTurning Down the CostsVL 2 PICK-UP TURNING MACHINEEMAG VL 2 P: the Idle Time KillerShort idle times: the VL 2 P needs just 1.5 seconds for workpiecechangeover. Two main spindles are used for this purpose. While thefirst spindle is busy machining a workpiece, the second spindle loadsitself automatically using the pick-up technique.The machine scores particularly well when it comes to workpiecesrequiring short machining times. The main criterion for assessing theeconomy of a machining process is the ratio between machining timeand idle time.Maximumworkpiece sizesVL 2 VL 3 VL 5 VL 7X- / Y- / Z-axis travel 650 / 100 / 400 mm 400 / 50 / 200 mm 660 / - / 300 mm 850 / - / 315 mmMain drive unit 19.5 kW / 75 Nm 24 kW / 158 Nm 28 kW / 300 Nm 45 kW / 775 NmMax. number of revolutions 6,000 min-17,500 min-14,500 min-13,400 min-1Overview of the VL series100 130 250 340150145175160m25AUTOMATIONUSING MINIMUMFLOOR SPACE2
  3. 3. THE BENEFITS OF THE EMAG VL 2VERTICAL MACHINING:SAFE AND EFFICIENT5RAPIDPERFORMANCEShort distances for machiningand loading ensure very shortcycle times.1MINIMUMFLOOR SPACEREQUIREMENTThe VL 2 takes up onlyfive square meters.2FULLAUTOMATIONThe workpieces are changedby the automation system –with more than 40 workpieceson the storage conveyor. Thesimple automation conceptensures high availability.3STURDYCONSTRUCTIONThe machine body made ofMINERALIT® polymerconcrete ensures highrigidity and excellent vibrationdamping. This directly benefitsthe machining quality.4SIMPLEHANDLINGAll the service units are freelyaccessible, therefore, easy toreach. Changing tools is alsovery simple – just 270 mmdistance to the tool turret.3EMAG NEWS 21
  4. 4. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal ComponentsVLC 100 G:Cause and effectCompact design» Low space requirementInternal and external grinding spindles can be used» Fast production processIntegrated automation system with short traveldistances» Short chip-to-chip timesVertical machining with free flow of chips» Very high process reliabilityOptimum accessibility» Short tooling and retooling timesProbe (optional)» High process reliabilityA lot of small chucked parts are required in very largequantities. The VLC 100 G grinder is the efficient pro-duction solution.Gears, planetary gears, chain wheels and flange parts are required in millions of units in theautomotive sector. The VLC 100 G grinding machine is a leap forward in performance whilerequiring a minimum of floor space (just 5.7 square meters). This is made possible by thetypical EMAG integrated automation. The machine loads itself with a pick-up spindle from theintegrated conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is loaded and unloaded by the operator or asuitable handling system. The chip-to-chip time is minimal.Conclusion: the extremely compact grinding machine with automation system speeds upproduction processes substantially.Large Quantities,short Cycle TimeVLC 100 G GRINDERVLC 100 GChuck diameter max.: 160 mmMachining diameter max.: 100 mmGrinding length max.: 150 mmX-axis travel: 650 mmZ-axis travel: 400 mm5.7FOOTPRINTJUSTm2UP TO TWOGRINDING WHEELS IN ASINGLE MACHINING AREA4
  5. 5. CYCLE TIMES OF ONLY SECONDS – FOUR TYPICAL SUCCESS STORIESVG 110:Non-circular grindingNon-circular operations such as profilegrinding of pump ringsChuck diameter: 100 – 190 mmSwing diameter: 125 mmMachining diameter max.: 60 mmWorkpiece diameter (nominal): 100 mmX-axis travel: 460 mmZ-axis travel: 225 mmVLC 250 DS:Multi-technologyTurning, hard turning, internal and externalgrinding all on a single machineChuck diameter: 250 / 315 mmSwing diameter: 350 mmWorkpiece diameter (nominal): 250 mmX-axis travel: 1,400 / 1,600 mmY-axis travel: ± 100 mmZ-axis travel: 300 mmGEAR WHEELMachine: VLC 100 GTechnology: internalcircular grindingMaterial: 20MnCr5Cycle time:22 SeC.CYLINDER SLEEVEMachine: VLC 100 GTechnology: internalcircular grindingMaterial: 27SiMnCycle time:20 SeC.PUMP RINGMachine: VG 110Technology:non-circular grindingof internal contourMaterial: 100Cr6Cycle time:30 SeC.GEAR WHEEL WITHINTERNAL POLYGONMachine: VLC 250 DSTechnology: turning, drilling,thread tapping and non-circulargrinding of the internal polygonMaterial: 16MnCr5Cycle time:55 SeC.22 SeC.5EMAG NEWS 21
  6. 6. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal ComponentsLarge Parts – Massive EfficiencyVLC 500 MT MULTI-TECHNOLOGY CENTERSMAIN SPINDLECAPACITYFOR FASTPROCESSES110kW6
  7. 7. THE VLC 500 MTMULTI-FUNCTIONAL:Turning, drilling,milling and grindingin a single systemCOMPLETE:Machining in a singleclamping operationSTURDY:Vibration dampeningand thermal stabilitythanks to machine baseand compound slidemade of MINERALIT®polymer concreteSAFE:Thanks to integratedmeasuring systemFLEXIBLE:Standardizedautomation modulesensure high flexibilityINTELLIGENT:Vertical design ‒ideal downwardchip flow conditionsSIMPLE:Easier operationthanks to usercomfort and verygood accessibilityCOMPACT:Small footprintdue to compactdesignAutomated complete machining of largeworkpiecesIMPORTANT KEYWORDSFOR EXAMPLE WIND POWER:SIX AT ONCEOne manufacturer uses the VLC 500 MT from EMAG for manufacturingsix different components required for driving the gondola on awind turbine. Up to twelve tools are used for this purpose.Technologies: turning, milling and drillingClamping device: EMAG special purpose clamping chuck for all workpiece variantsMaterials: cast iron, steelWorkpiece variations: six piecesTURNING, DRILLING,MILLING, GRINDING ANDMORE IN A SINGLESYSTEM96TOOLSDo you want to perfect the machining of drive housings,planetary carriers, hollow wheels and other large com-ponents? The VLC 500 MT provides maximum productivity.Whether in wind turbine construction, commercial vehicle production or train engineering thechallenges are massive with large, heavy components that have to be machined safely andwith the highest precision. The multi-functional VLC production centers from EMAG are basedon a vertical complete machining process with a single clamping operation. The large compo-nent is collected by the pick-up spindle and machined on all sides. Up to 96 tools are availablefor turning, drilling, milling, grinding and more.Conclusion: the VLC 500 MT ensures flawless, high speed machining of large components.The component quality benefits, the process sequence is highly efficient.Chuck diameter: 500 / 800 mmSwing diameter: 820 mmPower rating of main drive unit: 74 / 110 kWMax. torque: 1,300/ 4,400 NmRapid-traverse rate X / Z: 45/30 m/minMilling spindle: 40 kW/320 NmTool carrier: 1 x tool turret with up to 12 driventools, 1 x milling spindle with tool changer formax. 96 tools with HSK 100 tool socketMACHINE DATA7EMAG NEWS 21
  8. 8. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal ComponentsMAXIMUM: 4-AXIS TURNING WITH 2 X 11 TOOLSENSURES MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITYSetting the Pace forShaft ProductionVERTICAL TURNING MACHINE VT 2-4COMPLEX GEOMETRY – LARGEQUANTITIES:Shaft machining is a challenge for production planners.The workpiece changeover time on the VT 2-4 is just sixseconds. When large quantities are machined, this smallnumber means a massive benefit in terms of costs.Mass and class – this 4-axis vertical turning machine scores points in every respect for machininglarge quantities of shafts up to 400 millimeters in length. The secret is integrated automation and shortaxis movements: while one workpiece gripper loads a new part into the machine, the other oneunloads a finished part. With spindle speeds up to 6,000 r/min the turning process is completed veryquickly. The shaft is machined very precisely in a vertical orientation from two sides.Conclusion: automation, 4-axis machining and a powerful main spindle guarantee highly efficientshaft production. This results in a massive reduction in costs per part.8
  9. 9. Z1WX1A1CA2Y1Z2X2Y2Productivity comes standard:» including raw and finished parts storage units – no additional procurement costs forautomation and peripherals» small footprint due to compact, vertical design» can be used as a stand-alone machine or as part of a manufacturing system» free flow of chips prevents chip clusters» less manual intervention required (headstock and steady rests can be moved under CNCcontrol, the operator has direct access to the tool turrets)1SHORT MACHININGTIMES» thanks to efficient 4-axismachining2SHORT IDLETIMES» due to simultaneousloading and unloading3SHORT TOOLING ANDRETOOLING TIMES» thanks to excellent accessibilityand ease of operationThe complete VTC seriesMaximumworkpiece sizesVTC 100-2 VTC 100-4 /VT 2-4VTC 250 /VTC 250 DUOVTC 315 /VTC 315 DUOX- / Z-axis travel 340 / 625 mm 340 / 625 mm 300 / 740 mm 390 / 950 mmMain drive unit 19.5 kW / 75 Nm 34 kW / 144 Nm 38 kW / 250 Nm 38 kW / 650 NmMax. number of revolutions 6,000 min-16,000 min-15,000 min-14,000 min-16IDLE TIMESREDUCED TO AMINIMUMSEC.63 63 140 2504004007001,0009EMAG NEWS 21
  10. 10. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal ComponentsMore productiveThe high drive rating (15 kW) atthe grinding wheels ensures shortmachining times. In addition, allcylindrical grinding operationscan be completed in a singleclamping operation if two or threegrinding wheels are used.SaferThe initial balancing process iscarried out with gap and crashdetection. In addition, processcontrol benefits from in-processmeasurements (external diameterand longitudinal positioning) onthe component shoulders.More preciseAbsolute measuring system(glass scales) ensures maxi-mum machining accuracy.This is supplemented by highprecision, rigid linear rollerguide ways in all axes.HIGH PRECISION:DIFFERENT SHAFTSCAN BE MACHINEDON THE HG 2Perfect cylindrical grinding is a matter of a few microns. The high precisionprocess must run 100 % capable and efficiently even in mass production.The HG 2 cylindrical grinder is designed to ensure this aspect. It has a highdrive rating at the grinding wheel to ensure extremely short grinding times.In addition, the high precision axis roller guide ways and the thoroughlyrigid construction ensure particularly high machining quality. And ofcourse the entire process is monitored perfectly.Conclusion: grinding quality comes standard, the HG 2 with its widerange of high tech components is a giant leap forward in terms ofperformance.Nowhere is quality, precision and process reliability more important than incylindrical grinding. The HG 2 stands out in this respect.Maximum Qualitycomes StandardThe HG 2 at a glance:» Short machining times due to high grinding wheel drive rating» Balancing operation with gap and crash detection to monitor the process» In-process measurement of external diameter and longitudinal positionon the shoulders» High precision, rigid linear roller guide ways in all axes» Absolute measuring system (glass scales) in all axes ensures maximummachining accuracy» NC tailstock with large stroke for easy retooling» High productivity due to short idle times» User-friendly workpiece correction system» Very simple handling with control and setup masks» Large doors and low distance to workpieceWorkpiece diameter max.: 200 mmWorkpiece length max.: 400 mmX-axis travel: 360 mmZ-axis travel: 1,000 mmCOMBINED GRINDINGCOMPETENCEWhether for small crankshafts or a sixmeter crankshaft for shipbuilding,EMAG develops customized machiningsolutions.HG 2 HORIZONTAL CYLINDRICAL GRINDERThe HG 2 at a glance:Balancing operation with gap and crash detection to monitor the processIn-process measurement of external diameter and longitudinal position10
  11. 11. THE LATEST CBN TECHNOLOGYIS THE KEYEven complex shafts can be ground with high precision(photo, center). CBN grinding wheels are used for camprofile grinding of camshafts for motorcycles, cars andtrucks (photo, right).11EMAG NEWS 21
  12. 12. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal ComponentsMany users know the challenge: pinions and wheels, worm gears and screws arerequired in greater numbers of versions. However, quantities are reducing andcompanies must be able to react very quickly to new customer requirements.In light of this, EMAG KOEPFER has used the very latest technology in the K 200 gearhobbing machine: at least eight activated CNC axes and a fully automatic loadingsystem make for an extremely flexible system which is tailored precisely to suit thespecific needs of the customer. Another benefit is that the components can undergoinitial soft milling and hard final machining with guaranteed high quality.Conclusion: The K 200 gear hobbing machine provides maximum flexibility andefficient processes.K 200 GEAR HOBBING MACHINERequirements for gear hobbing are rising with a widerange of components that have to be machinedflexibly and quickly on a single machine. The K 200gear hobbing machine provides a universal answerto this.Universal Solution for theProduction of Gears12
  13. 13. Gear hobbing machineModule max.Workpiece diameter mmCutting distance mmWorkpiece length mmCutting width mmShift distance mmMain spindle speed rpmCutter speed rpmFIVE KEYWORDS1 COMPLETESoft milling (axial, radialor tangential milling) andhard machining on a singlemachine2 PRECISEGear hobbing up to quality 6to DIN with excellentvibration dampeningthanks to the MINERALIT®polymer concrete body3 FLEXIBLEAutomation solution for a widerange of raw parts (manualloading also possible)4 UNIVERSALSuitable for every hobbingprofile geometry5 CUSTOMIZEDMany special applicationsand machine options available6PRECISIONGEAR HOBBINGTO HIGH QUALITYTO DINKOEPFER GANTRY LOADING PORTALThe KOEPFER gantry loader with V gripper provides the basis for intelligent, variable automation.The raw and finished part magazines are available for a range of parts (in this case a “sloping level”with belt storage unit). Long term magazines for wheels and shafts mean that machines canoperate for several hours at a time.K 2003120 / 180200300130 / 100100 / 70450 / 1,0002,400 / 3,000 / 5,000K 1602,590 / 140200 / 480300 / 1,0002501604,0005,000K 3004140 / 195300300 / 8002001608002,500 / 4,00013EMAG NEWS 21
  14. 14. Laser welding is essential for the production of many automotivecomponents. EMAG systems provide an extraordinarily efficientprocess, including lower energy consumption.Laser welding is often synonymous with efficient lightweightconstruction methods, the weld replaces (heavy) bolt connections andthe components are therefore lighter. To ensure an efficient productionprocess, EMAG develops customized solutions for every application onthe basis of its ELC series. The machines load themselves with a pick-upspindle and the stationary laser optics then ensure high precisionwelding results. One other benefit: the specialists can develop thecomplete process chain for a component from the initial turning toinspection processes.Conclusion: ELC systems ensure a high precision, high speed andenergy-efficient welding process.Perfecting the LaserWelding ProcessELC SERIESELC 200 H:Designed for shafts» For drive shafts, propeller shafts, steeringshafts and similar workpieces» Horizontal spindle and NC tailstock designedfor parts of different sizes» Can be fitted with all laser technologiesELC 160:Maximum flexibility» Modular system concept for the production ofmedium to large quantities» Triple-axis NC machining with stationary pro-cess modules (including optics)» Can be fitted with all laser technologiesELC 250 DUO:Multi-functional» Pick-up spindle» Lower idle times: two machining stations“share” the laser source (loading andunloading during the machining time)» Complex follow-up machining included (forexample brushing and inspecting)» Can be fitted with all laser technologies50%LESS ENERGYCONSUMPTIONSOLID-STATE LASERSEMAG is the technology leader inthe use of solid-state lasers fortransmission components. Theefficiency of the solid-state laseris much higher than of a classiccarbon dioxide laser. This meansthat energy consumption for theproduction can be reduced by up to50 %.– 50%CO2laser Solid-state laserEnergysavings020406080KW1009070503010Output Cooling capacityWaste heat14
  15. 15. HIGH SPEED PROCESSES – FOUR APPLICATION EXAMPLESMINIMUMDISTORTIONDESPITE HIGHWELDING SPEEDGEARSLaser welding a synchronizerring to the gear.Welding / Jointing process time:i2 Sec.DIFFERENTIAL HOUSINGLaser welding a ring gear to thedifferential housing.Welding / Jointing process time:35 Sec.GEAR SHAFTLaser welding the synchronizerwheel to the gear shaft.Welding / Jointing process time:I6 Sec.PROPELLER SHAFTAssembling the propeller shaftfrom three single components.Welding / Jointing process time:I4 Sec.15EMAG NEWS 21
  16. 16. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal ComponentsFUEL INJECTORS:High RequirementsA great deal depends on the high precision machining of thefuel injectors in modern automotive engineering. Despite thefact that the cubic capacity continues to fall, engines developmore and more power while at the same time their fuelconsumption is sinking. One of the factors that makes all thispossible is the extremely precise supply of highly pressurizedfuel. This also places high precision requirements on the fuelinjector. Ultimately, a few thousandths of a millimeter determi-ne the efficiency of the component.MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY: THE PT 400 CAN MACHINE30 FUEL INJECTORS AT THE SAME TIME.Cavity in a fuelinjector with a diameterof four millimetersDEPENDING ONMATERIALRa0.05Rz0.2/16
  17. 17. Demanding shapes, high-strength materials – even in the most difficult circumstances,PECM technology produces excellent results.Take fuel injectors, for example: Precision electro-chemical machining (PECM) not only allows the complex component to be machined with extremeaccuracy, but PECM systems like the PT 400 from EMAG also produce extraordinary surface quality, with no burr formation and without changing thematerial structure. Even highstrength alloys and other challenging materials can be machined with practically no tool wear. In addition, the EMAG toolconcept ensures great flexibility since it is modularly upgradeable when new requirements are faced.Conclusion: low wear, precise and zero contact. The production of fuel injectors and other complex components benefits substantially.The PT 400from EMAGThe PECM system has amodularly upgradeable toolconcept for sophisticated2D and 3D structures.The process achieves maximumsurface quality even on complexcomponents. In this case, thesurface has been set back.Simple Solution forComplex ApplicationsPECM TECHNOLOGYPECM:FIVE CENTRAL BENEFITSAbility to machine high-strength alloysVery low tool wearHigh repeat accuracy with high surface qualityNo burr formationNo impact on the material12345ACCURACY OFTHE IMAGE<20μmFOR EVEN MORE ACCURACYBackground of PECM TechnologyElectro-chemical machining (ECM) removes metal gently by means ofelectrolysis, the workpiece becomes the positive anode and the toolbecomes the negative cathode. An electrolyte solution flows betweenthe two. This removes metal ions from the workpiece.This process has been perfected in the form of PECM (precisionelectro-chemical machining). The machining gap is very narrow toensure that the tools can remove material with even greater precision.In addition, a mechanical oscillation movement helps the electrolyteexchange. This superimposes the feed movement. A pulsed current /voltage source is used to achieve accuracy and a perfect finish.Principle of ECM TechnologyCurrent sourceCurrent sourceCurrent sourceCathodeCathodeCathodeWorkpieceWorkpieceWorkpieceElectrolyteElectrolyteElectrolyteElectrolyteElectrolyteElectrolyte17EMAG NEWS 21
  18. 18. Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal ComponentsAlways keep the BestProduction Solution in SightMECHANICAL ENGINEERING AT EMAGHow can we drastically improve machining quality and productivity? This is our core competence.That is why we develop production solutions which are tailored to different requirements and ensure top performance, from low cost standard machines to completemanufacturing systems. In doing so, our engineers always keep their focus on the entire production process, not just on the machine itself. The entire process is the targetof improvement: machining technology, NC programming, tools, automation and energy consumption.FROM STANDARD MACHINES TO COMPLETE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS:EMAG DEVELOPS OPTIMUM SOLUTIONS FOR THE MACHINING OF PRECISIONMETAL PARTS (PHOTO: MANUFACTURING SYSTEM FOR CAMSHAFTS).18
  19. 19. In many applications, the vertical design and simple automated pick-upsystem used on EMAG turning machines ensure considerably moreefficient production. Compared to horizontal turning machines thisoften means:integrated, reliable automationhigh process reliabilityautomatic workpiece changeoverup to 10 % lower tool wear due to theMINERALIT® polymer concrete machine baseoptimum chip fall conditions without chip clustersgood accessibilityalso perfect for hard turning processesintegration of several technologies (turning, milling,grinding, gear cutting, and many more)Vertical Pick-upMachines fromEMAGREDUCING PRODUCTION COSTSLOWERFLOORSPACEREQUIREMENT30%BY UP TO30%LOWERIDLE TIMESBY UP TO30%INCREASEDPRODUCTIVITYBY UP TOYOUR CONTACTFOR THE COMPLETEMACHINING PROCESS» Customized production solutions» From single machines to linked manufacturingsystems» Binding promises for cycle and machiningtime and for component quality» Extensive support for (ongoing) production» Overall responsibility for the productionsolution» “ServicePlus” around the clock» Global sales and service» Mechanical engineering with the highestquality standardsSubstantially reduced production costs – a whole range of design details ensures this fact:19EMAG NEWS 21
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