Tara West - Everything You Need To Know About Remarketing in 2014


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  • ADWORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • IMAGE: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-44444818/stock-photo-keywords-handwritten-with-white-chalk-on-a-blackboard
  • ADWORDS FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The paid search landscape used to be dominated by keyword targeting, and keywords were the most powerful thing you could use to target, but now things are changing and paid search is rapidly moving towards audience and behavioural targeting, as well as keyword targeting.There are so many new AdWords features designed to target based on audience behaviour, and one of the most popular is AdWords Remarketing, which I’m going to talk about today.IMAGE: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-3825485/stock-vector-people
  • For anyone who isn’t aware of what Remarketing is…https://www.google.com/ads/innovations/remarketing.html
  • Research shows that customers who have been remarketed to are 70% more likely to purchase than those who have not – Remarketing is a fantastic platform for assisting in conversions.Source:Source: http://www.criteo.com/sites/default/files/success_stories/documents/cs_consumer_electronics.pdf
  • It’s not just about assisting conversions though, it’s fantastic for building up your brand awareness, especially if you’re in an industry where your product is particularly visual, (like travel agents), or for high ticket items where people do a lot of comparison shopping or take time to consider their purchase, like Jewellery.Image: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/da/image-42565174/stock-photo-brand-koncept-r%C3%B8d-mark%C3%B8r
  • If exposure and awareness is your goal and you have a small budget remarketing is great, because you can pay per click but you get all your impressions for free, and because it’s a form of display advertising it has a naturally low level of clicks – great exposure at a really small costVisual products eg travel agent for holidays, or car retailerWhen there’s a long path to purchase eg high ticket items like jewellery or lots of comparison shopping for example services like gym membershipsIf your product involves repeat purchase, for example insurance of ay kind usually gets renewed annually – if you remarket to existing customers one year later when they are doing comparison shopping to get a new quote it can be really effectiveIf seasonal purchases are really important, for example a florist who wants to keep their customers loyal might remarket to people who bought on valentines day also on mothers day
  • Put simply, you put some really straight forward code on your site and it allows Google to drop a cookie onto the users browser and track them across the web, so that when they browse content that is part of the Google Display Network, your ads can be shown to them. IMAGE http://www.bigstockphoto.com/search/cookie-monster/
  • FREQUENCY CAPPING IS….!!!!!SLIDE ON HOW TO….This is something I get asked by lots of clients before they try remarketing.We’ve all been there – looked at a site briefly and now their ads are following you and getting really annoying to the point where you start to resent the company…This isn’t how Remarketing should be! The problem is that so many companies are out there using it ineffectively and this results in potential clients getting fed up.When used correctly, Remarketing is subtle and useful.There are functions like frequency capping which make sure you don’t annoy your customers, and if you have a sound Remarketing strategy, you’re unlikely to annoy customers.People can also easily opt out if they want to by clicking the right hand corner of the adIMAGE: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-26433404/stock-photo-pretty-young-teen-girl-calling-on-cell-phone-with-mysterious-strange-man-lurking-behind-her
  • So hopefully I’ve persuaded you that you want to use Remarketing, so here’s how you can persuade your boss / client / whoever is in charge of the purse strings…IMAGE:http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-3063448/stock-photo-saving-cash-money
  • It’s hard to give exact ROI as remarketing assists conversions rather than being directly attributed for them, but you can try these tips…THOUSANDS OF IMPRESSIONS FOR A FIVER…
  • It’s all very well giving them stats that they aid conversions, or saying their competitors are doing it, but this report shows exactly why you personally should be doing Remarketing..Tools – Conversions – Search Funnels (in bottom left hand corner) – Time Lag (on left hand side of the page)
  • Lets look at some strategies for using Remarketing in 2014Image: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-45881860/stock-photo-strategy-blue-marker
  • – not using AdWords Remarketing it’s using Criteo but it’s the same concept
  • TELL THEM WHAT GOOGLE MERCHANT CENTRE IS…Can’t go down to who dropped out of purchase process or what they put in their basket, but can go down to exact products they looked at
  • General branding – they visited the site then left without contacting you: EXAMPLE Innocent Smoothie are doing lots to promote their brand image right now and general Remarketing can help them do this – a nicely branded ad using their cheeky sense of humour would work well to target everyone who visits their site – they’re telling people to send compliments to each other – they could follow users round the next sending them compliments – don’t get creapy like ‘you look nice today’ but something funny and subtle would work well!-This can be applied to any brand- you don’t need a compliment chain of good campaign – Three’s ad for #singitkitty could use this and retarget using the images they use in their TV ads-this is basic and we can all do it so think beyond it and advance your targeting to exclude users who were on your site for less than 3 seconds as they are probably bounces / irrelevant
  • If you have a members only area target people who you know are members to get them involved in other products eg a gym where the members can access booking areas could remarket their new Zumba classes EXAMPLE Virgin Active
  • Use Remarketing to drive footfall into a physical store – if someone looks at your address page or store locater page they are likely going to make an offline purchase so you could remarket to them with an ad specific to the store location page they viewed and with a discount code or incentive to come into the store. If you can’t afford a discount even just show a friendly looking ad saying ‘come and visit us’ EXAMPLE Wagamama’s could promote to people who viewed a specific restaurant page for that particular restaurant and include a discount code for their next visit http://www.wagamama.com/restaurants/southampton or promoting the fact they offer takeout.
  • Remarket by device: if a user visited your site on their mobile you could remarket to them to promote your ap, for example ODEON cinemas App
  • Affinity categories: these are visitors to your site who fit into certain categories such as beauty – it can narrow down your targeting eg if Subway launched a new sub flavour for those who are health conscious they could choose people interested in health and fitness that have previously visited their site
  • It’s in the audiences tab, then interests, then affinity categories – here you can see the categories of news junkies, TV lovers, Movie lovers etcYou’ll also see next to this report a report called In Market Segments…You can market to users within what Google are calling ‘In Market Buyers’ – these are people they believe to be closer to completing a purchase based on their purchase behaviour (eg lots of little visits all of a sudden) …for example…
  • boots could target ‘in market buyers’ for health and beauty category
  • Adwords – ADROLL LOGOUse Remarketing to drive traffic to your Facebook page / include your twitter URL – even offer an incentive eg save 5% when you like us: we remarket to users who have purchased to get them to Like us on Facebook as a beauty brand (FACEBOOK LOGO)Use Remarketing to target users who have visited your Facebook page: as long as you have a custom skin on FB you can put the code on the page, then just set up a separate profile in GA for it so it doesn’t inflate like an articifical page viewTry adroll if you want to show your ads in Facebook
  • Remarket to your YouTube audience: anyone who liked, subscribed, watched certain videos etc – this is great if you have a product which needs lots of advice EXAMPLE: B&Q, or beauty /hair product demonstrations,
  • This is an option when you create a Remarketing list as seen in this screen shot.It’s basically letting google group all the users on your site who they feel are your best users. I’m a bit skeptical of this as I think they are basing this on users who are close to online conversion so it might not work well with lead generation sites (I’ve only tried it with ecom sites and it worked well).It bases it on user behaviour, similar to In Market Buyers where if a user is making lots of frequent visits or something that signified they are close to purchase on your site (in market buyers is on any site or a group of sites).
  • For anyone who isn’t aware of what Remarketing Lists for Search Ads…http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/products/remarketing-lists-for-search-ads.html
  • for example Debenhams could remarket to all users who viewed their DIOR category page and could target the keyword DIOR on its own as they know the visitors are already qualified – otherwise this term might be too generic in normal search marketing as could be clothes or cosmetics. Do it in addition to other remarketing and search campaigns. Massive conversion rates…
  • Exclude previous site visitors from being shown your Brand campaign ads (reduce the likelihood of your brand campaign beingUse it on brand term to apply it to brand terms and customise landing page based on what page the user previously looked at – eg if the user visited the shoes page and then searched for your brand, you could have a brand campaign which has the RLSA for visitors of shoes page, and then land the user on a shoes page rather than the Home page which you might otherwise be landing brand search visitors on, or even an offers page to persuade the purchase.Quite complicated at the mo as its new so I’ve written a detailed blog post about it which you can find here…
  • So now we’ve looked at all the strategies and come up with ideas, here’s how you can impliment it and make it happen!Image: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-50588084/stock-vector-quote-typographical-background%2C-vector-design-make-ideas-happen
  • If you are using universal analytics right now you’ll need to use the AdWords remarketing tag which is much more limiting and you can’t use any user segment data so can only do basic stuff.
  • Remember to carry over any custom code implementations you already have – this code usually works with them.
  • Can’t go down to who dropped out of purchase process or what they put in their basket, but can go down to exact products they looked at
  • Exclude previous site visitors from being shown your Brand campaign ads (reduce the likelihood of your brand campaign beingUse it on brand term to apply it to brand terms and customise landing page based on what page the user previously looked at – eg if the user visited the shoes page and then searched for your brand, you could have a brand campaign which has the RLSA for visitors of shoes page, and then land the user on a shoes page rather than the Home page which you might otherwise be landing brand search visitors on, or even an offers page to persuade the purchase.Quite complicated at the mo as its new so I’ve written a detailed blog post about it which youc an find here…
  • Get a designer to create them if you can, but if not them there is a display ad builder tool
  • Remember remarketing (unless it’s RLSAs) isn’t done for direct response, it’s a form of behavioural display advertising so the metrics are slightly different to that of normal search campaigns.Don’t focus on CTR because that isn’t what they are designed to do.Focus on how many impressions you get for the cost.IMAGE already purchased: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-292887/stock-photo-measuring-tape
  • What metrics to focus on – view through as as well as conversionsYou need to use AdWords conversion tracking rather than GA to track view thorughs as analytics doesn’t record view throughsDon’t focus too much on CTR, clicks etc as it’s display so their aim is to generate awareness not traffic.G has started reporting on cross device transactions now, and as this data starts to grow you’ll see remarketing be given greater attribution as at the moment sometimes if someone is seeing yoru remarketing ad on a mobile device when they browse on their way to work, but they only actually convert one evening using their laptop, remarketing won’t attributed on any level for that conversion.
  • Image:http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-40991368/stock-photo-great-idea
  • I don’t want to bore you with lots of different optimisation techniques as ideally you’ll have an agency to do this for you, but here are some starting points
  • Main slide
  • Tara West - Everything You Need To Know About Remarketing in 2014

    1. 1. Tara Dee West @Koozai_Tara REMARKETING IN 2014 YOUR GUIDE TO ADWORDS REMARKETING IN 2014
    2. 2. WHAT IS REMARKETING? “Remarketing lets you show ads to users who have previously visited your website as they browse the web” AdWords
    3. 3. DID YOU KNOW? “Retargeted customers are 70% more likely to complete a purchase than someone who has not been remarketed to" Source: Criteo
    4. 4. If you want to achieve exposure but have a limited budget When there‟s a long path to purchase Visual products When seasonal purchases are important to you If your product involves repeat purchase WHEN SHOULD YOU USE REMARKETING?
    5. 5. Is your competitor doing it? Time Lag Report in AdWords You can start with a small budget WAYS TO SELL IT INTO YOUR ORGANISATION
    6. 6. Suitable on Ecommerce sites only Links with Google Merchant Centre Displays image & price of viewed products You customise an ad template Uses a site-wide tag but you can exclude pages DYNAMIC REMARKETING
    7. 7. REMARKETING LISTS FOR SEARCH ADS “Remarketing lists for search ads provides yet another opportunity to optimize your search campaigns by letting you tailor your keyword bids and ad text for your highest value prospects — people who have visited your website in the past — when they‟re searching for what you sell.” AdWords
    9. 9. In the „Admin‟ panel in Google Analytics Name them descriptively Consider your member duration You need at least 100 members to start Custom combination lists created in AdWords REMARKETING LIST CREATION
    11. 11. Include one of each ad size in every ad group Use the same creative theme as your website If you use animated ads, have a static version too Include your brand logo Make ads specific to the ad group strategy REMARKETING AD CREATION
    14. 14. Tara.west@koozai.com 0845 453 1234 @Koozai_Tara GET IN TOUCH!
    15. 15. IMAGE SOURCES • Ideas image: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-40991368/stock-photo-great-idea • Measuring Tape image http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-292887/stock-photo-measuring-tape • Keywords image http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-44444818/stock-photo-keywords-handwritten-with-white-chalk-on-a- blackboard • People image http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-3825485/stock-vector-people • Brand image http://www.bigstockphoto.com/da/image-42565174/stock-photo-brand-koncept-r%C3%B8d-mark%C3%B8r • Stalker image http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-26433404/stock-photo-pretty-young-teen-girl-calling-on-cell-phone-with- mysterious-strange-man-lurking-behind-her • Cookie Monster image http://www.bigstockphoto.com/da/image-5137229/stock-photo-cookies-f%C3%A5r-h%C3%A6vn • Wallet image http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-3063448/stock-photo-saving-cash-money • Strategy image http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-45881860/stock-photo-strategy-blue-marker • Make Ideas Happen Image http://www.bigstockphoto.com/image-50588084/stock-vector-quote-typographical- background%2C-vector-design-make-ideas-happen • Privacy Policy image http://www.bigstockphoto.com/da/image-47000122/stock-photo-privatlivets-fred-politik-koncept
    16. 16. Tara.west@koozai.com 0845 453 1234 @Koozai_Tara GET IN TOUCH!