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Blog Task 1

  1. 1. Short FilmsA presentation on Short Films
  2. 2. What Makes A Good Short?- An exciting and original idea- A strong script- Good acting- High production values- Strong Beginning- Exciting new techniques and styles
  3. 3. Why Do People Make Shorts- People make shorts as a way to make a name for themselves, or to get into the business of making films.- Short films are another form of entertainment, and there is a market for them and there’s money to be made.- Short films can be shown at film festivals, so there is an opportunity for young directors to get their work shown
  4. 4. Who Are The Audience For Shorts?- The audience for short films are people aged 15- 25, as the films aren’t that hard to follow due to a short length, so the audience can stay focused on the film.- The audience for short films is a completely different one to that of mainstream films, individualists are a key part of short film audiences, as they are the young people looking to get into the business of film making.
  5. 5. The Last Man On Earth enjoyed this film because it was a comedy. Itwas very short, and brief, however it gets thepoint across quite quickly. That the maincharacter thinks he is the last man on earth, andso drops a pill to kill himself, only for his bestmate to ring after he’s taken the pill.
  6. 6. Nightwalking is a short film shown from twodifferent points of view, A woman walking downthe street alone at night, hoping that the manbehind her doesn’t cause her any aggrovation.Where as the man walking behind her is hopingthat the women infront doesn’t think he’s tryingto stalk her or do anything out of the ordinary.
  7. 7. The Conservatory Conservatory is a short claymation film based aroundtwo old men that live together. The short is based aroundone of the old men laying on the ground, and building aconservatory on himself. The other old man tries to helphim take it down, and so smashes it on him which hurtshim. The old man then gives him a hug and gets hurthimself. The short ends with the two men having a cup oftea. I didn’t really enjoy this short, as the plot to it wasreally random and didn’t really hold a point, in myopinion.
  8. 8. Edinburgh International Film FestivalThe Edinburgh International Film Festival is a film festival that takes place annually andlasts for a fortnight. The festival aims to present both UK and international moviepremieres and to show the works of different film makers. The festival was started inAugust of 1947, and still continues today although it now takes place in June.Some of the film categories are :-• Gala - New international feature film productions• British Gala - New UK feature film productions, having a well known British actor or director• Rosebud - Feature fiction films from first or second time directors• Directors Showcase - Showing films from accomplished directors• Night Moves - Horror and action films• Document – Documentaries• Retrospective - Films by an important director that many people may not have seen