Getting your hand up Googles wedding dress!


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A look at how to get ahead with your business.

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Getting your hand up Googles wedding dress!

  1. 1. How to get your hand up the google wedding Dress Steve Hooper from UK Wedding SEO
  2. 2. What you will learn• What you need to be online with your business• How to get long term gains from your online promotion efforts• How to ensure Google don’t give your website any penalties• The Secret Sauce
  3. 3. Who Am I?• Don’t Google ME!!!! (Not without safe search and no children around)• 19 Years experience designing and promoting websites in all industries• Worked for some of the largest organisations in the world• Helped hundreds of businesses in the Wedding Industry in the past 2 years with their websites• Studied with and work with some of the worlds leading names in website promotion
  4. 4. You need a website....Or do You?• There are other options to websites• Google Places or Google Local as it is now called (or Google+ Local as it will become)••• Ultimately people look to find you via your own website to discover more about you.
  5. 5. Going the Website Route• What do you need?• Domain Name• Hosting• Email• Content Management System (CMS)• Website Design
  6. 6. A Quick ‘To Avoid’ list for websites• Flash - it is a technology that needs to be avoided at all costs!!• Music - A massive pet hate! Just don’t do it!• Websites that have too much on them but no structure• Loud Colours• Links Pages
  7. 7. The ‘MUST HAVE’ List• Good Solid Website Structure• Good Navigation• Clear To Read Text• Great Images• Social Media Links• Basic SEO
  8. 8. You’ve Now Got a Sexy New Website......Now What?• You Need To Tell EVERYONE!• Yes ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE!
  9. 9. Field of Dreams• If you build it they will come...............• Errrrrr no they won’t!• You need to work at it to make it a success!
  10. 10. Inbound Marketing News/Media/PR Social Networks Email Research/White Papers Infographics SEO Webinars Document Sharing Word of Mouth Podcasting Referring Links BloggingComment Marketing Online Video Forums Social Bookmarking
  11. 11. Social Media• Stick to the main ones or niche• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube• Google+ ..........Wait does anyone use that?
  12. 12. Making Friends• Social Media• Social Media• Did I mention Social Media?• Share Good Content• TALK TO PEOPLE!!!!!!!• HELP PEOPLE WHO ASK FOR IT!
  13. 13. Offer Good Advice for Free• Don’t keep things back because you don’t want people knowing how to do it themselves• If you don’t tell them, someone else will• Be Very Clear• Follow up with help on social media let people know you are helpful
  14. 14. BLOG• Keeping your website content fresh using your blog• Guest blog on other peoples websites• Magazine Article• Quotes in the Press• Comment on other peoples blogs and content with valuable questions and comments
  15. 15. What does all this get you?AUTHORITY
  16. 16. What Does Google Love?AUTHORITY
  17. 17. The Key to Getting Ranked is Authority!• Grab peoples attention and you will gain authority in your industry• Everyone starts somewhere• Increasing your authority won’t happen over night• When it happens you will automatically gain rank• Get seen everywhere!
  18. 18. BingoGoogle will love you for a very long time and you will have, as we said have got your hand up Googles Wedding Dress!