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Media coursework q2 finished


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Media coursework q2 finished

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your ancillaryproduction tasks with the main production?
  2. 2. For my A2 Media coursework I was required to make a filmwithin a group, and combine said film with two ancillary tasks(poster and a radio trailer).We decided in our group to make the film a horror, and thustried to typify our productions with stereotypical conventionsand themes to match our genre as much as possible. I did thisbecause I wanted continuity throughout all three of mycoursework tasks in an attempt to unnerve my target audience.
  3. 3. Creating My Film PosterI tried to base a great deal of my film poster on the posters above, as allthree are successful horror genre films in their own way. In contrast to alot of genres, horror films rarely show the protagonist on the poster. Amore common theme amongst this genre is a symbol or connotation ofdeath instead, trying to intrigue the audience into following a plotinstead of a character.
  4. 4. My Poster This is the poster that I created myself and as you can see I’ve tried to stick to the horror genre as much as possible through the colour scheme and the background picture. I made the age requirement for the film a 15, put a link to the site on, added the release date and a rating from ‘The Independent’ to try and entice my audience into following the film and getting into the plot.
  5. 5. Creating My Radio TrailerCreating a radio trailer at first seemed quite difficult and out of the ordinaryfor me, however after some time on garage band I felt like I was able todevelop a horror genre radio trailer to a good standard. The backgroundmusic to the trailer fits in with our short film exceedingly well as the musicreally compliments the type of film that we are trying to convey. I, personally,recorded the voice over for my trailer and after some time I gathered all ofthe sound effects that were required too.I was trying to represent the ghost from our short film on my radio trailer, so Italked in a loud whisper and enhanced my breathing to create an eerie effect(or try to). I looked into several radio trailers, however I couldn’t find any thatactually fit into this type of genre that were not a film trailer with voice over.
  6. 6. What Are the Links Between the Film, Radio Trailer and Poster?In my opinion, my radio trailer, poster and short film are all in tandem with one another. Thebackground picture on my poster is a picture taken from where we shot the ‘present’ section ofour film, at an abandoned hotel. The abandoned hotel is important to the plot of the film asthat’s the ‘Orphanage’ that our protagonist returns to in later life.I think that the two are well linked because my poster displays the abandoned hotel in a verychilling manor, as the black and white picture causes the hotel to seem more frightening than itactually is.My radio trailer links very well with my short film because the eerie music used throughout thetrailer is similar to a great deal of the music throughout our short film production. The voice inmy radio trailer was trying to represent the ghost in our film, that also plays a key role throughoutwithout ever actually (in person) being at the scene.My radio trailer and poster link well together because they both depict the horror genre verywell. The two are very good for advertisement purposes, as both tasks add a different dimensionto the film in an attempt to draw in more of an audience.