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Lee Chadwick - OTE Bristol - Email Marketing


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Topic: Email marketing best practice and why you should be investing in marketing automation

- Dealing with the F’in Email
- Why your email only has 2 seconds to live
- Making the move to marketing automation

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Lee Chadwick - OTE Bristol - Email Marketing

  1. 1. LeeChadwickLeeChadwickMD CommuniGator & WOW analytics•Trying to recruit 8 new staff members•Water-ski as often as possible•3 Children between 6 & 14•Learning to play the drums
  2. 2. • Email Marketing SpecialistsDelivering over 20 millionemails per weekTechnology Platform or Managed ServiceEither buy it or we will host it for youIndependent and Privately OwnedBased in Surrey, UKCommercial Terms for all BudgetsBest Practice as well asTechnologyDedicated Account Manager for AllUnlimitedTechnical SupportThe HTML Doctor (actually a nurse)Who are we…Who are we…
  3. 3. Whos on your websiteCampaign managementElectronic BrochuresAll designed to bring you marketing insight to act on3.2 million email designs to R&D
  4. 4. 1.Your email probably will not arrive anyway2.If it does arrive it will be deleted in under 2seconds3.Your email audience is too big to appeal to4.Your Email is designed wrong(Your measurements are all wrong (I can do 1 and 2in 5 minutes))AgendaAgenda 4 things in 40 mins (10mins each)
  5. 5. 1.Your email probably will notarrive anywayThing 1Thing 1
  6. 6. 2006 --------------------------2012Its not as easy as you may thinkIts not as easy as you may think
  7. 7. •Dodge the SPAM filter4.5 is the magic numberB2B Mail BlockersB2B Mail Blockers
  8. 8. Spammers spend a lot oftime researching the spamfilter scoring systemThey insert words that makeno sense to lower their score
  9. 9. Check before you send – guaranteeyour arrival
  10. 10. 2. If it does arrive it will bedeleted in under 2 secondsThing 2Thing 2
  11. 11. The 5 P’s of Marketing:ProductPricePromotionAny Two From:PermissionPackagingPublicityPermissionPositioning
  12. 12. Seth Godin – The Purple CowSeth Godin – The Purple CowThe 6th P = PurpleCow(Remarkable)
  13. 13. 85 billion searches per month72% of which servesweb 2.0 contentThe Design Standard is set
  14. 14. The Ultimate
  15. 15. Check Out the FormatThe de facto standard for read and clickSkim It, See It, Click It
  16. 16. Attention in the Inbox
  17. 17. Attention in the Inbox
  18. 18. •Be relevant – ‘what’s in it for them’•Keep it short•Use personalisation in the Subject Line•Be engaging•Use plain language•Skip definitive articles (‘A’,‘The’)•People don’t like surprisesSubject Line
  19. 19. •Lee,Your wife Sharon ischeating on you•Lee,Your Aunt May has leftyou money in her willThe A , B Test
  20. 20. Beware Bad Data
  21. 21. A Source of Good Subject linesRelevance is availableif you lookLee, Email Preferencesand opting out
  22. 22. A Source of Good Subject lines
  23. 23. •Seminar: Lifting the Lid on EmailMarketing – 22%•We will help make your emailmarketing better – 13%•Calling all Email Marketers – 7%The A , B Test
  24. 24. •Public training - 2%(average over three months)•Pubic Training – 7%(one time only mistake)•Now Tell me the Subject Line does notThe A , B Test
  25. 25. Symbols but be quick50% of tests - there was no change in theresults50% the campaign results were onaverage 42% higher when we usedsymbols in the subject line.
  26. 26. Symbols but be quickGreatest response from C level contactsSymbol does not need tobe relavant to titleSymbols work different on some mobiles
  27. 27. •FROM field:•Defines the relationship with the customer•Is a key component in the Prioirity Inbox•Reduces the appearance of spam•Don’t disguise who you are•Be consistent•If customer is familiar with/expects emailsfrom their Account Mgr - use that nameFROM Field
  28. 28. •info@ ; Sales@ ; Marketing@ = JunkFROM Field
  29. 29. •Remember the Preview Pane:•Don’t ‘waste it’ on avery large image•Use meaningful text that people will see•The average measurement forthis area is 300 pixels•Stick the house keeping somewhere elseFirst 6 Lines
  30. 30. Disabled Images Ruin Impact
  31. 31. Disabled Images Ruin Impact
  32. 32. Disabled Images Ruin Impact
  33. 33. Disabled Images Ruin Impact
  34. 34. Now that worksAction in a preview pane
  35. 35. Even the DMA are having a goNo pictures
  36. 36. Preview but no clickNow that works
  37. 37. OpeningNow that works
  38. 38. 3. Your email audience is toobig to appeal toThing 3Thing 3
  39. 39. Doncaster Keepmoat – 10,000Doncaster Keepmoat – 10,000Comedy Store – 1,500Comedy Store – 1,500O2 Arena – 30,000O2 Arena – 30,000Visualise your audienceVisualise your audience
  40. 40. Vertical MarketVertical MarketSize of CompanySize of CompanyJob TitleJob TitleVisualise your audienceVisualise your audience
  41. 41. 4.Your Email is designed wrongThing 4Thing 4
  42. 42. Retention Newsletters
  43. 43. Rule ofThumb1.51.5inchinch1.51.5inchinch<10%<10%activityactivity
  44. 44. •Eye trackingsurveysmeasure theactivity bywatching fromthe screen onto the eyes•So, what dothey say?Eye TrackingEffects Layout
  45. 45. •Users scan headingsand don’t read text•Heading and subheading copy is critical•Users scan down theleft margin•Large fonts work wellEye TrackingEffects Layout
  46. 46. Design For PurposeClick-throughtraffic: 1.2%Click-throughtraffic: 6.2%
  47. 47. Rule ofThumb1.51.5inchinch1.51.5inchinch<10%<10%activityactivity
  48. 48. its the “F” n EmailFNext Time you areproofing a designremember the F
  49. 49. its the “F” n EmailF
  50. 50. •You know if they use a mobile or not!Start Thinking Mobile – for clicks
  51. 51. 5.Your measurements are allwrongThing 5Thing 5
  52. 52. Top 5 Things to Measure AverageBounce Rate per Medium ?Email Non Engagement ?Post Click Activity ?Repeat Visit Activity ?Digital Interactions PerConversion?
  53. 53. So is Your Email Any GoodSo is Your Email Any Good5 Hot Leads (50 points)5 Hot Leads (50 points)3 Warm Leads (30 points)3 Warm Leads (30 points)20 Cold Leads (15 points)20 Cold Leads (15 points)7 white papers – read, not7 white papers – read, notdownloadeddownloadedConversion is what you needConversion is what you need
  54. 54. So is Your Email Any GoodSo is Your Email Any Good
  55. 55. Technology Provides the PlumbingView in browseris a clickClicked onan articleClicked onunsubscribeThe Problem with traditionalclick through reportingThe Problem with traditionalclick through reporting
  56. 56. Technology Provides the PlumbingLS = 22LS = 32Clicked on 2 articles in last twoemails, inactive in a key email,visited 2 key web pagesClicked on 3 articles in last twoemails, visited 3 key web pages,one yesterday!The Lead Score is the KeyThe Lead Score is the Key
  57. 57. SocialSocialSEO / PPCSEO / PPCEmail MarketingEmail MarketingYour WebsiteYour WebsiteThe Meaning of Digital LifeThe Meaning of Digital Life251020
  58. 58. Top 5 Things to Measure AverageBounce Rate per Medium 68%Email Non Engagement 82%Post Click Activity ?Repeat Visit Activity ?Digital Interactions PerConversion?
  59. 59.