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Video in recruiting Mike Taylor and Daniel Richard


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Presented by Mike Taylor and Daniel Richard at the UK Recruiter Recruitment Industry Conference in November 2012

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Video in recruiting Mike Taylor and Daniel Richard

  1. 1. Video In Recruitment Recruitment Conference 7th November 2012Mike Taylor, Managing Director, Web Based Recruitment Daniel Richard, UK Managing Director, Sonru
  2. 2. Video In RecruitmentAbout Mike Taylor Background in HR and Recruitment Worked for IBM, Motorola and Nokia Responsible for Nokia’s UK Online Recruitment Strategy and a member of Nokias Global E-Recruitment Advisory Board
  3. 3. Video In RecruitmentAbout Web Based Recruitment Help companies attract targeted job seekers and promote their organisation and vacancies through:  Video Marketing  Mobile Marketing
  4. 4. Video In Recruitment Ran Europe’s First Social Media In Recruitment Conference – July 2009 Followed by April 2010, April 2011, April 2012 Ran the world’s first Mobile & Video in Recruitment Conference – September 2010 Followed by November 2011, October 2012
  5. 5. Video In RecruitmentWhat we will be covering today: Video CV / Resume Video Marketing Video Interviews
  7. 7. Video CVFirst mentioned in 1981 … over 30 years ago!
  8. 8. Create Your Own Video CV
  9. 9. Video CV – Your Feedback Watched any Video CVs? If yes, what were your impressions? Hired anyone from initially watching a Video CV? Can a Video CV make a difference for job seekers?
  10. 10. Video Marketing
  11. 11. Video Marketing Video appeals to most people as they are used to watching TV (online video fits with that habit) Fastest growing form of online advertising Can add personality to your company and brand
  12. 12. Video Marketing Videos can rank highly in the search engines (especially Google who own YouTube!) Can give you a competitive advantage Videos can be shared
  13. 13. Video MarketingDon’t worry… It isn’t too late to get started You can still gain a competitive advantage Start now before video in recruitment becomes mainstream
  14. 14. 5 Steps To Video Production
  15. 15. 5 Steps To Video CreationPurpose Plan Film [Edit] Publish
  16. 16. 5 Steps To Video CreationPurpose Plan Shoot [Edit] Publish
  17. 17. Why Are You Making A Video? Raise Awareness? Build Relationships? Generate Job Applications? Raise Your Company Profile?
  18. 18. Message & Audience Who is your video aimed at? What do you have to show or tell people? What action do you want them to take e.g. register online / call you?
  19. 19. 5 Steps To Video CreationPurpose Plan Shoot [Edit] Publish
  20. 20. Possible Subjects For Your Videos Specific job vacancies Your recruiting process A "day in the life of” profile video A “meet the team” video
  21. 21. Video Equipment –Pocket HD Camcorders & Smartphones
  22. 22. Video Equipment
  23. 23. Good Quality Microphone
  24. 24. Audio“One thing I have learnt is that 70% of themovie is sound”Danny Boyle – Film Director
  25. 25. 5 Steps To Video CreationPurpose Plan Shoot [Edit] Publish
  26. 26. Top Tips When Shooting Plan in advance Location, number of people, equipment needed, interview questions to be asked etc. Make sure the area has good lighting and it is not too dark
  27. 27. Top Tips When Shooting Check background noise levels e.g. traffic or air conditioning Check background layout before shooting
  28. 28. Top Tips When Shooting If you are going to be uploading the video straight to YouTube you will need to shoot the video in one take Shoot the video again if you make a mistake
  29. 29. 5 Steps To Video CreationPurpose Plan Shoot [Edit] Publish
  30. 30. Edit Or Upload Direct? Upload your video straight into your YouTube account with no editing OR Edit your video with titles, branding, transitions, web site URL etc
  31. 31. Why YouTube? 800 million unique users with 4 Billion views a month! 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute 70% of YouTube traffic is from outside the US Traffic from Mobile Devices tripled in 2011 (now 20% of YouTube’s global views)
  32. 32. Publishing Your Video On YouTube Create a YouTube channel Upload video Basic Editing/Annotations
  33. 33. Embedding YouTube Videos
  34. 34. 5 Steps To Video CreationPurpose Plan Shoot [Edit] Publish
  35. 35. Video Marketing Summary Video is gaining in popularity all the time Low cost way of promoting your company and vacancies It’s so much easier today to create and publish your own videos
  36. 36. Video Interviews
  37. 37. Video Interviews What are they? How do they work? Will they work for my organisation?
  38. 38. Video In RecruitmentAbout Daniel Richard Background in Recruitment and Technology Worked for Bombardier, Taleo and Sonru
  39. 39. Video Interviews Takes online screening to the next stage using video Helps you make better decisions with more information Multiple viewers of Interviews Hear and see the person on video
  40. 40. Video Interview Process The interviewer enters the questions, sets a closing date and invites candidates by email to complete the video interview The candidates log in, read the questions and record their answers
  41. 41. Video Interview Process Not a live interview so the candidates don’t have to be online at the same time as the interviewer Candidates complete the video interview (using a webcam and computer) at a time/place to suit them
  42. 42. Video Interview Process Candidates have the opportunity to practice first Candidates don’t see questions in advance
  43. 43. Video Interviews
  44. 44. Video Interview Feedback
  45. 45. Video Interview Benefits – Perceived v ActualAlthough ‘Seeing Candidates’ emerged as one of the mostcommon first impressions, usefulness in InternationalRecruitment along with Time and Cost savings emerged as themost popular reasons
  46. 46. Video Interview Benefits – Perceived v ActualHowever, when asked of the primary benefit to them individually,a myriad of responses along the theme of ‘Efficient and EffectiveScreening’ i.e. ‘Seeing Candidates’ was selected by almost half ofthe respondents.
  47. 47. Contact Details Mike Taylor – 01962 883754 mike@web-based-recruitment.com @mikeetaylor Daniel Richard - 07415486052