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VOIP Telephone Systems


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Voice Over Internet Protocol - Communicating path to others through internet or other Network.

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VOIP Telephone Systems

  1. 1. VoIP Telephone Systems
  2. 2. A definition Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a general term for a family of transmission technologies for delivery of voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet or other packet- switched networks. – Wikipedia 2011 In other words, its a way for communicating via voice over a network or the internet
  3. 3. What is VoIP o More than a phone system o Platform for communication and collaboration o Utilizes computer instead of phone networks o Integrates with computer systems (Outlook) o Can include videoconferencing o Well known examples Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger
  4. 4. Why consider VoIP Availability of legacy systems Increasing maintenance costs Lack of support Lack of functionality Telecommunications
  5. 5. Building a business case  Understanding the business  Understand the environment  Understanding the benefits  Understand how can it enhance your business
  6. 6. Understanding VoIP Hardware vs. software Proprietary vs. Open source PSTN vs. SIP Cloud / Hosted
  7. 7. Things to consider  Current telephony services  LAN and WAN infrastructure  Different flavours of VoIP  Costs & Support of VoIP  Getting independent advice
  8. 8. Things to consider Unified Communications Videoconferencing Analogue devices Mobile fleet Soft phones Redundancy Reception
  9. 9. VoIP Software Open source  3CX  Asterisk  Trixbox Proprietary  Cisco  IPFX  Siemens  Zeacom  Microsoft Lync
  10. 10. Hardware Open source  Epygy  Trixbox  Grandstream  Linksys  Polycom  Yealink Proprietary  Avaya  Cisco  Nec  Nortel  Samsung  Siemens
  11. 11. Telco / Network • Call Plus (2Talk, iTalk) • Compass • Orcon • Telecom / Gen-i • Telstra Clear • Solarix • Vodafone • World Xchange • Kiwilink • Hitech Solutions
  12. 12. Vendors/Integrators Gen-i Connect NZ Siemens Microsoft
  13. 13. Buy and Utilize the VOIP