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Digital factory presentation final

  1. 1. GREAT Digital Content Factory & Media Network 2013/14 Phase 2 Building on a Successful Platform Monday, 30 September 13
  2. 2. GREAT – Digital Content Factory Context • Low levels of awareness and UK SME’s doing business in Emerging Europe – less than 4% of UK SME’s • Strong UK Corporate presence – successful experience provides showcase opportunity • GREAT global campaign provides huge ‘Bank of Awareness’ • GREAT Emerging Europe campaign targets strategic sectors of opportunity • Excellent footage generated form high profile events portfolio • GREAT Digital Factory build on EE digital engagement from 2012/13 and offers a library of multi-dimensional collateral to target a UK business/ professional audience Monday, 30 September 13
  3. 3. GREAT Campaign Objectives 2013/14 EMERGING EUROPE 2020 • £50bn aspirational trade target • 10,000 new SME exporters • 50 quality inward investments • 50 UK led innovation and technology partnerships • UK a top 5 services provider in the region Monday, 30 September 13
  4. 4. GREAT Communications and PR Objectives 2013/14 EMERGING EUROPE 2020 • Use existing UKTI/FCO channels to promote Emerging Europe as a region of accessible, sustainable, near shore business opportunity in the UK in a way which encourages companies to come and see for themselves (market push) • Engage with professional sector and multiplier targets in the UK (e.g. COBCOE) to promote specific sector opportunities which are aligned with UK competencies (market pull) • Promote the UK to businesses and consumers in the region as a GREAT partner for business using the overarching GREAT campaign themes – with a particular focus on generating inward investment for the UK and opportunities for UK supply chain companies • Create a repository of marketing materials that can be easily accessed by Posts across the region to support future campaign activity and promote key messages as widely as possible with external media networks and audiences Monday, 30 September 13
  5. 5. GREAT Key Messaging Goals 2013/14 EMERGING EUROPE 2020 •Promoting the region’s economic sustainability to UK companies • Proximity to the UK and ease of market access for UK companies – distance/time to market • Showcasing the success of UK companies as a catalyst for business development • A shift away from exports to ‘doing business with’ – a strategic shift in mentality from transactional relationships to a partnership led approach • Emerging Europe as a region of opportunities rather than individual countries Monday, 30 September 13
  6. 6. GREAT Target Audiences 2013/14 •Strategic UK companies and high potential UK SMEs which are producing innovative products/services and are not yet exporting (there are 10 000 SMEs which produce innovative products in the UK who are not currently exporting to the region) (ii)  UK multiplier organisations representing strategic sectors; enabling organisations and banks (iii) UK government institutions — UKTI Inward Investment Services; Visit Britain; UKTI; FCO; regional promotion agencies (iv) CEE Regional businesses with potential to “buy British” and/ or partner UK firms in key industry sectors (retail, energy, transport infrastructure, financial services, business and professional services, automotive, water) (v) CEE regional companies with potential to invest in the UK – UK Inward Investment pilot (vi) Members of the general public in both the Uk and Emerging Europe who are not familiar with social and cultural specifics of other nations Monday, 30 September 13
  7. 7. GREAT Media Channels – Creating a Supportive Media Network UK audiences • UKTI/FCO social media channels:Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter • Established UKTI/FCO digital channels – Gov.UK • Multiplier, enabler and partner channels (e.g. COBCOE, RIA, SMMT, etc) • UK Trade press in key sectors (see above) Regional audiences • UKTI/FCO channels in market – Embassy Facebook pages, Embassy web pages on Gov.UK • Local trade press in key sectors (see above) • British Business Centre (as a landing zone) • Multiplier, enabler and partner channels (e.g. COBCOE, PWC, Vodafone, Tesco, etc) Monday, 30 September 13
  8. 8. Critical Success Factors - Implimentation • Commercial Diplomacy, UKTI and Comms teams work together in synergy to promote GREAT – whole of Embassy approach • Pre-event planning and legacy – media impact key to success • Strategic balance of ‘market push’ and ‘market pull’ • UKTI provides ‘commercial opportunity feed’ • PDG provides ‘policy opportunity context’ • Comms provides the most appropriate messaging support • GREAT is the best catalyst for growth available to Emerging Europe Monday, 30 September 13
  9. 9. GREAT Successes so far • GREATstopbus – 2000 followers – converted to whyemergingeurope • (25 000 hits per month) • • GREAT Radom Airshow – CEE’s leading airshow • GREAT Krynica – CEE’s leading Economic Forum • GREAT Top GEAR Live – a GREAT CEE 1st • GREAT Trako – CEE’s leading Rail Fair Monday, 30 September 13
  10. 10. Follow the GREAT bus Monday, 30 September 13
  11. 11. Follow the GREAT bus • 30+ days on the road across Emerging Europe • 10,000+ km • 20+ cities, towns and villages incl. two capital cities • ≈100,000 people visiting the bus incl. local officials and business representatives • 30+ videos feat. 100+ talking heads incl. ministers, governors, marshals, city mayors as well as CEO’s and SME’s representatives • 2,000+ followers on Facebook fan page who participated in forums and events • 20,000 views of videos available in social media • 100+ news reports in both British and Polish media • an innovative Economic Scorecard launched together Pwc which enables companies to scope their own opportunity, distributed via multipliers to over 200 000 companies as a driver for the service delivery journey • using our media and communications package as a negotiating tool we have benefited from £120,000 in waived exhibit fees, £100,000 in barter media coverage and generated high levels of goodwill in the locations we have visited, the package cost £85,000 Monday, 30 September 13
  12. 12. GREAT Radom Airshow • over 8,000 visitors to the GREAT Bus within two days • video feat. Peter Findley - Business Development Manager, Hawk & Training Services BAE Systems, Ed Dudley - Royal Air Force, Nicola Bianco - Managing Director & Vice President, PZL Świdnik S.A. (Augusta Westland) and Andrzej Kosztowniak - Mayor of Radom Monday, 30 September 13
  13. 13. GREAT Krynica • nearly 3,000 politicians, business people, managers, economists and journalists • videos feat. UK’s government’s representatives: Sajid Javid — Economic Secretary of the Treasury and Barbara Woodward — Director General Economic and Consular Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Zygmunt Berdychowski – Chairman, Krynica Economic Forum Programme Council, Prof. Witold Orłowski — Chef Economic Advisor, PwC , Olga Grygier-Siddons — President, PwC Poland Robin Barnett — British Ambassador to Poland and Jonathan Knott — British Ambassador to Hungary. Monday, 30 September 13
  14. 14. GREAT Top GEAR Live • 68,000 visitors to the National Stadium in Warsaw • videos feat. Robin Barnett — British Ambassador to Poland, Terry Spall — Commercial Director, MIRA Technology Park Ltd, Aleksander Libera — Director at the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Andrzej Person — Senator Monday, 30 September 13
  15. 15. GREAT Trako • over 500 exhibitors and over 10,000 visitors to the railway fair • videos feat. Andrzej Massel, Deputy Minister of Transport, Remigiusz Paszkiewicz, President of PLK, Jeremy Candfield, Director General, Railway Industry Association, Robin Barnett — British Ambassador to Poland, Stephen J Novis — Managing Director Atkins, Richard Burchell — UKTI Monday, 30 September 13
  16. 16. Achieving the Government’s goals • The National Challenge of 100,000 more companies exporting by 2020 and doubling exports to £1 trillion by 2020. • 20 pilot markets, including the biggest CEE countries — Poland and Romania. • Identified insufficient knowledge of the Emerging Europe market opportunities. • In order to achieve the goal, British entrepreneurs first need to learn about the opportunities available on the market • According to the government’s estimates, by 2017, the support available to UK SMEs from government and business groups will have significantly increased in quantity and quality in at least twenty markets. Business support for British SMEs overseas will, at a minimum, be on a par with the services on offer by UK’s competitors. Monday, 30 September 13
  17. 17. The GREAT Digital Content Factory & Media Network • Digital media (incl. social media) is a new complimentary, but at the same time, a direct tool that can provide that information at a lower cost and a more exciting manner and reach far more potential exporters and investors than a single business meeting – it also supports conventional media production. • Digital Content Factory & Media Network is a media platform that we launched to collect all opportunities in all the countries within Emerging Europe (factual and objective information eg approaching tenders, press releases, audio and video files), process that information and release a complete set of news — a newsletter sent to individual British entrepreneurs, British chambers of commerce, associations, etc. as well as the UK-based economic media (sent within three days after an event). • Emerging Europe News platform aims at producing it’s own video news bulletins available for all institutions and companies to use at no cost (downloadable or linkable from the website) as well as providing high quality raw footage that could be used by any organisation (editable), including the UK’s media (available up to three days after an event). Monday, 30 September 13
  18. 18. Content Generation Scheme Events / Opportunities Virtual Media Centre Content (Videos, Photos, Copies) social media — Why Emerging Europe Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn channels newsletter sent to UKTI, FCO, partner channels and channels in market UK media channels Monday, 30 September 13 Media Library (Footage, Copies, Images)
  19. 19. Suggested events to be covered in phase 2 December 2013 September 2013 Top gear live/automotive sector/export Emerging Europe is GREAT/ export week/Emerging Europe UK roadshow and inward Trako/rail sector/export and inward Emerging Europe Economic Scorecard – CEO London briefing Security is GREAT   January 2014 October 2013 Innovation World Nuclear Forum Budapest/ Infrastructure energy/export Energy British Business Centre/Export is   GREAT British Polish Integration visit to UK February 2014 Life Sciences   Financial Services November 2013 Digital economy Food and Drink are GREAT   Innovation and Health March 2014 Shopping is GREAT Megamission British Business Centre Strategic Sectors/High Value Opportunity Monday, 30 September 13
  20. 20. Additional topics to be covered • Unknown GREAT British Brands A series of videos about British products that are very popular in the UK but seem to be completely unknown in Emerging Europe, i.e. cheeses, cars, etc. published on the Digital Factory channels and also sent to channels in Emerging Europe: importers, retails chains, economic media, etc.  • How to do business in Emerging Europe / the UK A series of videos that would explain the legal and social differences between the regions and countries, i.e. the importance of the proof of address in the UK, registering a limited liability in court in Poland, etc. • Our Emerging Europe success story British companies that entered Emerging Europe and have been successful in the region share their experiences, talk about challenges and the region’s economic potential, for example, Holdings, Atkins, Tesco, etc. Monday, 30 September 13
  21. 21. Next Steps • Expansion of Newsletter programme – flagship content promoted to key multiplier organisations in UK (BCC, FSB, IOD and CBI plus sector professional associations) – August 2013 • Strategic linkage with Chamber project – September 2013 – significantly extends reach • Why Emerging Europe – expand with ‘expert report content’based on Economic Scorecard and developing strategic sectors – 3rd party knowledge partners – September 2013 onwards • Secure Strategic Partners – broaden reach, secure more coverage eg Polskibus 100 000 users;Virgin Mobile 200 000 users and generate private sector funding – October 2013 onwards • Expand Talking Head Library – continue raise profile of region in UK – November onwards – Export Week • Regional news expansion – actively generate coverage from posts to promote the Region as a grouping of exciting countries – November 2013 Monday, 30 September 13