Strange food


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Projects of strange eating habits, Cclass 2012-13

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Strange food

  1. 1. Thai Bat Soup/Grilled Chinese Rat• Both of these dishes are on the list for the same reason: the meat used to prepare these local specialities can contain dangerous parasites or pathogens.• If improperly cooked, the meat from these creatures can cause serious illness, or even death in very extreme cases.
  2. 2. Fugu fish•The intestines, ovaries and liver of fugu (or blowfish)contain a poison called tetrodotoxin, which is 1,200times deadlier than cyanide.•A single fish has enough poison to kill 30 people.•the price of a fugu dish can cost up to $200.•40 kinds of fugu are caught in Japan, and Japaneseconsume 10,000 tons of the fish every year.
  3. 3. Tarantula dishThe fried tarantula is to Cambodians a sweet snack thatkids beg their parents for. The tarantula is a free-rangeburst of protein. Apart from appreciating spiders for theirnutrition, many Cambodian women believe that eatingtarantulas makes one beautiful.
  4. 4. Snake SoupA favourite winter warmer in Hong Kong, snake soup isconsidered somewhat of a gourmet dish. Most of thecitys snake meat is now delivered chilled or frozen fromChina, As it seems with almost all exotic meats, manysay it tastes like chicken.
  5. 5. Baby mice wine is a traditional Chineseand Korean "health tonic,"which apparently tasteslike raw gasoline. Littlemice, eyes still closed,are taken from theembrace of their lovingmothers and put (whilestill alive) into a bottle ofrice wine.
  6. 6. Durian Fruit•The durian fruit is quite possibly the smelliest snackin the world. Its literally a forbidden fruit in manyplaces in Southeast Asia. The fruits smell has beendescribed as similar to that of rotten garbage.•The durian is filled with four seeds covered with athick, creamy flesh. The durian is native to Thailandand can be found throughout Asia and even at Asianmarkets in the United States.
  7. 7. Raw blood soup is a dish made with raw blood of ducksor geese (sometimes pigs), with peanuts and herbs ontop. It is very rich in proteins. It is a Vietnamese dishwhich is usually consumed while drinking alcohol. Bloodsoup has the oddest texture and tastes strangelymetallic.
  8. 8. Scorpion soup – as its name implies, is a soup made fromscorpions. Preparing and eating scorpion soupcan be a dangerous task Scorpions are eaten inthe south of China. Scorpions have a woodytaste and should be eaten whole, except for thetip of the tail – though some recipes suggest thatthe venom in the tail is rendered harmless bycooking.
  9. 9. Other names: pidan,millennium egg, hundred-yearegg, preserved egg
  10. 10. Ostrich egg omeletIt can weigh more than 4 pounds. No right-minded person should eat a whole ostrich eggomelet by themselves. After all, it really is hard tofind a frying pan big enough to cook up thismonster.
  11. 11. Eskimo ice creamIt is a frosty Arctic dish made with reindeer fat. Fat fromother local animals, may also be mixed up in. Otheringredients in Eskimo ice cream include fish, driedsalmon eggs or berries. Like regular ice cream, akutaq iscreamy and cold. Traditional akutaq made by Eskimos incommunities isnt made with sugar although the newerversion usually includes some kind of sweet in order tobe more appealing to tourists.