Commonwealth Games Scotland at #DSGlasgow


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Commonwealth Games Scotland at #DSGlasgow

  1. 1. Team Scotland > Digital James Saker Digital Media Manager @JRSaker
  2. 2. Location Team Scotland 23rd largest populationScotland 30 medalsManchester 2002 29 medalsMelbourne 2006 26 medalsDelhi 2010 ? medalsGlasgow 2014
  3. 3. Location Start of 2013 Inactive Facebook and Twitter No other social media platforms 2014 Active online community The most followed CGA on every social media platform Name 5 Scottish athletes? Organisation (internal) focused website
  4. 4. Location Approach Connect with the general public Engage with the general public Convert to unofficial ambassadors Connect > Engage > Convert Fuel a community that is passionate about Team Scotland Connect Engage Convert
  5. 5. Location Togetherness Rarely do fans site the game, the players or even the score Why do you still buy a ticket? Atmosphere of Togetherness > Passion
  6. 6. Location Connect Location Digital Platforms @Team_Scotland Team Organisation
  7. 7. Location
  8. 8. Location Share The Journey Pride In Our Past Meet The Team Location Human side Connect#GoScotland
  9. 9. Share the journey Relationship between Team Scotland > SGB Raise profile of the athlete & sport EngageUseful Information
  10. 10. Engage > ConvertEasily Relatable
  11. 11. Location Engage > ConvertBehind the scenes
  12. 12. Engage > ConvertConversation Ultimate aim: build a community that supports and protects the team
  13. 13. Location Value?Social Media Clapping
  14. 14. Success? Team Scotland Engage Michael Jamieson Convert Alan Forsyth Organisation Athletes Athletes Name 5 Scottish athletes? Various analytical tools that cover our KPIs
  15. 15. Stavros, Meng and Westberg’s (2013)Fan Motivation Social media enables a connection to the team: Passion, Hope, Esteem and Camaraderie. Passion was the main catalyst in the support of teams Location TBCGames Time 1) Performance first - Monitor and protect athletes - React to results and the public - Rally support for the team
  16. 16. Location Level of access to the team that has previously never been possible Digital Hub Athletes’ Village Media Team Venues Photographers Venues TBC Blogger Athletes’ Village Monitor Athletes’ Village Games Time - Structure Remote Glasgow
  17. 17. Location TBCGames Time - Content Google+ Hangouts Cab cam Diary Room Prep Camp Activation Real time results Real time reaction Scavenger Hunt Web articles/ videos Behind the scenes access Competitions Fans Reaction Additional Twitter Personality Level of access to the team that has previously never been possible
  18. 18. Location Athlete Education Athlete tracking Watch list Report to SGB Games time > 24/7 tracking Educational workshops Games time > Team Member Agreement
  19. 19. Location