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About devops @SthlmDevOps 2014-01-20


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A presentation about devops, culture, automation, measurement and sharing with a touch of lean

Published in: Technology, Business
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About devops @SthlmDevOps 2014-01-20

  1. 1. devops Ulf Månsson  ­  @ulfmansson  ­  Recorded Future AB
  2. 2. What about? ● Delivers ● Hundreds of deployment per week ● Early return of investment of development ● Agile all over (What is the value of only agile development?) ● Uptime ● Quality ● Satisfaction and happiness
  3. 3. Deployed is done done
  4. 4. devops is not the answer ● But can help you on the path ● Driven from a need to change ● Adopted by agile startups ● Spread to larger corporations – To suppliers ● To Gartners et al – To ads at air ports... (not yet)
  5. 5. The problem
  6. 6. Break the silos
  7. 7. devops is a movement
  8. 8. CAMS by John Willis ● Culture ● Automation ● Monitoring ● Sharing
  9. 9. Culture ● ● ● People and process first. If you don’t have culture, all automation attempts will be fruitless. It's about changing people and mind set
  10. 10. Culture ... ● Openness ● Celebrate success and failure ● Not the normal blame game culture ● Be part of business ● Work together
  11. 11. Automation ● Once you understand your culture. ● It's about automate processes ● Reduce human errors ● Tools for release management, provisioning, configuration management, systems integration, monitoring and control, and orchestration become important pieces in building a Devops fabric..
  12. 12. Automation cont... Infrastructure as code Infrastructure via API Scaling No planning of upcoming demand Throw away old instances Parallel environments Everything is documented by code Knowledge is in the code and not only inside your head
  13. 13. Measurement ● ● If you can’t measure, you can’t improve. A successful Devops implementation will measure everything it can as often as it can… – performance metrics – process metrics – even people metrics.
  14. 14. Sharing ● ● ● ● Sharing is the loopback in the CAMS cycle. Creating a culture where people share ideas and problems is critical. Another interesting motivation in the Devops movement is the way sharing Devops success stories helps others. First, it attracts talent, and second, there is a belief that by exposing ideas you can create a great open feedback that in the end helps them improve.
  15. 15. What devops is not ● devops is not a technology problem ● devops is not a jobtitle ● devops is not a product ● devops can't be sold to you ● devops is not a team ● devops is not just about automation
  16. 16. Devops ­ inspired by lean tools ● Gemba - the real place ● Kanban - signboard ● Kaizen - change for the better ● Kata - the form and order of doing things ● Muda - waste ● Mura - inconsistency ● Muri - overburden ● Poka-yoke
  17. 17. Poka­yoke ­ failure proof Poka­Yoke is a system that, after  being implemented, makes the  creation of a defect in the  manufacturing process impossible to  happen.
  18. 18. Example of Poka-yoke
  19. 19. Devops + Poka­yoke = true Make processes fail proofs Safer for everyone to do tasks by them self Everyone should be able to do simple tasks as a deploy Self administration