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Configuration mgmt and #monitoringlove - chefconf 2013


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Configuration mgmt and #monitoringlove - chefconf 2013

  1. 1. Configuration management and#monitoringlove#devops#monitoringlove#opschef#dadops@ulfmansson the #swedishchef
  2. 2. Some example from Monigusto –monitoring up by @patrickdeboisgit clone­monigusto.git
  3. 3. Handler configsensu_handler "default" do  type "set"  handlers [ "pagerduty", “mail” ]endsensu_handler "pagerduty" do  type "pipe"  command "pagerduty.rb"  severities ["ok", "critical"]end
  4. 4. Creating a checksensu_check "redis_process" do  command "check­procs.rb ­p redis­server ­C 1"  handlers ["default"]  subscribers ["redis"]  interval 30  additional(:notification => "Redis is not running")end
  5. 5. Sensu admin (state, db)
  6. 6. Questions?Community Track – Bayview BThe Sensu team (- Sean Porter)
  7. 7. Sensu-dashboard (stateless, no db)