Monthly round up bpcc trade january 2014


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Monthly round up bpcc trade january 2014

  1. 1. BPCC  Trade:  Highlights  in  January,  2014    
  2. 2. In January.... •  We supported 140 British businesses with advice, analysis and support. •  We helped companies in sectors as diverse as automotive, cosmetics, white goods, fast moving consumer goods, education, water, pet foods & care, IT & ICT software and hardware design, mechanical engineering, textiles, leisure and tourism. •  We supported 7 British companies to understand how investing in Poland could help them develop a supply chain and enter the Emerging Europe region. •  We continued to a build the OBN Network’s first ever chamber-specific account management and CRM system, coming online in July •  We continued to organise the biggest ever promotion of British food and drink, under the Food is GREAT campaign banner and in partnership with UKTI, which will see up to 30 new British brands attempt to enter the market.
  3. 3. In January.... •  We helped Martin Jones Martin-Jones Technology, a hardware and software design company, to understand how PWC could help his company invest in Poland. Martin thanks BPCC Trade for their support, saying, ‘Thank you for putting me in touch with PwC. I had a very useful conversation with them this afternoon regarding how to operate my UK/Poland business, which I think will help me decide how to proceed.’ •  We supported Pinns Automotive, who produce automotive and engineering parts, with a research project to help the company. The project will involve a long-term competition and market analysis with a view to bringing the company into market in the next 12 – 18 months.
  4. 4. In January… •  We contacted over 200 Polish Distributors, agents, wholesalers and potential partners and offered a free, long-term programme of support to Buy British. Around 10 are now working with BPCC Trade to identify potential UK commercial partners. •  We won business for Roman Showers Ltd., connecting them with a Polish company looking to buy British, and Crosslee Ltd, a producer of high end tumble-dryers. Both companies are visiting Poland shortly to formalise contracts with Polish distributors. •  We organised a visit to Poznan, part of our monthly series of events and visits to cities all across Poland. We met with 6 businesses associations and interviewed 6 Polish businesses. As a result, we’ll be returning to Poznan in the coming months organising events with 4 associations, reaching out to an audience of up to 150 Polish businesses. •  We’re visting Jelenia Góra in February to meet businesses there to find out about opportunities in their region.
  5. 5. ‘It   was   inspiring   talking   to   you.   I   really   appreciate   your   enthusiasm   and   focus   on   this.   It’s   great   to   be   working   with   BPCC   Trade  because  I  have  found  the  hardest  part  is  to  get  to  poten@al  customers.’  David  Warr,  Language  Garden  
  6. 6. In January... •  We’ve won business for a BPCC chamber member supporting Robert Welch Designs which is a producer of high-end homeware and is looking for a distributor in Poland. We have found and arranged contact with potential business partners and this is now leading to establishment of a promising relationship with major distributor in Poland. •  We’ve worked with UKTI Poland to approach more British water sector companies and are account managing a number of British companies from the water sector and will be attending a February British Embassy Water event as UKTI-BPCC partners. •  ‘Many thanks, that is great information and exactly the help we are needing.’ Paul Kenyon, Universal Parts Manager for Mono.
  7. 7. 700 Service Delivery 600 On Track to hit Year 1 Target 500 455 400 305 300 200 160 100 65 38 0 0 0 June July August 0 September October November December January February March
  8. 8. ‘Thank  you  for  providing  the  first  class  boardroom  facili:es  at  the  Bri:sh   Polish    Business  Centre  in  Warsaw  earlier  this  month.  Our  mee:ng  was   aBended  by  Polish  and  Bri:sh  representa:ve  of  a  newly  formed   distribu:on  company  and  all  were  impressed  by  the  warm  and   professional  welcome  and  the  privacy  oCen  lost  at  other  venues.  The   facili:es  with  free  wi-­‐fi  are  an  asset  to  any  company  looking  to  expand   or  start  up  in  Poland  and  the  central  loca:on  could  not  be  more   convenient.’      James  Tomalin-­‐Reeves,  Seren  Group  
  9. 9. To find out what one British Business thinks of our new British Polish Business Centre, visit our 1 minute video or find us on Twitter @BPCC_Trade