Hrm 319 entire course (human resource infromation systems)


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Hrm 319 entire course (human resource infromation systems)

  1. 1. HRM 319 Entire course Human Resource Information Systems DOWNLOAD HEREWeek 1IndividualThe Transitioning Role of HRMWritea 700 - to 1,050-word paper to describe how HRIS has progressed from thepersonnel administration field to a business-driven human capital managementorganizational unit. Make sure you include the following points:· What are the factors that changed the primary role of HRM from that offunctional operation to that of strategic partner?· How does technology affect the HRM field?· How does HRIS influence organizational culture and change?Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Post to the Assignment TabWeek 2Discussion QuestionsRespond to weekly discussion questions. . See due dates posted on eachquestion. Late posting to DQ’s will be counted as participation and “zero” pointswill be earned.IndividualProposing an HRIS InitiativeWrite an Executive Summary of no more than 700 words to convince thecompany senior management to invest in a new HRIS. Imagine you are the headof the HR department in a company. Your department plans to propose an HRISinitiative to management. As the department head, you will prepare this summary.Make sure you include the following points:
  2. 2. · What is an HRIS? What functions must it accomplish and what basic types ofHRIS software are available?· What organizational factors might be affected by the quality of the HRIS beingdeveloped?· What are the benefits and costs associated with implementing this new HRIS?Be specific.Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.Post to the Assignment Tab.Learning TeamDesign an HRIS for Riordan ManufacturingResource: Riordan Manufacturing websiteAccess the Riordan Manufacturing website from the link located in theMaterials section of the student website. Scroll to Course Web Links, findthe “Virtual Organizations” tab, then “Go To Businesse’s” and there youwill find RirodanManuafcturing.Review the information provided on the website.Write a 1,400 to 1,750-word report to analyze the tactical and strategicfunctions of Riordan Manufacturing, a plastics manufacturer, and to designan HRIS for the company. Currently, the company is using an HRIS that wasinstalled in 1992 and only provides limited functions. The company hasdecided to build a new HRIS to improve the HRM performance. They havecontracted your team, an external HRIS consultant team, to design thesystem. Your report should include the following points:· Briefly describe steps you will follow to design an HRIS for Riordan.· Analyze the internal environment of Riordan Manufacturing to identify itstactical and strategic business functions.· Describe in general the data inputs and outputs of the existing systemand identify goals and objectives of the new system.o What are the current information needs?o What must the new system do?o What changes are suggested for the new system?
  3. 3. · Describe the framework of the new HRIS.o What modules will the new system have?o What data go into each module?o What reports will the new system have?o How will the new HRIS be managed?o What information will be included in each report?· Choose one of the modules you have selected for your HRIS (i.e.applicant tracking, benefits, performance management, compensation,training and development, etc.) and identify possible vendors of the moduleand possible costs of the vendors.Format your report consistent with APA guidelines. Post to the AssignmentTab.Week 3Discussion QuestionsRespond to weekly discussion questions. See due dates posted on eachquestion. Late posting to DQ’s will be counted as participation and “zero” pointswill be earned.Learning TeamCase Study: Implementing an HRISResource:Human Resource Information SystemsRead the Implementing an HRIS Case Study in Ch. 7 of Human ResourceInformation Systems.Answer each of the following questions with a maximum of 250 words perquestion. Include graphic representations if necessary.· What process must one follow to implement an HRIS? Outline a step-by-stepprocess.· What are the major challenges—such as technical, organizational, ormanagerial challenges—facing ABC Finance in the implementation of the HRIS?· Given these challenges, what are the major obstacles and strategies thecompany should take to overcome them?
  4. 4. · Given an eventual successful implementation, how will HR’s role affect ABCFinance? What competencies will the HRIS professional need?Format your report consistent with APA guidelines. Post to the Team AssignmentTabWeek 4DiscussionQuestionsRespond to weekly discussion questions. . See due dates posted on eachquestion. Late posting to DQ’s will be counted as participation and “zero” pointswill be earned.Learning Team Evaluating the Integration of HRISResources: Appendixes B and CReview the reports provided in Appendixes B and C, and analyze the data.Write an evaluation report of 1,400 to 2,100 words. Imagine that RiordanManufacturing has implemented a new HRIS. The new HRIS includes multiplemodules and one of them is an applicant tracking module. Your team is given anew task, which is to evaluate the implementation of the new module.Includethefollowingpoints:· Review the applicant tracking report generated by the applicant tracking modulein Appendix B. Analyze the information in the report. Does the report meet theneeds of Riordan Manufacturing? If not, what must be changed?· Review the HRIS Web Survey data in Appendix C. The report contains data onthe employee survey conducted after the HRIS implementation. Analyze the data.Have the employees’ attitudes changed? How effective was the implementation?· What data sources will you look at in addition to those provided in Appendix B?What are the advantages and disadvantages of these data sources?Format your report consistent with APA guidelines. Post to the Team AssignmentTabLearningTeam PeerEvaluationPost: Learning Team Evaluation to your Individual Forum. The evaluationis one point of your individual Team assignment grade for the week, and shouldreflect an honest evaluation of each member of your team in the assignmentdiscussion and preparation.Week 5
  5. 5. IndividualFuture Trends of HRIS PresentationFormat an 8 to 10 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to discuss futureHRIS trends. Make sure you include the following points in the presentation:· How will the environmental forces (technological, global, economic, social, etc.)affect and lead changes in the HRIS field in the next 10 to 20 years?· How will changes in staffing, training, performance management, and legalcompliance affect HRIS?· Analyze implications of HRIS confidentiality and data security risks in terms ofprocedural, technical, and physical controls.Submit your eye-catching PowerPoint® presentation with speaker’s notes foreach slide. Show what you would say if you were delivering a 10-minutepresentation, generally limiting the amount of text to seven lines per slide.Practice the time if necessary to ensure you have provided enough information.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines for PowerPoint®. Post to theAssignment Tab.IndividualFinal ExaminationPrepare for the final examinationLearning TeamLearning Team Weekly ReflectionDiscuss this week’s objectives with your team during the week. Your discussionshould include the topics you feel comfortable with, any topics you struggled with,and how the weekly topics relate to application in your field.Prepare a 350 to 700 word paper summarizing the findings of your discussion.One team member should post this to the Team Assignment Page. Include aheader page identifying your team. Refer to Instructor Policies for guidelines onReflection Papers.