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Media cw q4


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Media cw q4

  1. 1. How did you use digital technology in your production work?
  2. 2. PhotoshopWhen creating my poster I used Photoshop as I think it’s a very reliable software when creatingan image from scratch. I was familiar with the program from my Media Studies coursework lastyear and I had to use it in other subjects too, such as I.T. This helped me significantly when I wascreating my poster as I knew from past experience where the vast majority of tools that Irequired were. The background picture is the abandoned hotel that we filmed some ofproduction in, and I changed the photo to black and White.For the text on the front cover saying ‘Orphanage’ I had it in red originally, however I didn’t thinkthat it matched up with the rest of the poster, or my film in general because of how bright it was.I added a lot of effects to the ‘Orphanage’ title so that it was still a blood red and not to bright,but still stands out. I did this by adding a Satin, stroke and inner glow to create a dark and eerieeffect.One of the main points as to why I’d say Photoshop is so effective is because of how importantand significant the use of layers can be. I had 20-25 layers on my poster, and I don’t think anyother software would be able to handle that sufficiently. I was able to maintain a high quality ofposter without having to spend a vast amount of time trying to sort out my posters layout.
  3. 3. Garage BandGarage band was instrumental in the production of my work, for example in the creation ofmy radio trailer and for a great deal of the sound effects that we used on final cut pro.Garage band is a really effective program because it has a huge array of different soundeffects, such as; Piano, Guitar, Flute, Dance sequences and Voice over effects.One of the negatives, however, about having so much choice is the fact that it can be verydifficult to decide what fits a section most appropriately. When creating my radio trailer, Ifound my desired effects quite easily. I used a designer synth to create the backgroundmusic all the way through and thought that it was very convincing to the horror genre. I didthe main voice over myself, and got a couple of people to do extra sound effects. I recordedthem on my phone and transferred the clips onto the computer.In my opinion one of the best things about Garage band is how the layers work. The use oflayers means that you can have a vast array of different sound effects playing on top of eachother. For example on my radio trailer I put all of the sound effects and screams on top ofone another to create an eerie atmosphere.
  4. 4. Final Cut ProWhen editing my film I used final cut pro for the vast majority of it. Thesoftware took me quite a while to get used too as I had never really used itbefore. Once I got used to the program, however, the editing became muchmore enjoyable as I further understood how to add and render my clips. Inmy opinion one of the best features of Final Cut Pro is that it allows you tocontrol the transition of clips meaning that you can control how much youwant a clip to fade in and out.I really like the feature on Final Cut Pro that allows the user to saturate or desaturate their clips. This allowed us to really enhance the eerie effect we werelooking for in the horror genre when editing our clips, and also heighteningthe tense atmosphere portrayed throughout the film.