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  1. 1. ACTS OF FAITH• A friend is someone who believes in you even when you’ve ceased to believe in yourself.
  2. 2. FOOTPRINTS• It’s funny how someone can come in and out of your life so quickly, yet leave footprints and memories in your heart forever.
  3. 3. DIVINE• There is a power greater than myself who loves me exactly as I am. The Divine power within knows exactly who I am.
  4. 4. FAITH• Faith must inspire action• Faith is not believing, trying or hoping• Faith develops endurance• Faith produces doers• Faith is obedience• Faith produces patience
  5. 5. COMMITMENT• It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow.
  6. 6. RESPECT • Deal with yourself as an individual worthy of respect and make everyone else deal with you the same way.
  7. 7. INTUITION • Intuition is the spiri- tual faculty that does not explain, it simply points the way.
  8. 8. LENT• L - Let’s• E - Eliminate• N - Negative• T - Thinking
  9. 9. CONTROL• There are two things over which you have complete dominion, authority and control -- your mind and your mouth.
  10. 10. PATIENCE• The key to patience is trusting the inner presence that knows exactly what you need. That inner presence allows everything to unfold divinely at just the right time.
  11. 11. GRACE• Help your friends with the things that you know, for you know these things by Grace.
  12. 12. LIFE IS:♥ A Mystery, Unfold it♥ A Journey, Walk it♥ Painful, Endure it♥ Beautiful, See it♥ A Joke, Laugh at it♥ A Flower, Smell it♥ Wonderful, Enjoy it♥ A Candle, Light it♥ Precious, Don’t waste it♥ A Gift, Open it♥ Love, Give it♥ Unlimited, Go for it♥ Light, Shine in it
  13. 13. SPIRIT• Spirit works on a full- time basis. Let go and let Spirit guide you everyday in every way.
  14. 14. FRIENDS • Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.
  15. 15. HEALING • Take a day to heal from the lies you’ve told yourself and the ones that have been told to you.
  16. 16. HAVE A BLESSED DAY• This was just a little sumthin, sumthin to help inspire you today. Have a good day, count your blessings and pass this along to remind everyone how blessed YOU really are.